Converging Digital Technology


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Creative and Digital Apprentices
Cohort 5
Unit 3

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Converging Digital Technology

  1. 1. Converging Digital Technology in the Creative Media Sector Rachel Heyes The Manchester College
  2. 2. What is Converging Digital Technology? Convergence in the context of media refers to the technology driven unification of different media channels Different media channels are consumed through one technological outlet
  3. 3. Historically For many years different media were clearly separated: broadcast TV, broadcast radio, newspapers, books, video and film, recorded music etc.
  4. 4. Changes  The internet and other digital methods of distribution have changed this.  The Media Iceberg
  5. 5. ExamplesA digital connection or physical medium can carry any type of content. Video can be distributed on a mobile phone network or music over the internet.
  6. 6. What does this mean? Thisnot only means that different types of media are converging, but also that media and telecoms are converging.
  7. 7. Converging Media Watch and make notes  om/view_play_list? p=F5DC6CE0E17B3C3A What is converging media?
  8. 8. Re-Packaging MediaIn addition to convergence at the distribution level there are areas in which the same content can be re- packaged across media.Forexample, computer games and films use the same content in different ways.This also creates powerful marketing synergies.
  9. 9. New Technology Convergence is part of a much broader change in the media that is being brought about by new technology. Although this has not happened as fast or as profitably as many hoped during the dotcom boom, changes are nonetheless happening.
  10. 10. Investment Froman investment point of view the key consequence is the potential impact of the change on established media companies revenue streams.
  11. 11. Class TaskThe sectors for this assignment are:  Photography  Web Authoring/Interactive Media  Digital Graphics/Animation  Audio/Radio  Video/Television  Computer Games1. List all of the current uses of converging digital technology within your sector2. Each group should reflect upon a sector and feedback to the class
  12. 12. What are the implications ofconverging technology on the workforce?
  13. 13. Implications Multi-skilling Competition Pace of change Employment Education and Training Multi-tasking
  14. 14. Media Work - Mark Deuze (2007)“Media professionals face tough choices. Boundaries are drawn and erased: between commerce and creativity, between individualism and teamwork, between security and independence. Digital media supercharge these dilemmas, as industries merge and media converge, as audiences become co-creators of content online. The media industries are the pioneers of the digital age”
  15. 15. Class TaskFind an example of each category withina specific media industry 1. Multi-skillingPhotography 2. CompetitionWeb Authoring/Interactive Media 3. Pace of changeDigital Graphics/AnimationAudio/Radio 4. EmploymentVideo/Television 5. Education and TrainingComputer Games 6. Multi-tasking
  16. 16. Assignment – Impact ReportExplain what is meant by ‘converging technology’. • Explain and give examplesExplainthe impact of converging technology on the workforce within a specific creative media industry. • Explain and give examples such as VoIP, website content, increased competition and impact on employment