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Understanding the Creative Media Sector (Assignment 1)


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Understanding the Creative Media Sector (Assignment 1)

  1. 1. Under standing the Cr eative Media Sector explain the structure and ownership of the media sector with reference to detailed illustrative examples
  2. 2. Today’s objectives 1. Starter Quiz 2. Assignment 1 Outline 3. Secondary Research 4. Writing Narration 5. YouTube Video Analysis 6. Maths in Media 7. Recording Audio and Video 8. Editing Audio and Video 9. Review
  3. 3. Media Industries Revision Quiz How did you do?
  4. 4. Assignment 1 The Creative Media Sector Podcast or YouTube Video A: Create a Research portfolio (folder) B: Create a 10-15 minute podcast or video about the Creative Media Sector
  5. 5. Secondary Research “Research using information already gathered by other people or organisations. Often available in books, magazines or websites” Take a structured approach •List what you are going to do, when and how •Highlight and Annotate what you read Make organised notes •Lists, References, Quotes Keep a research log and file or folder •Printouts, Copies, Pictures Sources: •Libraries (Books, Newspapers, Journals) •The Internet (Websites) •Archives (Online books) •Audio-Visual Materials (TV, Radio, Film, DVD) •Advertising agencies
  6. 6. Working in the industry YouTube User : Ms Rachel Media Playlist : Understanding the Creative Media Industries URL :
  7. 7. Writing narration Think about what you are being asked to talk about (Check the assignment brief and learning outcomes) •Write a list •Write/ Draw a draft outline/ structure Think about how you will work best •Can you read from bullet points and elaborate? •Do you need to write what you are going to say word for word? Carefully consider how you write your script •Can you read your own handwriting? Should you word-process? •What font should you use? (sans serif is easier to read) •Space the lines out [1.5-2] (makes it easier to read) •Write it as you would say it – don’t worry too much about grammar and the use of colloquialisms (the spoken word/ slang) – this isn’t a report/ essay and you need to sound natural
  8. 8. Recording & EDITING Refer to the skills you learnt during your Music Video & Radio assignments Podcast Consider using GarageBand YouTube Video Think about the style of most YouTube instructional videos. The presenter talks to camera and/or shows the viewer clips/ images/ objects. Emulate (copy) this style. REMEMBER: You are being assessed on the content of your product, not the style. So keep the production simple and content detailed.
  9. 9. Review What have you achieved today?
  10. 10. Maths in media