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  1. 1. Follow TheIndie BrickRoadJade Hillary, May 19, 2013
  2. 2., May 19, 2013The  Indie  Model  is  creating  success  for  many  bands  in  the  music  industry
  3. 3., May 19, 2013Success  Leads  to  Fame.  Fame  in  turn  leads  to  prosperity.  
  4. 4., May 19, 2013Following  the  Indie  Movement  in  the  industry  allows  you  as  an  artist  you  have  more  control  over  your  music  and  image  because  of  the  more  tight  knit  Indie  community.  
  5. 5., May 19, 2013Following  the  Indie  Movement  in  the  music  industry  gives  you  more  freedom  as  an  artist.
  6. 6., May 19, 2013“Artists  that  make  and  sell  their  own  recordings  proAit  from  their  careers,  without  surrendering  their  passion  and  artistic  control”(Rapaport)
  7. 7., May 19, 2013I  have  over  8  years  of  experience  in  following  the  Indie  scene,  working  festivals  and  venues.  
  8. 8., May 19, 2013
  9. 9., May 19, 2013I  also  have  a  music  blog  that  primarily  focuses  on  up  and  coming  Indie  music  in  the  industry.
  10. 10., May 19, 2013Going  to  Indie  route  when  joining  a  label  can  save  time  and  money,  while  providing  you  with  more  of  a  proAit  than  if  you  were  with  a  major  label.  
  11. 11., May 19, 2013“As  aritsts  expand  sales  beyond  their  communities,  they  import  money,  which  further  increases  the  community’s  economic  base”(Rapaport)Not  only  does  joining  the  Indie  movement  save  the  artist  money,  it  also  monetarily  beneAits  the  community.  
  12. 12., May 19, 2013By  following  the  Indie  model  in  the  industry,  you  will  better  learn  your  audience.  Knowing  what  kind  of  music  is  selling  in  todays  industry  helps  you  more  successfully  market  and  promote  yourself  or  others.  Being  involved  in  the  Indie  Market  you  are  closer  to  your  audience  and  better  get  your  name  out  there.  
  13. 13., May 19, 2013Rather  than  someone  else  or  a  major  label  being  in  control  of  your  promoting  through  social  media,  in  the  Indie  industry  you  have  a  more  hands  and  personal  connection  with  your  fans.  
  14. 14., May 19, 2013Following  the  Indie  movement  has  made  me  an  asset  to  bands  and  venues.  I  can  tell  a  personal  story  of  how  staying  on  the  Indie  circuit  has  led  to  helping  Indie  bands  promote  and  market  because  they  know  I  am  knowledgeable  in  this  part  of  the  industry.
  15. 15., May 19, 2013Go  back  to  the  roots  of  Indie  music  and  see  how  it  has  developed  the  industry  today.  Not  only  through  music,  but  the  promotion  of  music.  It  has  expanded  the  festival  scene.  
  16. 16., May 19, 2013Following  the  Indie  model  will  make  you  a  more  successful  artist  or  behind  the  scenes  help.
  17. 17., May 19, 2013Anyone  who  is  more  knowledgeable  and  knows  what  is  popular  in  today’s  industry  has  a  greater  chance  of  being  credible.
  18. 18., May 19, 2013Following  the  Indie  movement  model  in  the  industry  will  change  your  status  in  the  music  industry.  
  19. 19., May 19, 2013Following  the  Indie  movement  leaves  plenty  of  room  for  imagination  “At  it’s  most  self-­‐absorbed,  which  is  often,  indie  suggests  a  carefully  curated  daydream  life,  the  kind  that  might  be  enacted,  with  just  the  right  degree  of  enuui,  on  the  set  of  a  Wes  Anderson  Ailm”  (King)
  20. 20. References• Burr, Ramiro. (2006 June 24). Independent Spirit. Academic Search Complete. Retrieved from• King, Richard. (2012 March 22) How indie labels changed the world.Theguardian. Retrieved from• Rapaport, Diane. (2010) Independent Labels. Indie Music Bands. Retrieved from, May 19, 2013