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Radio evaluation

  1. 1. Radio ReportJade Hale
  2. 2. Dynamic Radio Our radio station is called Dynamic radio and it is a contemporary hit radio, thismeans we play chart music and popular music. Our listeners are aged 17-30male and female who like to listen to brand new music. They will enjoy goingout with friends and clubbing. They will enjoy catching up on the latest celebritygossip and watching popular soaps on television. Our podcast contains us talking about a new and upcoming band called thevamps. We decided this because they are new and fresh and no one has reallyheard of them and they would be supporting Mcfly on tour, so it was relevant toour main topic. We play one of the vamps songs so that the listeners will knowwho we are talking about a little bit more, and they can decide if they like themor not. We also talk about a competition to see Mcfly on there new world widetour.
  3. 3. Strengths and Weakness’s The strengths of our radio show is that we havetwo main topics that we focus on in detail and weplay music that is suitable for our target audience.Also we took a lot of time editing jingles and musicinto our radio to make it sound as good aspossible. Looking at our feedback most peoplehave said our content caters to our target audienceand that the topics we are talk about are alsorelevant. They also say the music we play is wellsuited for our target audience. There are a few things we could change andlooking at our feedback has helped us recognisewhat exactly we need to do to make our demobetter. Some people have said we could improveon our target listener and explain more about whoexactly would listen to our show and what theirhobbies would be. Some people said theypersonally wouldn’t listen to our show but it wasgood. I think this shows that could also cater toother types of audiences as well so that we havemore of big target audience and more listeners. Ithink we could of also done a little bit more editingto our demo, so that it had more jingles, soundbeds, loop and sound effects.
  4. 4.  With the music conetent and the style of radio station there is a clear idea ofthe target audience. Also our feedback sheets shows people in our classeither thought ‘totally’ or mostly agreed with this statement Is the format relevant to the targetlistener ? The format –CHR- is relevant to the age range of our target listener. Ourfeedback sheets show that everyone in the class either totally or mostlyagreed with this statement and one feedback nearly.Is there a clear idea of target listener ?
  5. 5. Is there care taken in editingdoes it sound good ? The overall editing contained all the required areas: Smooth,clear and loud, soundbeds and jingles. However we did havedifficulties with the computer software we had sometechnical problems when presenting our podcasts demo andwe had lost our best work. Even though we did receivepositive feedback . The negative effects we had was a fewhints of mic noise.This is something we would work on, if wegot the chance to do the project again.
  6. 6. Do you think this was a goodpresentation ? I think the presentation contained allthe things we needed topitch, however I think we could ofmade it a bit more visually appealing.We did get some feedback thatsaid, we could of added a bit moreinformation on our target audience.
  7. 7. Overall improvements I think we could of taken more time when editingour radio. There were hints of fuzzing mic noisethroughout our radio show. Some of the recordinghas background from the other classrooms. Wewere a little pressed for time nearer to the end ofthe assignment with a system error when trying toupload our podcast. We had to re-edit it a little bitresulting in some of best content being erased.