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  1. 1. Today’s Health Care Solution for Your Household
  2. 2. HEALTHCARE• America is in a Healthcare crisis• A major shortage of Doctors continues…• Every day 10,000 more Americans turn age 65 Affordable healthcare is out of reach… Everyone needs healthcare. Is there a solution?
  3. 3. HEALTHCARE DILEMMA• Over 50 million Americans don’t have health insurance, including the vast What choices do we have? majority of self-employed Americans.• Many Americans with insurance are under-insured and paying high deductibles.• About 62% of all bankruptcies are due to overwhelming medical bills.• 70% of these filings were by people that actually had insurance. Is there a solution?
  4. 4. WHAT WOULD YOU DO…Would you ignore the problem Try a remedy on your own which Go to the Emergency Room?and just hope it gets better? may or may not help?Wait until the next day and try to Miss work, or have your child Spend your time on vacation orget an appointment with an miss school, and go to the local on a business trip trying to findalready over-booked Doctor? “walk-in” clinic and pay full price? medical help?
  5. 5. OUR SOLUTION: Our established network is 6+ years old. 300,000+ customers 90% plus retention rate* We pre-launched our Social Commerce marketing division in 2012. A real home-based business opportunity. Outstanding services, systems and vision! Superior leadership and financial stability. Call MD Plus is a Debt-Free Company. *Retention 90% of 12 months or more Tampa, FL USA
  6. 6. Dr. Brian Allard | C.E.O. Rowland Hanson | Chairman of the Board Leonard Solie | PresidentAustin White | C.O.O. Ryan Brock | C.I.O. Mark Royals | C.M.O.
  7. 7. THIS IS NOT INSURANCEPrescriptions are filled with sufficient medical information and where permitted by law.Network Doctors will NOT prescribe Narcotics or DEA scheduled drugs.
  8. 8. Your Name Here…Our Prescription Card is FREE with all memberships!
  9. 9. – Severe shortage of Primary Care Physicians! • PCP Shortage 25,000 + estimated 130,000 by 2020 • RN Shortage 15,000 + estimated 200,000 by 2020– Severe shortage of E.R. physicians! • An alarming 27% of E.R.s closed from 2001 to 2011 !– Excessive Delays of Care! • 22 day average waiting time in the U.S. just to get an appointment with a Primary Care Physician. It’s easy to see the need for TELEMEDICINE!
  10. 10. Unlimited advice from our Registered Nurse line.Life Events Counseling also available. Receive a private phone visit with a board-certified physician within your state. Prescriptions are phoned into the pharmacy of your choice within minutes of your consultation. Up to 75% off on all your prescription medications. COVERS YOUR ENTIRE HOUSEHOLD!
  11. 11. 1. GET HELP 2. GET ADVICE* 3. GET DIAGNOSEDCall our Toll-Free “Doctor on Call” hotline, If you need more than having basic questions The doctor contact you for your personal speak with a Registered Nurse, and answered, and you wish to speak with a phone consultation. This information is document information regarding your Board- Certified Physician, the Nurse will give stored in our safe and secure File MD illness or condition. your information to a Physician in your state. Electronic Medical Record for future access by your approved physician.4. GET PRESCRIPTIONS 5. GET BETTER 6. FOLLOW-UP CALLWhen needed, and with sufficient information, thedoctor can write a prescription, which will Fell better fast so your can get back A Registered Nurse will follow-up withpromptly be called in to your pharmacy of choice. to your life as quickly as possible! you.
  12. 12. • 500,000 + Doctors & health professionals within Allies, a UnitedHealth Group Company. Major discounts within the network:• Primary Care & Specialists• Dental Care• Chiropractic Care• Behavioral Health • Alternative Care• Psychology & Psychiatry • Massage Therapy• Infertility Treatment • Physical Therapy• Weight Loss Memberships • Health & Fitness• Vision Care • Imaging & Lab Work• Orthodontics • X-Rays, MRI, CT Scans
  13. 13. Choose the plan that is best for your family and enroll today. Ask about our easy referral program to offset your investment!