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  1. 1. By Joseph Dietz 06-30-2009 ReReading America Reading Assingment # 2 5) Who is Gary Soto? There is somuch info about soto on line and here is what I found about hem he gerw up in the centeal vally,In Fresno and serround aeres Gary Soto mostly know for his poems he also written Children books, He has also written three novels thad he got award's for best sling novels, her are soming of those novles, And wher& wen he wort them. Amnesia in a Republican County, waild he was atend University of New Mexico in 2003. Poetry Lover was in 2001,he also wrot a noval caled Nickel and Dime to, he wort this in 2000.he wort this novale caled,a memoir Living Up the Street in 1985.for which he received the Award Before Columbus 1985 American Book Awards; He has wort numerous young adult and children's books; and edited three anthologies: Pieces of Heart in1993, California Childhood in 1988 and Entrance: Four Latino Poets in 1976. This was pretty interesting this is his bio that I found on line an hear it is and photo to. Here are some links http://www.sdcoe.k12.ca.us/score/soto/sototg.ht ml http://www.poets.org/poet.php/prmPID/230 http://www.bookrags.com/Gary_Soto http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gary_Soto here ar some more link www. garysoto .com/ Houghton Mifflin Reading: Meet Gary Soto BookPage Interview May 1998: Gary Soto Biography Soto Gary Soto was born in Fresno, California, in April, 1952, to working-class Mexican-American parents. At a young age, he worked in the fields of the San Joaquin Valley. He was not academically motivated as a child, but became interested in poetry during his high school years.
  2. 2. at Fresno while working toward an undergraduate degree, and later studied poetry at the University of California, Irvine, where he earned his MFA in 1976. His first collection of poems, The Elements of San Joaquin, won the United States Award of the International Poetry Forum in 1976 and was published in 1977. The New York Times Book Review honored the book by reprinting six of the poems. Since then, he has published numerous books of poetry, including A Simple Plan (Chronicle Books, 2007), One Kind of Faith (2003), and Junior College (1997). Soto's New and Selected Poems (1995) was a National Book Award finalist. Other early titles include Canto Familiar/Familiar Song (1994); Neighborhood Odes (1992); Home Course in Religion (1991); Who Will Know Us? (1990); Black Hair (1985); Where Sparrows Work Hard (1981); The Tale of Sunlight (1978). Influenced by a variety of poets, including Pablo Neruda and Edward Field, Soto writes poems that focus on daily experiences, often reflecting on his life as a Chicano. About his work, the writer Joyce Carol Oates has said, "Gary Soto's poems are fast, funny, heartening, and achingly believable, like Polaroid love letters, or snatches of music heard out of a passing car; patches of beauty like patches of sunlight; the very pulse of a life." He has also written three novels, Amnesia in a Republican County, (University of New Q: How would you Discribe Gray Soto life as a writer? And What would you Writ about? A: His life was Influenced by variety of poets, including Pablo Neruda and Edward Field, Soto writes poems that focus on daily experiences, often reflecting on his life as a Chicano. I would writ about my life experiences, my travels, my family and friends. "O" ya the Economy and how we can change it.