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  1. 1. Schedule Advertisements BSBADV404BJADDAN BRUHN Page 1TOURISM VICTORIA - MEDIA PLANMarketing ObjectiveTourism Victoria is a State government authority tasked with promoting visitation to Victoriadomestically (intrastate and interstate) and overseas. Their success is measured by inboundovernight visitation, duration of visitation and average daily spending of visitors to Victoria.Following a surge of tourism to Melbourne for the Commonwealth Games, domestic backpackervisitor nights declined by 33% between 2007 and 2008.The marketing objective for this campaign is to reverse the slide and generate an increase inovernight Sydney backpacker visitation to Melbourne during spring / summer 2010/11 by 15%.Competitive ConsiderationsCompeting for the Sydney backpacker is Tourism QLD, Tourism WA, Tourism NT and Tourism NewZealand.Competitor Pattern SpendTourism QLD JAN - APR 1.2mTourism WA MAY -SEPT 800kTourism NT JAN - APR 500kTourism NZ MAY -SEPT 2m$4,500,000The budget for this campaign of $800k, gives a share of voice of 15%.Advertising ObjectiveGeneration Y does not currently see domestic travel as “travel”. The advertising objective is to liftthe profile, cachet and events of Melbourne, highlight the attractions and opportunities asachievable goals and simplify the process of coming to Melbourne by driving the target to thecorrect sources of information to action travel to Melbourne in the spring/summer period of2010/11.Target AudienceMale and female Sydney metropolitan backpackers, 18 to 29 years old, earning under $45,000 a year;identified as Socially Aware in the Roy Morgan Values Segment – tech savvy, family-centric, flexible,non-conforming, attention-getting, information vacuum cleaners.Geographic Areas to be consideredThe draw area is metropolitan Sydney
  2. 2. Schedule Advertisements BSBADV404BJADDAN BRUHN Page 2When do we talk to themThe campaign is geared to action travel for the spring / summer period. Domestic travel is usuallybooked and planned no more than three months in advance, with this demographic favouring lastminute action. The media plan is designed to start communicating to the target audience in Maybefore they have considered plans for their spring/summer, familiarising them with the advertisingobjective, increasing that dialogue just before and during spring when they are more likely to havemoney (tax return), school holidays / annual leave that they want to utilise without too much hassle.Creative requirementsUtilising existing Tourism Victoria campaign material.Leveraging awareness of Melbourne through previous campaigns, directing the target to TourismVictoria online presence.BudgetBudget is a function of competitor investment and anticipated increase in visitor nights resultingfrom the campaign.Market IntelligenceResearch conducted by Tourism Australia suggests that Generation Y Australians do not like to traveldomestically; it lacks the status of an overseas holiday (and with cheaper airfares can be acomparable cost), can be confusing to source reliable objective information, they are reluctant tofund it on credit, outside of boring attractions is not seen as relevant, lacks a destinational goal, theydo not see themselves / cannot identify with the images used to promote domestic traveldestinations, have difficulty justifying the long-term planning and spend on domestic travel(especially when a comparable volume of planning energy and financial discipline can lead to anoverseas holiday), and when short term gratification can be readily achieved by in-homeentertainment that can be easily funded on credit (i.e. technology purchases: computers, gameconsoles, sound systems, home theatre). The perception is that domestic travel is not valued, that itis not really “travel”, and when it is undertaken it is “endured” under pressure to visit friends orrelatives. Research by Tourism Australia suggests that the furthest in advance of an actual domestictravel journey that Generation Y will make an actual booking is 3 months, and that it is most likely tobe only weeks or days in advance as a reward, to satisfy an impulse or to achieve a specific timesensitive goal (i.e. attend an event / festival / concert).The research also indicates that backpackers are inclined to drive to their destination interstate, butthis is currently communicated in a separate campaign promoting the driving options / routes /possibilities and detours between Sydney and Melbourne, targeted at Sydney backpackers byTourism Victoria’s regional promotions.Building on previous Melbourne campaigns that have promoted the mystery and benefits of self-discovery in visiting Melbourne, this campaign is focused on building awareness of specific events inMelbourne during spring and summer and driving traffic to (whichnow defaults to where the target can ease themselves into becomingmore familiar with the options and travelling possibilities of visiting Melbourne, presented in a
  3. 3. Schedule Advertisements BSBADV404BJADDAN BRUHN Page 3manner that is perceived as objective, and find the information to tailor a trip to their interests orcontact the site for further information.Events to be highlighted:SpringSept: AFL Grand Final (inclusion of additional Sydney team), Melbourne Fringe FestivalOct: Melbourne International Arts Festival, Australian Motorcycle Grand Prix, Spring Racing CarnivalSummerDec: Melbourne Boxing Day Test CricketJan: Australian Open Tennis, Big Day Out (Melbourne is a preferred second choice for Sydneysiderswhen the Sydney BDO sells out), MidsummaMedia ObjectivesThe Media Plan is designed to reach the majority of the target audience with a frequency of at leastfour times during the campaign period. Utilising Radio, Direct, Magazine, Newspaper and Online,the campaign flight pattern is continuous with bursts of activity at key points during the campaign;familiarising the target with the campaign message and inspiring a call to action as key events duringthe spring/summer period approach.Varying the media utilised and shaping the communication around the target’s media and lifestylehabits, acting on the target’s creative instincts and interest in finding out more, reducing wastageand acting to ensure the target is exposed to the campaign message many times over the campaignperiod is best achieved through the media selected, avoiding heavily pushing the backpackermessage in traditional media where it may negatively impact the perception of Melbourne in olderor more affluent target audiences reached in concurrent Melbourne campaigns.Media SelectionHistorically, Tourism Victoria has relied on TV/Cinema, Magazine & Press, and Online DigitalMarketing to communicate its Melbourne campaign, centring on its “Signature Experiences”framework. As indicated earlier, the recent decline in backpacker visitation to Melbourne and theresearch conducted by Tourism Australia would suggest this has missed the target.Removing TV and Cinema and introducing Radio and a more consistent roll out of Avant Card postcards and mini-mags (noted by Tourism Victoria as a successful means of reaching this targetaudience in previous campaigns), in addition to print and online outlets popular with thisdemographic, will keep the campaign message consistent, engaging, unexpected, intriguing andinspire action, whilst drastically reducing wastage. Generation Y needs to be constantly remindedand given a good reason to do something.The creative element of the postcards and mini-mags will provide information and further sourcesand act as a tangible visual reminder, placed in 400 locations across Sydney, including cafes, bars,restaurants, cinemas, theatres, venues, universities and colleges.Nova Radio will provide the consistent backbone of the campaign, communicating the campaignmessage throughout the campaign period.Time Out Sydney is a popular source of entertainment guidance for this demographic, and will reachthem in a time and a place when they are considering their leisure options. The placement of thebellyband in September will generate interest leading into spring and the long weekend.
  4. 4. Schedule Advertisements BSBADV404BJADDAN BRUHN Page 4MX is a popular print source for this demographic. Advertising in bursts throughout the campaignwill remind and inspire the target audience and inspire them to action once they arrive home at theend of the day.Good Weekend is a popular weekend insert and maybe the only section of the weekend paper thisdemographic will read cover to cover. Good Weekend is also more likely to be kept in the houseonce the rest of the paper has been disposed of. Advertising in September and October to generateinterest in spring is a popular online source of entertainment and leisure guidance forSydneysiders in this demographic. In August it had a unique audience of 140,956. The Time Out e-mail newsletter is sent weekly to 26,000 online subscribers. Sponsoring the newsletter (only oneadvertiser sponsors the newsletter per week) at monthly intervals will provide an online platform togenerate traffic to Tourism Victoria’s online presence, consistently reminding the target audience inan environment where there is reduced clutter and access to the backpackmelbourne website andadditional information is just one click away. Advertising on the main website during August toNovember will give the campaign a strong online visible presence and similarly engage the targetaudience and drive traffic to the backpackmelbourne website.Media StrategyNova breakfast radio, 4x30sec ad mon-fri. Morning commercial radio is the best time to reinforce acampaign message to a captive, loyal audience. These will run during the entire campaign period.Nova’s format facilitates high impact, low clutter advertising, with less advertising clients competingfor attention in smaller blocks of ads (recall of a radio advertisement is 2.58 times stronger in theNova environment).Avant Card post cards and 20 page mini-mags distributed on stands in 400 locations throughoutSydney at intervals throughout the campaign. Post cards are 101mm x 151mm, mini-mags are100mm x 150mm.Time Out bellyband is a custom strip band on the exterior of the magazine, generating maximuminterest and attention. This is used once during the September burst of the campaign to drawattention to Spring events. The full page advertisements are 215mm x 285mm and are locatedanywhere within the magazine (it’s cheaper), and feature at the very beginning and then in the latterstages of the campaign.MX Wrap coats the entire exterior of the newspaper in a custom advertisement and is utilised duringthe September burst of the campaign once. During the initial 6 months of the campaign horizontalhalf page advertisements, 6 columns x 200mm deep, will be used at intervals to generate awarenessand exposure for the campaign. It would be preferable for these advertisements to feature earlier inthe paper, or adjacent to popular sections Goss & Glam, Brainwave (horoscopes), Talk or TV /Cinema listings.Good Weekend full page advertisement to appear during September and October burst of thecampaign to generate interest and reach a broader volume of people who may not as yet have beentouched by the campaign. Final position within the magazine has yet to be decided on, so nospecific space potential loading has been added to the budget.
  5. 5. Schedule Advertisements BSBADV404BJADDAN BRUHN Page 5Time Out Sydney website advertising is via a Leaderboard (728x90pixels), across the top formaximum exposure & to be at eye level as page loads (being the first thing to be seen). This will beactive during the Aug – Nov period of the campaign and acts as a platform to website generating traffic at the time there is most likely to be moreinterest generated in making bookings and finding out more information.Sponsoring the Time Out email newsletter delivers the campaign message directly to 26,000 peoplein an uncluttered manner (only one advertiser per weekly email newsletter) and provides thespringboard for them to launch directly to the website. Advertising in thenewsletter is via 1 Leaderboard (728x90 pixels) and 1 MPU (300 x 250 pixels).
  6. 6. Schedule Advertisements BSBADV404BJADDAN BRUHN Page 6