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Visit Broken Hill – Advertising, Media & Creative Brief


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Visit Broken Hill – Advertising, Media & Creative Brief

  1. 1. Tourism – Visit Broken Hill – BSBADV512A Develop an Advertising Strategy and Brief & BSBADV507B Develop a Media PlanAdvertising Brief: Visit Broken Hill(Broken Hill Visitor Information Centre, Broken Hill City Council, Tourism NSW)BackgroundBroken Hill is an isolated mining town situated in Far Western New South Wales, 1,160km west ofSydney, 511km north west of Adelaide. Its harsh and rugged, semi-desert climate has, since itssettlement in 1883, made it a location utilised primarily for economic and transport logistics activity,capitalising on Broken Hill’s vast mineral resources and the railway infrastructure developed tosupport it.It has not been until the reduction in Broken Hill’s mining activity that tourism has been developedas a subsidiary industry in the area, focusing on the strength of Broken Hill’s contribution toAustralian history, the outback/adventure aspects the natural environment offers, the galleries ofthe artistic community of Broken Hill’s Outback Artists.Broken Hill is located 130km from the Mutawintji National Park, a regional meeting place forAboriginal people from language groups from all over New South Wales for thousands of years,which contains Aboriginal rock paintings up to 8,000 years old. Broken Hill was first surveyed by theSurveyor General of NSW in 1841. The area was visited by Charles Sturt in 1844 on his search forAustralia’s inland sea, pastoralists commenced settling around the region from the 1850s, using theDarling River as a trade route, and Burke and Wills came through Broken Hill during their expeditionof 1860/61. Charles Rasp discovered silver, lead and ore in 1883, and the BHP Company (currentlyBHP Billiton) was founded in 1885 to exploit this mineral wealth. Mining activity peaked in BrokenHill during the 1970s, and collapsing minerals prices during the 1990s made mining in Broken Hilleconomically untenable and significantly reduced the ongoing mining activity taking place.In addition to road access via the Barrier Highway, Broken Hill is linked to Adelaide, Sydney and NewSouth Wales western corridor via train, and its airport has flights direct to Adelaide and Sydney, witha charter service to Mildura linking it by air to Melbourne.Broken Hill is poised to leverage interest in “extreme” environments and activities, gaining inpopularity in younger travellers defined by Roy Morgan as the “Groupies/Peer Group Travellers”category of tourist. Broken Hill is to be included in the Australian leg of the US show The AmazingRace’s next series, popular in Australia, and anticipates the heightened profile will translate into anincrease in tourism interest that the Broken Hill City Council wants to be prepared to effectivelyrespond to and translate into increased visitor numbers seeking out the extreme environments andopportunities of Broken Hill.Marketing ObjectivesIncrease overall number of visitors from target audience by 20%.Increase average number of days per visit by target audience by 30%.Advertising ObjectivesIncrease perception of Broken Hill as energetic “extreme” travel destination by target audience by35%.Increase perception of Broken Hill as a destination I would likely consider visiting in the next 6months by target audience by 15%.Target AudienceIdentified as “Groupies / Peer Group Travellers”; sensation seeking males 18 - 25, single, student,recently graduated & employed, urban residents of metropolitan Sydney.JADDAN BRUHN Page 1
  2. 2. Tourism – Visit Broken Hill – BSBADV512A Develop an Advertising Strategy and Brief & BSBADV507B Develop a Media PlanBrand History & PositioningBroken Hill has previously positioned itself as a naturalistic destination with strong historicalcredentials and a developing artistic community, seen as a budget family travel destination andpopular with nostalgic older travellers, perceiving Broken Hill as the “real” Australia, with pensionersable to travel to Broken Hill from Sydney on Country Link rail at no cost as part of an annualentitlement.CompetitorsBroken Hill competes for tourism with regional rivals:• Parkes: 818km from Broken Hill, home of the CountryLink Parkes Elvis Festival and “TheDish” (Australia Telescope, CSIRO Observatory), 380km west of Sydney, on the CountryLinkrail route between Sydney and Broken Hill.• Dubbo: 753km from Broken Hill, home of the Taronga Western Plains Zoo, 416km west ofSydney, on the CountryLink rail route between Sydney and Bourke, accessible by air fromSydney on Rex and QANTAS Link.• Mildura: 297km from Broken Hill, 550km from Melbourne, 400km from Adelaide, home ofthe Mildura International Balloon Fiesta, Mildura Country Music Festival and the AustralianInland Botanic Gardens.Competitor’s AdvertisingParkes:CountryLink and Rex Airlines sponsored outdoor and print advertising to promote annual ParkesElvis Festival.Dubbo:• Print advertising in the Daily Telegraph and full page Escape feature in the Sunday Telegraph• Online advertising on ninemsn and ninemsn Windows Live Messenger• Electronic direct mail• Google search engine marketingMildura:TV advertising campaign promoting Mildura• The eight-week campaign started in July -- the first of two bursts to promote Mildura inmajor Victorian, NSW and South Australian markets over the next four months.• The campaign will be seen extensively throughout regional Victoria, including key centressuch as Ballarat, Horsham, Warrnambool, Bendigo, Shepparton, Swan Hill, Echuca,Gippsland, Wangaratta and Albury/Wodonga. In South Australia the campaign will extendthroughout the Riverland and the Adelaide metropolitan region, which includes theimportant surrounding areas of Barossa Valley, Adelaide Hills and the Fleurieu Peninsula,while in regional NSW the campaign extends to Broken Hill.• The TV commercial will air during a range of top rating programs including Sunrise, theMorning Show, Midday Movies, All Saints, Deal or no Deal, evening news bulletins, Coxys BigBreak as well as weekend sports and V8 Supercars broadcasts.JADDAN BRUHN Page 2
  3. 3. Tourism – Visit Broken Hill – BSBADV512A Develop an Advertising Strategy and Brief & BSBADV507B Develop a Media PlanCurrent Media Strategy• Outback CountryLink television commercial in Sydney• Outback Broken Hill television commercial in regional NSW• Outback Infobreak, two minute commercial in regional NSW• Sunday Magazine print advertising, Sunday Telegraph Escape feature, Adelaide Magazineprint advertising and trade print and online advertising.• Print advertising in key regional newspapers including the Newcastle Herald and the CoffsHarbour Advocate• Public relations activities• Search engine marketing• Web pages on• Print advertising promoting Broken Hill and accommodation deals in Sunday Mail• Electronic Direct Mail (eDM) promoting Broken Hill and accommodation deals• Print advertising promoting Outback NSW and accommodation deals in Royal Auto, SAMotor and RACQ Magazine• Online advertising promoting Broken Hill and accommodation deals• 30-second TV advertising with CountryLink running for 4 weeks from 17 February in Sydneypromoting rail and accommodation packages to Broken Hill• Print advertising with CountryLink in New Idea Outback segment on Channel 7’s The Great Outdoors• Promotion in Tourism NSW’s electronic consumer newsletter – escapes New Outback holiday deals on the Tourism NSW consumer website –•  Online marketingKey Message / USPConquer the real AustraliaTone / MannerBold, direct and colourful in tone, enticing, adventurous and aspirational in manner.MandatoriesBroken Hill Visitor Information Centre logo, website and social media details.Budget$500,000TimingSeptember - December 2011JADDAN BRUHN Page 3
  4. 4. Tourism – Visit Broken Hill – BSBADV512A Develop an Advertising Strategy and Brief & BSBADV507B Develop a Media PlanSWOT ANALYSIS – Visit Broken HillSTRENGTHS• High brand recognition• Positive brand image• Inexpensive destination• Rugged (extreme) environment• Accessible by road/rail/air from major capitals• Scope to tailor tourism activities to encompass broad array ofexperiences to include adventure, historical, natural significance,artistic and architecturalWEAKNESSES• Tourism activity not currently very structured• Weather at times of the year may be harsh• Not all inhabitants of the town ‘tourist friendly’OPPORTUNITIES• Increase in interest in authentic tourism experiences• Improved aviation technological makes remote areas moreaccessible• Changes in attitudes towards metro holidays destinationTHREATS• Fluctuations in currency exchange valuations may make overseastravel destinations more attractive than domestic locations• Environmentally unsustainable location• Comparative increase in value of Australian dollar may makeAustralia & its interior regions relatively expensive destinations forforeign travellersJADDAN BRUHN Page 4
  5. 5. Tourism – Visit Broken Hill – BSBADV512A Develop an Advertising Strategy and Brief & BSBADV507B Develop a Media PlanThe Media BriefBroken Hill TourismMedia ObjectivesThe Media Plan is designed to reach the majority of the target audience with a frequency ofat least four times during the campaign period. Utilising the selected media the campaignflight pattern is continuous with bursts of activity at key points during the campaign;familiarising the target with the campaign message and inspiring a call to action as keyevents during the campaign promotion approach.Varying the media utilised and shaping the communication around the target’s media andlifestyle habits, acting on the target’s creative instincts and interest in finding out more,reducing wastage and acting to ensure the target is exposed to the campaign messagemany times over the campaign period is best achieved through the media selected, avoidingheavily pushing the campaign message in traditional media only, which may negativelyimpact the target’s perception of the advertisement’s focus.Geographic areas to be coveredThe draw area is metropolitan Sydney. Target audience lives and conducts their life in thegreater suburban area of Sydney, with a specific focus on the inner urban & CBD centreswhere study, work and leisure time is spent.When do we talk to themThe campaign is geared to action travel for the summer period. Domestic travel is usuallybooked and planned no more than three months in advance, with this demographicfavouring last minute action. The media plan is designed to start communicating to thetarget audience in September before they have considered plans for their summer,familiarising them with the advertising objective, increasing that dialogue during spring whenthey are more likely to have money (tax return), school holidays / annual leave that theywant to utilise without too much hassle.Creative requirementsThe focus of the campaign is highlighting the ruggedness and action attributes of BrokenHill, and demonstrating that vigour in movement and colour is key to communicating thatmessage.JADDAN BRUHN Page 5
  6. 6. Tourism – Visit Broken Hill – BSBADV512A Develop an Advertising Strategy and Brief & BSBADV507B Develop a Media PlanMedia Plan BudgetSeptember - December 2011BROKEN HILL TOURISMSEPT SEPT SEPT SEPT OCT OCT OCT OCT NOV NOV NOV NOV NOV DEC DEC DEC DEC TOTAL4-10 11-1718-24 25-1 2-8 9-15 16-2223-29 30-5 6-12 13-1920-26 27-3 4-10 11-1718-24 25-31RadioNOVA breakfast x 4mon-fri 5,000 5,000 5,000 5,000 5,000 5,000 5,000 5,000 5,000 5,000 5,000 5,000 5,000 5,000 $70,000MagazineTIMEOUTFront cover bellyband 11,900 $11,900Full Page (215x285)Run of Mag 7,500 7,500 7,500 7,500 7,500 $37,500NewspaperMXWrap 17,046 $17,046Horizontal Half Pagemon-fri 24,705 24,705 24,705 24,705 24,705 24,705 24,705 24,705 24,705 24,705 $247, 6,250 6,250 6,250 6,250 6,250 6,250 6,250 6,250 6,250 6,250 6,250 6,250 6,250 6,250 6,250 6,250 6,250 $106,250eDM sponsor 3,000 3,000 3,000 3,000 $12,000TOTAL $501,746JADDAN BRUHN Page 6
  7. 7. Tourism – Visit Broken Hill – BSBADV512A Develop an Advertising Strategy and Brief & BSBADV507B Develop a Media PlanThe Creative BriefClient: BROKEN HILL CITY COUNCILBrand: Visit Broken HillDate: 29/09/2010Account Director: Jaddan BruhnCreative Team: Jaddan BruhnRole for AdvertisingReposition Broken Hill as an adventure holiday destination to the target audience; increase visitor numbers bytourists from target audience by 25% during Nov 2010 – Mar 2011 summer holiday period; increase averagenumber of nights stayed per visitor by 20% by tourists from target audience, increase total average spent pervisitor by 30% by tourists from target audience.Target AudienceDemographics – 18 - 25, M, single, student, recently graduated & employed, urban residents of metropolitanSydney.Psychographics – Young Optimism; still living at home; social and outgoing sports-oriented students andrecently graduated professionals looking to express their thrill seeking tendencies in extreme sports & rugged /outdoor activity, reflecting an interest in nature and the world around them, with an underlying desire toconquer it whilst competing with themselves and their peers. Cost factors are secondary to the value ofexperiences (especially experiences shared with friends), with rising above challenges and continued improvedphysical performance an ongoing source of personal motivation.Behaviour and usage – The Nov-Mar Summer holiday period is the most popular time of the year for thetarget audience to visit Broken Hill, most likely as part of a family trip, to visit friends and relatives, or toexplore the historic and artistic aspects of the town, the famous movie locations or the rugged terrain. It ismost commonly reached by road (car/bus), though it is also accessible by rail from Sydney and Adelaide, andby air from Adelaide, Melbourne & Sydney.Key consumer insight – I want an authentic Australian travel destination that offers excitement with a shot ofadrenalin.Key Thought or USP – Broken Hill: conquer the real Australia.SupportBroken Hill is strongly woven into the fabric of the Australian psyche, renowned for its rugged, desert isolation,kangaroos in the street, birthplace of BHP, mineral deposits, setting for Mad Max and Priscilla films; Spartanoutdoor culture with hunting, aquatic, camping, desert exploration, mining and outback-station basedactivities.Tone and Manner - Bold, direct and colourful in tone, enticing, adventurous and aspirational in manner.Desired MediumsPrint, Radio & Digital.Budget - $500,000.00Timing - September - December 2011Mandatories - Broken Hill Visitor Information Centre logo, website and social media details.JADDAN BRUHN Page 7