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Guide cribsheet


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Guide cribsheet

  1. 1. Create a ‘Guide to Working in the Creative Media Sector’ a) Research portfolio Annotated and/or highlighted copies of web pages, journals, books, notes, mind-maps etc. b) The Guide This product may be in the form of a video, podcast, booklet or word document. 1. Describe the main types of employment status within the Creative Media sector 2. Describe the key legal and taxation differences between main types of employment status 3. Explain the main implications of each employment status, in relation to job security, flexibility and working patterns 4. Describe a range of prospective employers and the profiles and products of these employers 5. Explain how to choose an employer in terms of ownpersonal interests, knowledge, skills and job requirements Things to do today: What research have you collated? Is it in a folder, highlighted and annotated? In which format will you produce ‘The Guide’? What software, materials or resources will you need in order to create your guide? Deadline Task One: