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Media presentation

  1. 1. Mediapresentation
  2. 2. Treatment Treatment for - ‘unravelled’ Genre: Reality TV showTitle:• ‘unravelled’ – do we really know what different people deal with? how?Logline:• (this will be my short pitch in which I will direct this to the audience in who I am presenting to) Is it really still true that as we get older we get wiser and more mature? In some cases yes, but in some; no. We can’t determine who deals with what in their life and this is where we will find out who we really are. I’m thinking made in Chelsea vs. the only way is Essex throw into a bit of switch (a reality life swap show)Synopsis:• A reality show where good meets bad and poor meets rich, we compare and contrast to bring them together.Format:• we will be using your Nikon D3100, to shoot the 2 -3 minute clip/snap shot of out programme. the production would be aired as an advert that would be showing the best parts off the show will be captured and shown to the audience as a preview of what they can expect.• There will also be a social networking site that is going to be used as a 3 page fan site. this will be used to show the structure and professionalism of the production team.
  3. 3. Estimated duration:• I intend for the actual programme to last around 45 minutes, with 3 five minute breaks, during the shows airing time.Intended audience:• The intended audience are more than likely going to be around the age range of 16 - 30 and more toward a female target audience as they seem to be watching more and more reality TV.Style:• The style of the programme is going to be of a serious reality TV genre that also contains humour and some structured parts of reality.Rationale:• This specific type of show is one that will relate to a specific type of audience, and in the age range bracket (16 - 30) because it provides entertainment that this specific type of group would be keen on watching, whilst it provides a social class divide between two sets of social classes and gives us an insight to how different social classes live their individual lives.Feasibility:• The group of people are going to be based in one big house and they be a mixed group of lower class people and higher class people. They will be given a weekly budget in which they have to share efficiently so everyone can have something they want. They will be put in pair ion which they have to live each others lives (swap) for 4 weeks. There will also be restricted access to family and friends on this show, and they will be given a replacement mobile between each pair, and only expected to use it for business calls.Budget:• The budget for this show will be around £2000, this is in with the cost of renting a large house and the furniture inside which is in a location that suitable for everyone. This also includes their weekly budget of £200. They will receive wages for their work and will pay for their own transport to and from work as we usually would.
  4. 4. 3 Page fan site• There will be a fan site that will be linked to the programme. This will have the colour scheme of either a purple colour or a gold.• The reason I have chosen to use these colours on the website is because most of the popular reality shows us the colour purple.• However if this colour is used most frequently of pages like E4 then the fan site could be based on a blue or purple scheme.• These seem to be a popular colour with the target audience.• The fan site will include a synopsis of the show, a character list, the clips of the show (catch ups)• The font will be In Orator Std – this is because the writing is clear and e easy to read for every type of audience. The colour scheme for the fan site will be in purple, to match the colour scheme of the web page.• There will be an image next to each of the characters on the list and a video from each of the characters explaining their individual roles . This is an example of the title of the programme: UNCUT
  5. 5. UNCUT