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Digital Portfolio

  1. 1. PORTFOLIOJonathan Moore
  2. 2. contact: / 734.272.3804 (mobile) / 207.548.2458 (home)2
  3. 3. Contents Hanok City Masterplan 4 Precedent Study: Songdo IBD 6 Lower Town Revitalization 8Chevron Thailand Aviation Base 10 Detroit Data Exploration 12 Waterfront Cottage 14
  4. 4. Hanok CityMasterplanUP 631 PHYSICAL PLANNING + URBAN DESIGNCAPSTONEfinal publication work; pedestrian mall highlightsite location: yongsan-gu, seoul, south korea100,000 people living in working per square-kilometer;provisions for a rapidly aging population; no greater than50% residential land useThese were the contest rules for the Vertical Cities Asia 2012International Design Competition.Our studio’s plan uses an arching park system to connect thesite with the future Yongsan Park to the site’s east and theHan River to the sout and west. At the site’s center, the parkintersects with Yongsan station, one of Seoul’s busiest transitand commercial hubs.Additional transit systems and a highly-calculated provision ofservices also help make this asustainable nexus of live/work/play opportunities for all ages. Hanok City Illustrative Plan Opposite Page: Medium: Sketchup, Kerkythea, Photoshop Top: Hanok City Parc Promenade Section Jonathan Moore + Erin Guido Medium: Sketchup, Photoshop Bottom Left: Parc Promenade in Winter Medium: Sketchup, Kerkythea, Photoshop Bottom Right: Block Level Phasing and Programming. Medium: Sketchup, Photoshop 4
  5. 5. key - ax o n Residential Commercial High School Green Roof Rooftop Open Space Ground Level Public Space Developer Mandated Dedication Negotiated Public Space Under Construction Underground Parking
  6. 6. Precedent Study:Songdo IBDUP 631 PHYSICAL PLANNING + URBAN SeoulDESIGN CAPSTONEprecedent study of songdo international business district Gimpo International Airportproject location: songdo, south korea Incheon International AirportIn preparation for Vertical Cities Asia competition each student inthe planning capstone was assigned a recent new town or Port of Incheonsimilar development around the world. The exploration ofSongdo was critical to the groundwork of the competitionproposal because of its proximity to the site and itsdesignation as one of South Korea’s new international Songdo International Businessbusiness districts. DistrictThe Songdo IBD Masterplan not only the possibilities offoreign investment in South Korea as the most expensiveprivate development in history, but also the possibilities of green Songdo Orientation Mapplanning and smart infrastructure in new devlopment. Cisco Medium: Esri ArcGIS, IllustratorSystems is wiring everything from private homes to the trafficlights with new tech and much of the IBD is aiming for someform of LEED certification. This project demonstrates SouthKorea’s bold vision for its future and encouraged us to think big Opposite Page:with our proposal for the Yongsan site. Top Left: Songdo International Business District Land Use Map Medium: Rhino, Illustrator Top Right: Songdo International Business District Transportation Map Medium: Rhino, Illustrator Bottom Right: Central Park District Shadow Study Medium: Sketchup 6
  7. 7. LAND USE LEGEND TRANSPORTATION LEGEND Residential Bus Stop Office Bike Path Public Use/Institutional Road Public Green Space Water Taxi Golf Course Subway Residential/Retail Commercial/Office6.20 9am 6.20 3pm 12.21 9am 12.21 3pm
  8. 8. Lower TownRevitalizationUP 518 PHYSICAL PLANNING WORKSHOPfinal projectsite location: lower town, ann arbor, michiganAnn Arbor is known for being a bustling collegetown with a vibrant downtown scene. LowerTown however is one area that continually vexesdevelopers and planners alike and remains aunder-utilized part of the city’s urban fabric.As part of a semester-long investigation of thearea we split into teams to explore design solu-tions for smaller parts of Lower Town. Anotherstudent and myself focused on part of theriverfront that runs through the area. Curentlymuch of the space is occupied by an uninspiring Lower Town Riverfront Blocks and Parkpark, storage facility and parking lot for a power Medium: Sketchup, Photoshopcompany.We sought to reinvigorate the area with a mixed-useresidential development and an interactivelearning-park. As Lower Town is also known for Opposite Page:an abudance of drab student housing, this would Top: Lower Town New Streetscapeseek to attract more families and working Medium: Illustrator, Photoshop Jonathan Moore + Michelle Lamprofessionals to the area, which is in closeproximity to the University of Michigan Health Bottom Left: Lower Town Park PlanSystem and local Amtrak Medium: Hand Drawing, Photoshopstation. Jonathan Moore + Michelle Lam Bottom Right: Lower Town Park Square Medium: Illustrator, Photoshop Jonathan Moore + Michelle Lam 8
  9. 9. WORK DINESHOP playground pond gardens learning pool ridge field tree stand
  10. 10. Chevron ThailandAviation BaseDYNAMIC ENGINEERING CONSULTANTSfront-end engineering design report for additional workssite location: nakorn sri thammarat, thailandAs part of the Aviation Consolidation Project, Chevronrequested the design of additional facilities to better support itsoperations. The additions included interior work, such as: newofficies, a rennovation of the counter check-infacilities, new hangar workshops; and new external facilitiessuch as: a covered walkway, shaded van parking, a newwaiting lounge, a new ramp office, and a shaded smoking area.In addition to writing and revising written portions of the report, Iworked with DEC engineers and Fenn architects (DEC partners)to draft 3d models in Sketchup from 2d plans.Specifically, I modeled the hangar workshops, waiting lounge,shaded van parking, ramp office, shaded smoking area and Chevron Aviation Baseedited portions of the facade. medium: sketchup, autocad Jonathan Moore + Fenn Designers Opposite Page: Top left: Hangar Workshop Perspective Medium: Sketchup, Photoshop Top Right: Ramp Office Medium: Skechup, Photoshop Bottom (from left to right): Waiting Lounge, Hangar Workshops, Smoking Shelter, Ramp Office, Parking Sun Shade Models Medium: Sketchup 10
  11. 11. Detroit Data Detroit Neighborhood Proximity to Shopping Created by Jonathan Moore, 4/26/11ExplorationUP 406 INTRODUCTION TO GEOGRAPHIC INFORMATIONSYSTEMSfinal projectsite location: Wayne County, MIThis project tasked us with using ArcMap software to explorespatial relationships in the Wayne County and DetroitMichigan areas. The first part of the project investigated theproximity of Detroit neighborhoods to shoppingopportunities vs the proximity of all of Wayne County’s Legendcommunities to shopping opportunities. Tracts more than 1.5 mi Away from Shopping Detroit Shopping CentersThe second part required each student to explore a topic of People per square miletheir own interest with a given data set. I wanted to see if the Population 2000/ Area ±recorded building permits suggested a concentation of multi- 0- 4000family housing or cultural/education opportunities along the Miles 4001 - 7500proposed light-rail corridor in Detroit. While limitations in the 4 2 0 4 7501 - 10000data and the small scale of the project make concrete projec- 10010 - 17020tions impossible, the maps do suggest that the light-rail route Source: US Census, ESRI Tiger NAD_1983_StatePlane_Michigan_South_FIPS_2113_Feetwould support a variety of families, schools, museums and GCS_North_American_1983other cultural institutions. Detroit Shopping Center Map Opposite Page: Medium: Esri ArcGIS Left: Wayne County Shopping Centers Compared to Population Density Medium: Esri ArcGIS Upper Right: Multi-Family Housing Building Permits in Proximity to Proposed Light-Rail Line Medium: Esri ArcGIS Middle Right: Education and Cultural Building Permits in Proximity to Proposed Light-Rail Line Medium: Esri ArcGIS 12
  12. 12. Wayne County Shopping Centers by Type Multi-Family Housing Permits in Proximity to Proposed Light Rail Created by Jonathan Moore, 4/26/11 vs Population Density Created by Jonathan Moore ± Legend Proposed Light Rail Multi-Fam Hsing Permits close to Proposed Rail Detroit Major Roads Legend Census Tracts 2000 ± Source: US Census, ESRI Tiger, Wayne County Shopping Centers 4 2 Miles 0 4 (City of Detroit Department of Planning and Development), NAD_1983_StatePlane_Michigan_South_FIPS_2113_Feet GCS_North_American_1983 Single-Stand Alone Retail Neighborhood Shopping Center Education and Cultural Building Permits in Proximity to Proposed Light Rail Community Shopping Center Created by Jonathan Moore, 4/26/11 Regional Shopping Center " ) " ) " ) " ) " ) Super-Regional Shopping Center " ) " ) " ) Detroit " ) ^^ People Per Square Mile in Census Tracts " ) " ) " ) " ) " ) ^ ^ ^ )^ "^ " ) ^^ 0- 750.0 " ") ) )" " " ) ) " " ) " " ) ) " ) ) " ) " ) " ) " ) " ) " ) 750.1 - 1600 " ) " ) " ) "" )) " ) ^ " "" " ) )) ) Legend 1601 - 2400 " ) "" )) " ) " ) " ) ^ Museum/Library/Art Gallery Permits ^ " ) School Permits 2401 - 3350 Proposed Light Rail Detroit Major Roads Miles 3351 - 5700 Census Tracts 2000 ±6 3 0 6 Source: US Census, ESRI Tiger Source: US Census, ESRI Tiger, (City of Detroit Department of Planning and Development), NAD_1983_StatePlane_Michigan_South_FIPS_2113_Feet 4 2 Miles 0 4 NAD_1983_StatePlane_Michigan_South_FIPS_2113_Feet GCS_North_American_1983 GCS_North_American_1983
  13. 13. WaterfrontCottagePERSONAL DESIGN PROJECTfuture getaway housesite location: to be imagined...Growing up along the Maine and Massachusetts coasts andvisiting their many lakes I have long desired to one day designand build my own small waterfront home. This desire wasfurther stoked while landscaping during undergradsummers.While this effort is modest and decidedly amateur, I feel I stillcapture the essential elements I want in a future design: ayin-yang layout combining an intimate bedroom and libraryopposite an open kitchen and living room, along with a waterview and ample deck space. The landscaping also uses thiecontrast between intimate and open spaces with a flowergarden and sitting area offsetting a flexible lawn area. I useddimensions from Sarah Susanka’s The Not So Big House asa starting point and chose lots of wood and stone materials togive it an old and naturalistic feel. Cottage Landscape Plan Opposite Page: Medium: AutoCAD, Photoshop, Sketchup Top: Front Elevation Medium: Sketchup, Photoshop Bottom Left: Cottage Interior Medium: Sketchup, Photoshop Bottom Right: Front Section Medium: Sketchup, Photoshop 14