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Location scouting


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Location Scouting

Published in: Education
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Location scouting

  1. 1. Location Scouting Scene 1 is in a church where the coin falls and the girl walks away from it as it lands on the floor. This scene will take place at St. Wendreda’s Church, March. We are using the church because it will look effective when the coin falls against the cobbled floor. We are also going to use the sound from the coin hitting the floor and make this louder and echo it to enhance it. The use of the church will also allow us to use religious connotations. Scene 2 is at a park on a bench where the couple are spending time together. The bench is situated looking over the park and the couple are sitting looking at the sunset. This is conventional to genre because the sunset gives off ambient lighting which will be low key lighting. This connotes romance and the couple sitting together represents the intimacy of their relationship.
  2. 2. Scene 3 is in the night club Cassanos, March. This scene consists of the couple spending time with friends and the female character receives a call from her manager offering her a job overseas. She exits the nightclub room into a corridor with the camera tracking her talking to her manager over the phone. This scene will have very low key lighting and this will connote romance and their passion towards each other. It will also highlight their age group. Scene 5 is a shot of the street at night where they are walking along together after a night out. This will be a long shot of the couple holding hands and the camera shows Emma letting his hands go and walking away. The low key lighting connotes romance and intimacy but in this scene, working with the camera work it is also connoting a slight conflict.
  3. 3. Scene 6 is the female character in the bedroom. She is hastily packing clothes and the camera work allows the audience to see how upset she is about leaving. The bedroom gives off high ambient lighting which represents the positivity of her moving away and this big step she is taking. It also allows us to highlight her expressions and her emotions. The bedroom will be a typical feminine room which contrasts to her non-convention al personality. Scene 7 is a shot of the female character getting into a crowded airport lift with her luggage. The camera work is a long shot to begin with showing her surrounded by strangers in the lift to represent how she feels lonely. This then cuts to a mid-shot of her on her phone and an eye line match shows what she is looking at. A two shot of her and another woman is used to show the dialogue between the characters. The lighting is ambient lighting which in the lift is high key lighting- this is in contrast to the first few scenes which use low key lighting to connote romance with the couple together, contrasting to her being alone.
  4. 4. Scene 8 is in the female character’s office/ meeting room where she is lecturing her staff. This will be a wide shot which will allow the audience to see the professional setting she is in. This is symbolic of her independence and her career driven personality and how she is coping without her boyfriend. The high key lighting contrasts with the romantic low key lighting setting. The high key lighting represents how her morale is high with her new work colleagues and how she is happy in her new position. Scene 9 is in the male character’s office. This shows him on his own which signifies how he is isolated which represents his low mood without his girlfriend. The low key lighting in his office contrasts to the high key lighting in her office which symbolises their different moods.
  5. 5. Scene 10 is a scene where the male character is sitting slumped in the bathroom. This scene is particularly representative of how he is really struggling and missing his girlfriend. It focuses on how he is using alcohol to dismiss his problems. The bathroom has high ambient lighting which will allow us to use camera work to highlight his expressions and emotional state. We are able to use low key lighting if we want to, to create a negative mood in the room to symbolise his negative mind set. This bathroom is a lot smaller and enclosed in comparison to her bedroom- the scene where she is upset- and so this produces a negative feeling and represents how he is isolated in comparison to the female character. Scene 11 is with the male character in a pub with his friends drinking shots off the bar. This shows how he is finding it very difficult without his girlfriend and how he is attempting to fit back into a bachelor lifestyle with his friends. Although he is surrounded by his friends he is still acting awkward without her and the camera work represents how he is still isolated.
  6. 6. Scene 14 is outside a door where the coin drops onto the step and a woman picks it up. This contrasts to the beginning scene in the church where she walks away from the coin. This brings an unknown ending to the trailer as it suggests the female doesn’t let the relationship go.