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A2 advanced portfolio production diary


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A2 Media Studies Advanced Portfolio Production Diary

Published in: Education
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A2 advanced portfolio production diary

  1. 1. Jade Ashworth PROGRESSUPDATE PLAN FOR NEXT WEEK & POSSIBLE CONTINGENCY PLANS Mon W/B 02/09/14 (Detailed Weekly Summary) Received the task and was told the briefing and chose to either a Music video, ShortFilm or Newspaper article. And decide whatgroup to be in Have ideas on what to create Mon W/B 8/09/14 (Detailed Weekly Summary) Chose to create a music video Have ideas ofa range of songs to do Mon W/B 15/09/14 (Detailed Weekly Summary) Started planning what song to use for the music video and mind mapping ideas. Including a range ofbeyonces songs Choose song Mon W/B 22/09/14 (Detailed Weekly Summary) ChoseBeyoncé’scover of ‘backto black’ Create ideas for music video and study existing videos. Mon W/B 29/09/14 (Detailed Weekly Summary) Studying music videoswithinclass,in groups Start to practicetheuseof cameras Mon W/B 6/10/14 (Detailed Weekly Summary) Went outside andin different areasin orderto try out and practicetheuseof camerasandshottechniques Gainbetter controlandskillswithinthe use of camera Mon W/B 13/10/14 (Detailed Weekly Summary) I wasunfortunatelyabsent from collegeforthe week dueto an illnessandwas unableto makeanypractical progressthereforeteam membersandI discussedourchoicesinagroup ona socialmediaapp‘WhatsApp’ Mindmapmoreideas Mon W/B 20/10/14 (Detailed Weekly Summary) We mindmappedmoreideasandstartedputting the ideasinto placeand creatinga story boardandanalysed somemusic videos Tohave allmusic videoanalysis’ complete Mon W/B 27/10/14 (Detailed Weekly Summary) We completelychangedtheidea,decidedtochangeoursongto ‘reallove’ by cleanbanditandJess Glynn anddecidedtocreateideasaboutit aswellas studying and analysingmusic adverts Hopefullyplanideasfor the changeofsong Mon W/B 3/11/14 (Detailed Weekly Summary) In this week we analysedsome CD Digipacksandwrote aboutthem Tohave allmusic videoanalysis’ completeamongsthaving our story boardcomplete Mon W/B 10/11/14 (Detailed Weekly Summary) Completedourstory board Togetequipmenttogetherandbe readyto film ourmusic video, however if a problem isanticipatedwewillinstead take morepractiseshotsor discussour plans Mon W/B 17/11/14 (Detailed Weekly Summary) Talkedaboutoutplansand beganfilmingfrom 5th to the 7th December. Have almostif not allshots filmed
  2. 2. Jade Ashworth Mon W/B 8/12/14 (Detailed Week Summary) Tostart marketresearch Planputting them together Mon W/B 15/12/14 (Detailed Weekly Summary) Unfortunatelya team member3days off collegeduetoan illnessandwas unableto meetup whichdelayedusmakingprogressso instead,Discussed with team membersaboutwhatshots weeach individuallyhave over the phone Tohave finishedmarketresearch Mon W/B 22/12/14 (Detailed Weekly Summary) Christmasholidayweekwe didn’tmakemuchpracticalprogressotherthan talkingon the phonewithteam membersaboutwhatshotsshouldgo where. Lackof internet accessathomemadeitunableto completemarketresearch untilthe week after Tohave allmarketresearchcomplete Mon W/B 29/12/14 (Detailed Weekly Summary) Metwith team and discussedtheshots, survey was completedhowever marketresearchcompetitionisbeingdelayeddueto peoplenot answering and completingthesurveyand gainingresults Tohave started editingour shots andto have market researchandresultscomplete Mon W/B 5/01/14 (Detailed Weekly Summary) Monday– unfortunatelysomeonewasabsentfrom the lessonso we improved andupgradedourwork on analysis andproductresearch. Tohave started editingour shots Mon W/B 12/01/15 (Detailed Weekly Summary) I wasabsent Monday,TuesdayandThursdaytherefor wasunableto complete any further courseworksomyteam workedon exam prepas did I at home. Tohave started editingshots Mon W/B 19/01/15 (Detailed Weekly Summary) We uploadedallof our shots andeachof our individualimagesandbegan placingthem intoindividualfilesincludingwhatwecoulduseat the beginning, middleandend,bluryshots, andshots whichwedon’t thinkwe needed.We didn’twant to deleteany shots until ourfinal video was complete Tostart orderingoursequence Mon W/B 26/01/15 (Detailed Weekly Summary) We beganto orderour sequence,ourfirst shot was of balloonsas wefound this to be a goodopeningshot. Tostart editingthem with fades, etc. Mon W/B 2/02/15 (Detailed Weekly Summary) We placedmoreshotsin andour video beganto get longer,we editedshots as we went along. Tothinkof ideasfor our ancillariesandcontinueeditingour video. Mon W/B 09/02/15 (Detailed Weekly Summary) We eachindividuallymindmappedideasforour individualdigipacksatthe beginningofthe weekand then proceedededitingtowardstheendof the week Tobeginplanningthedesignofmy digipacklayout Mon W/B 16/02/15 (Detailed Weekly Summary) I started planningthedesignlayout of my digipackstatingwhat I was goingto includeinmyCDdigipackincludingwhatIwouldwant to includeinit. Tobegintakingimagesforthe CD andto pickout any existingimageswhichItook from the eveningof the party whilstcontinuingediting Mon W/B 23/02/15 I foundtwo imageswhichIhad takenfrom the nightin myphoto album onmy Tobeginplanningthedesignofmy magazineadvert layout
  3. 3. Jade Ashworth (Detailed Weekly Summary) phone,and I then begantakingshots whichI couldalsoplaceinmydigi pack andmy magazineadvert whilstcontinuingediting Mon W/B 2/03/15 (Detailed Weekly Summary) After lookingat the imagesI chosetouse for mydigipack,Ichoseto use the sameimageformy music album advertisementsothat they eachlinked together. TocontinueeditingandbeginconstructingmyCD digipack andmy magazineadvert. Mon W/B 09/03/15 (Detailed Weekly Summary) Myteam and I completedourfirst draft and uploadeditto YouTubeto gain audiencefeedback.Ialso completedboththefront pageand the insideCD imageandbegan constructingmymagazineadvert Tocompletemymagazineadvert ad mindmapideaswith myteam of howwe canimprovebasedon ourresults from out survey when gainingaudiencefeedback Mon W/B 16/03/15 (Detailed Weekly Summary) Unfortunately, no oneansweredour surveys and we thereforehad to ask more people,whichwethenreceivedanswersfrom. I alsocompletedmymagazine advert in this weekandcarriedon constructingmydigipack.Myteam and I mappedideastowardstheend of the week, of howwe couldimproveour video basedon our responses. Toconstructandimplementourideasandto completemy digipack. Mon W/B 23/03/15 (Detailed Weekly Summary) I continuedconstructingmydigipackandimplementedtheshots inour video. Tohave the video complete Mon W/B 30/03/15 (Detailed Weekly Summary) We completedourvideoand towardsthe end of the weekwe eachfinishedof our individualdigipacks. Tohave mydigipackcomplete. Mon W/B 6/04/15 (Detailed Weekly Summary) Mydigipackwas completebythe middleofthe week. Touploadourvideos to youtube Mon W/B 13/04/15 (Detailed Weekly Summary) We uploadedourvideo to youtube, Myteam and I spentthis week planning our evaluation Tocontinueplanningourevaluation Mon W/B 20/04/15 (Detailed Weekly Summary) We beganimplementingourevaluationontomedia software’ssuchasprezi Touploadeverything to my blog Mon W/B 27/04/15 (Detailed Weekly Summary) At the beginningofthe week-Tocompleteallof mywork by the endof the weekincludingallevaluationtasks. I hadan issueas I repeatedlyforgot mymemorystickand alsohad anissue with myblog. All workwas completedbythe 30th