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Idea machine pdf 2

  1. 1. Idea Machine The one and only training workshop on practical creativity! Mumbai: 9th -10th July 2011Machines make our life comfortable. Machines increase ourproductivity and help us do things which otherwise may not bepossible for us.Now imagine:You have an idea machine!How will it impact your life!
  2. 2. Who should attend?Idea Machine is a complete idea management system. It’s speciallydesigned for getting results.Whether you are a CEO, Engineer, a Brand Planner, project leader, ora functional head in your organization it will benefit you immensely.It will be a great foundation for creatively inclined individuals as well.How will it help you? Your team?Corporates:1:Participants will know the importance of creativity in work life to getbetter and faster results.2:They will appreciate the fact that the world is moving fast andinnovation is inevitable.3:They will like to get involved in innovation projects in theorganization.4:They will understand the importance of co-creation and using eachother’s strengths to achieve better results.5:
  3. 3. They will proactively come up with ideas for the department /organization.6:The quality of their ideas will change enormously. The ideas will bemuch more complete. Ideas will be structured and will have a scopeof implementation. The conversion ratio of ideas to reality willincrease.7:They will have an ability to present and relate ideas to the targetaudience.Make it a point to send some of your best people to this workshop.Individuals:It will sharpen your idea generation abilities.You will create more ideas, powerful ideas in less time.There will be dramatic improvement in the quality of your ideasThe conversion ratio from idea to reality will multiply.You will amaze yourself with success ratio.When they say only 1 in 10 ideas work. They are talking aboutall kinds of ideas.The idea machine is about getting ideas in that 10 % bracket!
  4. 4. This workshop is all about practical creativity!All successful individuals have used these strategies. From inventors toentrepreneurs. From big corporates to individual mavericks.But first time all this learning is being integrated, distilled andpresented as a step-by-step system in a unique format!It draws from the creative masters like Leonardo da Vinci, Wrightbrothers, as well as from modern Silicon Valley entrepreneurs.The new social media and its implications for the creative thinkers willalso be an important part of this workshop.This is the most comprehensive creative thinking programme you willcome across.Delivery Mechanism:2 days of high intensity, hands - on idea generation and ideadevelopment training with a passionate trainer. Someone who iscracking ideas in real life situations for last 20 years!Guided visualisations. Specially created for this workshop. Helpsparticipants to get in touch with their deep creative resources.Creative games. Getting the big picture while having all the fun!Audio visual presentations. Power packed learning in a short time.Specially created softwares. These will help participants to carry theworkshop learning into real life.
  5. 5. Successful case studies. Learning from real life. How the creativestrategies are being used by successful people in all ages.Metaphors and stories. The subconscious frames of learning.But most important:You will learn a unique creative mindset. You will become a part ofthe Creative Commandoes group.So, you will keep on learning through our password protectedwebsite. Through this website we will keep updating the participantsabout new skills, case studies, as well as provide them with extraresources.We will also engage participants in real life brainstorming sessionstime to time. This membership is just invaluable.Workshop leader:Puneet BhatnagarCreative Consultant and NLP modeler. As a creative professional he iscracking ideas for last 20 years. For more information please visit:
  6. 6. Idea Machine:Date:9th and 10th July 2011Venue:Tunga Regale,MIDC, Andheri (e)MumbaiFee:Rs 8500Be committed to be creative.Confirm your place now.!/event.php?eid=177976218926701Write to:punito@thecreativitymission.comOr call:09820003092