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  1. 1. The Call MD Plus Basic Membership View the Member HandbookProvides 24 hour, national access to physician consultative services to our member clients who forvarying reasons are unable to obtain medical advice or care from their primary care physician.Our purpose is to make available interim support with the expectation that clients will follow upwith their own doctor. Our information technology facilitates access to care for thousands of peopleacross the country. We aim to seamlessly integrate a telemedicine consultative option into theeveryday health care delivery process when contact with our clients primary care practitioner isnot immediately accessible.The features of tele-health are significant and include: improved access to doctors, nurses and otherqualified health practitioners; timely access to provisional services regardless of time and distance;and reduced time, cost and risk of travel for clients, families and health care providers whichminimizes disruption and its associated stress to their daily working lives. Our commitment andinnovation is to partner our members and our health care professionals to achieve leadership in thetele-health industry ultimately increasing our capacity to enhance access to another health carechoice for members nationwide eliminating barriers of time and distance.We recognize the challenges faced by our health care systems issues which are actually universal;such as the uneven geographic distribution of health care resources, health care facilities and healthhuman resources, as well as inadequate access to and the alarming rise in the cost of health care.Call MD Plus has addressed these issues through our service. With our telemedicine concept, onceyoure connected, tele-presence can be felt, generating a means of triaging patients to appropriatesources of care and clinical decision making without leaving their current location.Each telemedicine site designates a primary telemedicine coordinator, specifically a registered nurseon call for 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The registered nurse system was implemented to simplify
  2. 2. the communications process and make it as efficient as possible. Our registered nurses serve as theclients primary contact, a facilitator between the patient and the physician and the telemedicineprogram.Call MD Plus uses our state-of-the-art electronic medical records (EMR) system to forwardimperative client information such as their medical history, privacy statements, updated complianceand medical release forms from their primary care physician to the Call MD Plus physician toexecute consultations for non-emergency issues.Following review of the clients information, via the registered nurse, our physician will beconnected with the client to discuss and provide guidance about their concern. Confidentialconsultations are approximately ten minutes and the outcome of the consultation is communicatedto the registered nurse for EMR storage and security. Non-narcotic prescriptions may be prescribedif allowed by state law and only when the physician feels there is sufficient medical information.A host of complementary technologies are emerging to add value to email and augment its use. Inparticular, use of secure video conferencing among others. Enhancing the quality, continuity andaffordability of provisional medical care is our goal.Call MD Plus is a nationwide network of medical physicians who review the medical informationcollected from registered nurses. They provide medical advice in 10-minute sessions and issue non-narcotic prescriptions (where allowed by law and when sufficient medical history is available) toexpedite a hassle-free treatment. Membership includes:  A nationwide network of medical doctors available to discuss medical issues with health care features members and selected employer programs.  Storage of its members electronic medical record (EMR) in a highly secured internet accessible environment and makes this information available to our network doctors prior to a doctor consultation.  Full time access to registered nurses who are available to receive non-emergency medical calls 24 hours per day / 7 days per week.  Also included is LifeEvents™ Counseling. Licensed clinicians provide you and each covered family member with unlimited telephonic counseling.  Member Services: (800) 843-1327  Hours of Operation: 24/7, 365 days per year
  3. 3. Download The LifeEvents™ PDFDisclosures:Call MD Plus discount programs are not health insurance policies. The plan provides discounts atnetwork pharmacies and mail order facilities. The plan does not make payments directly to theproviders. The plan members are obligated to pay for all services but will receive a discount fromthose pharmacies that have contracted with this discount plan organization. It is the membersresponsibility to confirm with member services that a pharmacy is an active provider.* Add $35 fee for each consultation. Consultation fees incurred during this period can not berefunded. Cal lMD, Call MD Plus and Call MD Plus Ultimate are not health insurance products.What is Telemedicine?The term telemedicine encompasses a broad range of telecommunications and informationtechnologies and many clinical applications through computer based, often telephonic mediums.The first telemedicine programs were established over 40 years ago, but the technology has grownconsiderably in the past decade.The practice of medicine through telecommunications, or telemedicine was developed and fosteredin the early 1960s when the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) first put menin space. NASA continued exploring the use of telemedicine by funding telemedicine researchprojects in the late 1960s and early 1970s.Telemedicines presence has multiplied proliferating, throughout much of the industrialized world,reflecting the convergence of scientific, technological, economic, and social factors. For more thantwo decades, high-capacity digital networks and constantly improving technology have beensystematically organized in many regions of industrialized countries.Telemedicine uses technology to deliver medical services to the point of need. In its report on theevaluation of clinical applications of telemedicine, a committee of the Institute of Medicine definedtelemedicine as "the use of electronic information and communications technologies to provide andsupport health care when distance separates the participants." Telemedicine can refer to clinicaland or non-clinical services. The extent to which telemedicine service is provided varies dependingon the administering organization and their existing agreement between the organizations andcompanies with which they have partnered.