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Idea devel mindmaps


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Published in: Government & Nonprofit
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Idea devel mindmaps

  1. 1. Target Audience Largely a male audience. Will target the bodybuilding side of the gym rather than the cardiovascular side of it An audience of quite serious body builders who are concerned with getting very big People who aren’t really concerned about the whereabouts of the ingredients’ origin they just want a highly fueled drink that will give them the maximum energy. A highly fuelled drink full of caffeine, taurine and pre-workout supplements to give maximum energy for a workout. Concept Sold as a professional, serious workout supplement that will help customers get their dream body. Pre-Gym Energy Drink Names Needs to be something themed around strength, power, energy, determination…
  2. 2. Target Audience Aimed at males and Females Relentless and Monster Energy seem to concentrate on Rock Music so targeting the Dance scene could be successful. A audience of quite young adults, from around 18-25 The target audience will be club goers and dance music lovers. Dance music is the music you will hear in most often in clubs when you go out. Because of this targeting clubbers and dance music fans together should work well. Concept Most clubs don’t end until 6am now and some events go on even longer! I will market the drink as a fuel to keep customers dancing for this time. Club Energy Drink Names Names need to be themed around energy, happiness, music, enjoyment… Drug use in the club and dance scene is quite prolific and quite popular, obviously cant be seen to condone this. However it is just a well known fact that many people take them, so could play on this as a slogan for the product. For example; (drink name)- the legal way to carry on dancing all night.
  3. 3. Target Audience A more healthy and natural energy drink to attract the more health conscious people out there Concept Aimed at males and Females Health conscious people from around 25-45. Relentless and Monster Energy sell themselves as a very high fueled, un-natural drink so I want to go for the opposite. Trying to sell it as a healthier alternative to a tea or coffee could be a good selling angle. Healthy Energy Drink Names Names need to be happy, positive and not too intense or pumped like Relentless. “Mezameru” Means to awaken in Japanese. Really like this name as the oriental culture is a very healthy one especially to a western audience so I think it all would fit in well.