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Digital Technology


Published on

Thursday 15th November

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Digital Technology

  1. 1. Investigative ReportPart 1 - Digital Technology
  2. 2. • If technology freezes then it has no future• Digital media does not have to be the same media delivered digitally• With creativity and imagination, it can be much, much more…
  3. 3. What makes digital media ubiquitous (it seemsto be present everywhere at once) and different fromother types of media?
  4. 4. • Multimedia – Fully integrated• Interactivity – Unique, Personalised, Localised information. Active consumers.• Automation – Reduce work, Supplant humans• Ethereal Quality – Not physical products
  5. 5. • All dependent on Networks• 2.4 Billon People have Internet Access• 34% of the Worlds Population
  6. 6. Outline the main forms of online mediacontent relative to traditional types of media
  7. 7. Describe your vision of how the mediaworld will be for most consumers fiveyears from now.Discuss audience behaviour, expectations,media industries, and the ways people willaccess media content.
  8. 8. How is digital technology used within thecreative media industry?Name at least 3 uses for 10 pieces oftechnology used in the creative mediasector
  9. 9. How is digital technology used within thecreative media industry?Focus on the creative media sector that youwork in.Choose the two pieces of technology thatyou think are the most important.Explain why you think this.
  10. 10. Investigative ReportDescribe the uses of digital technologywithin the Creative Media sector and therelationships this has created betweenindustries in the sector.How is digital technology used within thesector? Explain this process. What types ofbusiness relationships have been developed asa result? What links have been made in orderto make the use of digital technology possible?