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Basics of Blogging


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This is a presentation that I use to introduce blogging to students. We use this as a way to think about the "rules of the road" when blogging. I generate student responses first, and then share some common safety tips. We use Kidblog as our platform, but you could use any platform!
I hope this helps!

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Basics of Blogging

  1. 1. What you need to knowMrs. Ballek – Learning Coach
  2. 2. Image fromSGI site
  3. 3.  1.I will never post any information more personal than my first name. I will not post pictures of myself. I will never post information about friends or classmates, other than first name.
  4. 4.  2.I will not plagiarize; instead I will expand on others ideas and give credit where it is due.
  5. 5. I will use language 3. appropriate for school.
  6. 6.  4. I will not insult my fellow students or their writing. I will use constructive/ productive/purposeful criticism, supporting any idea, or comment I have with evidence.
  7. 7.  5. I will only post pieces that I am comfortable with everyone seeing; other pieces I will keep as drafts. I will take all online content creation seriously, posting only things that are meaningful and taking my time when I write.
  8. 8. I will try to spell everything 6. correctly.
  9. 9.  7. I will not use my public writing (blog posts, comments, discussion topics, wiki edits) as a chat room.
  10. 10.  8.I will not bully others in my blog posts or in my comments.
  11. 11.  9.I will never access another students account in order to pose as them or look at their personal content, but I will advise them when they havent logged out of their computer from my own account.
  12. 12.  10.I will only post photos/images which are school appropriate and either in the creative commons or correctly cited.
  13. 13.  11.I will not spam (including, but not limited to meaningless messages, mass messages, and repetitive messages).
  14. 14.  12.I will only post comments on posts that I have fully read, rather than just skimmed. Practice “Stars and Stairs” Commenting