Music Video Story Board


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Music Video Story Board

  1. 1. Story board
  2. 2. 0:00 Close up of tracking 0:06 Close up of the 0:09 Extreme close up ofthe toddler’s feet walking toddler smiling. toddler concentrating onaway from the camera. something and smiling.0:11 Close up of the 0:14 Medium shot of 0:16 Medium long shotstoddler smiling. bubbles blowing in the and close ups of the wind. toddler chasing bubbles.
  3. 3. 0:20 Medium long shot of 0:23 Medium shot of 0:26 Close up of thethe toddler running toddler running past the toddler watching theacross the grass. camera and up to the ducks. duck pond.0:30 Medium long shot of 0:34 Medium close up shot 0:36 Medium close up of boy as ahis mum taking his hand of the toddler turning child (around 7 years old). He is inand leading him away. around and looking into the the same position as before but in a different setting. He then runs same direction as the away from the camera and a few camera. seconds after a young girl the same age runs past the camera as if she is chasing him.
  4. 4. 0:42 1:01 Extreme close up, low 1:06 Medium aerial shot of angle. The boy crouches the boy handing over the down to pick up the coin coin to the girl. due to curiosity. 1:13 Medium shot. In the1:09 Eye levelled close up 1:11 Close up of girl holding previous clip it will quickly zoomof the girl smiling at the boy up the coin between her into the coin and zoom out ofthen looking down to the fingers. the same coin in this scene of itcoin. being worn as a necklace by the same girl but as a teenager and at a party.
  5. 5. 1:15 Medium long shot of 1:17 Close up of a boy 1:19 Medium shot of a girlteenagers dancing and drinking beer. A tracking being sick in either a bin ordrinking alcohol at a house motion will follow the movement of the drink.1:20 Medium close up of 1:22 Medium shot of the girl 1:25 Medium long shot ofthe two main characters being led out by the boy. them walking outside andkissing passionately during Tracking movements will be getting into the carthe party. Jump cuts will be used until the walk past the drunkenly.used whilst circling them. camera.
  6. 6. 1:28 Low angled close up 1:29 Long shot of the car 1:33 Medium close up at aof the wheel of the car driving past the camera low angle of the boy actingbeginning to move. quickly. drunk with his eyes closed, arm waving around, singing and driving. 1:39 Medium shot of boy 1:41 This scene will fade in1:35 Long shot of the car leaning over the steering from black.crashing into the tree wheel. Handheld motions will be used.
  7. 7. 2:11 Long shot, boy begins 2:15 Close up of girl shaking 2:18 Low angled close upto get in but girl pulls him her head and saying no. of boys feet walkingaway. towards the camera drunkenly.2:21 Low angled close up 2:26 Medium close up of 2:28 Close up of trackingof different men’s feet the camera tracking Sam movements of his worriedwalking away from the holding a small box behind facial his back.
  8. 8. 2:28 Medium long shot of 2:29 Close up of her looking 2:33 Medium long shot ofSam walking past the down at the dishes she is Sam getting down on onecamera into the kitchen washing. knee and opening thewhere the girlfriend is small box to reveal anwashing the dishes. engagement ring.2:35 Low angled close up 2:37 High angled close up 2:41 Low angled close upof the girl acting shocked. of him looking hopeful. of the shock turning into happiness and nods.
  9. 9. 2:43 Close up shot of the 2:52 Low angled shot of the 2:55 The couples handsring being put onto her couple holding hands. merge or fade into a closefinger. up shot of an older man holding his own hands together.2:57 Eye level close up shot of 3:00 Close up shot of the 3:02 Extreme close up ofthe main male character as clock on the wall. The clip the second hand on thean older man looking bored. will be slowed down to add clock.His eyes then glance up to a melancholic feel to thethe clock on the wall as if he watching the time go by.
  10. 10. 3:05 His wife walks in and starts 3:24 This clip will fade in 3:33 Close up shot of thearguing with him. There will be from black with a close up man picking up a photovarious medium shots of them shot of an old man sitting in frame with a black andarguing, and then the camera willslowly zoom into his face whilst she a chair opening his eyes just white photo of the coupleis shouting at him, and he will as if he has woken up from as teenagers. The coinclose his eyes, as if to block her a nap. necklace will be tiedout of his thoughts. around it. 3:36 Long shot of the man 3:41 Close up of the photo 3:51 Close up shot the old looking at the picture and frame being held. man gently closing his eyes. talking to himself.
  11. 11. 3:47 Medium close up shot 4:00 Close up of the photoof the man weakly letting frame falling to the floor ingo of the photo frame, slow motion. The clip will then fade out into black.