B plan candle making business


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B plan candle making business

  1. 1. CANDLE BUSINESS B-PLANCandles have been used for light and to illuminate mans celebrations formore than 5,000 years, yet little is known about their originIt is often written that the first candles were developed by the AncientEgyptians, who used rush lights or torches made by soaking the pithy coreof reeds in melted animal fat. However, the rush lights had no wick like atrue candle.The Egyptians were using wicked candles in 3,000 B.C., but the ancientRomans are generally credited with developing the wicked candle before thattime by dipping rolled papyrus repeatedly in melted tallow or beeswaxHistorians have found evidence that many other early civilizations developedwicked candles using waxes made from available plants and insects.Chinese candles are said to have been moulded in paper tubes, using rolledrice paper for the wick, and wax from an indigenous insect that wascombined with seeds.In Japan, candles were made of wax extracted from tree nuts. In India,candle wax was made by boiling the fruit of the cinnamon tree. Candleshave come a long way since their initial use. Although no longer mansmajor source of light, they continue to grow in popularity and use.Today, candles symbolize celebration, mark romance, soothe the senses,define ceremony, and accent home decors — casting a warm and lovely glowfor all to enjoy.LOCATION:Name:- Candle WondersIndustry:- Candle BusinessBusiness Type :- PartnershipCapital Investment:- 48,00,000Location :-Belgaum Udhyambag sectorPRODUCTS:  Scented Candle  Long thin candles  Long Thick candles  Spiral candles
  2. 2. CANDLE BUSINESS B-PLAN  Glass candles  Color candles  Design CandlesMarket Study:a. End product :-Colored scented candlesb. End users :- Middle & upper class, Decoratorsc. Suitability and strength of selecting particular product :- Innovative,not many playersd. Brand :- Candle Wondere. Tagline: Light your lifef. Selling price :- 20/-g. Class & type of consumers: Middle and upper class, decoratorsh. Product life cycle and present status : Introduction Stagei. Past demand pattern: Highj. Anticipated future demand projections: Higherk. Buying criteria and influencing factors: Value for money pricing willinfluence customersl. Current availability and production capacity versus utilization: 90% intotalm. Marketing Practices Distribution: Dealers Credit Policy: No credit facility Strengths and special services to be offered, if any: Colouredscented, decorated candles Possible clientele and their likelihood of buying: Decorators
  3. 3. CANDLE BUSINESS B-PLAN PUT NECESSARY MATERIALS IN MACHINE KEEP MOLDS READY MELT PURE KEEP FOR COOLING First of all we should keep the machines ready, and then put thenecessary materials in the machine such as wax, Colour and fragrance.Machine Auto Shot 3000-D has an automatic timer for heating. We shouldkeep the molds ready. Once the wax has melted we should pure the wax ineach mold one at a time. After that we should keep it for cooling.
  4. 4. CANDLE BUSINESS B-PLAN MELT POUR ADJUST MACHINE KEEP FOR COOLING First of all we should melt the wax in another vessel then with therequired materials needed then we should pour the wax in the machine in aslot, after that we should adjust the machine so that the wax comes in everyslot and keep for cooling.
  5. 5. CANDLE BUSINESS B-PLAN1.0GENERAL 1. Name of Entrepreneur:Mr Rahul David Date of Birthday:05/07/1987 Age: 25 Project:Candle Making Location:Salem Salvador, Do-MundoBardez Goa Porvorim, Goa Type of organization: Proprietary/Partnership:Partnership Name of firm:Candle Wonder Address:Udhyambag, Belgaum1.1 Educational Qualifications Qualification Institute Major Year of Subject passingS.S.C or HSSC VidyaPrabodhini, Arts 2004-2005below Porvorim GoaDegree/ BBA CBALC, HR 2005-2008Diploma Belgaum MBA S.P. Jain Institute MBA 2008-2010 of Management and Research , Puna1.2 Special Training
  6. 6. CANDLE BUSINESS B-PLAN Training in Institute Duration Achievement Candle Making Bizzyland 4 TH 2010-2011 Passing Course Floor, Certificate VishrambagVada Next To Chitale Sweets, SadashivPeth, Pune – 4110301.3 Work Experience (Past & Present) Organization Position Nature of work Duration ZAF Enterprise HR Assistant Office 2011-2012 2. Name of Entrepreneur: Ms NaithaliD’costa Date of Birth:03-07-1987 Age: 25 Project: Candle Business Location: Abu Dhabi, U.A.E Type of organization: Proprietary/Partnership: Partnership Name of firm: Candle Wonders Address:Udhyambag, Belgaum1.1 Educational Qualifications Qualification Institute Major Year of Subject passingS.S.C or HSSC St Joseph’s Commerce 2004below School AUHDegree/ BBA University of Marketing 2007 Wollongong DXBDiploma MBA Hariot Watt Marketing 2009 DXB1.2 Special Training
  7. 7. CANDLE BUSINESS B-PLAN Training in Institute Duration AchievementCandle & flower Anant Apartment 1 year course Awards & making OppMordern High 2009-2010 Completed School, JM Road, certificate Sivaji Nagar, PuneInterior & fashion Inter National 2010-2011 Awards & Institute of Fashion Designing Design Completed certificate1.3 Work Experience (Past & Present) Organization Position Nature of work DurationHome CenterAuh Asst. Manager Interior Decorator 2011-2012 3. Details of Proposed Project (Manufacturing/Servicing)2.1 Machinery/EquipmentS. Description Qty. Price Total Names andNo. required Value addresses of suppliers 1 Auto Shot 3000- 1 4,00,000 4,00,000 Candlewic, D Mumbia. 2 Candle-machine- 1 5,00,000 5,00,000 Candlewic, 125x125 Mumbia. 3 Fluted base 20 1,000 20,000 Candlewic, former Mumbia. 4 Tray mould 100 220 22,000 Candlewic, Mumbia. 5 Polyurethane tea 20 1,300 26,000 Candlewic, light mould Mumbia. 6 Wick holder bar 500 4 2,000 Candlewic, Mumbia. Total 9,70,000
  8. 8. CANDLE BUSINESS B-PLAN2.2 Production ProgrammeS. Item/Product Total Qty. Price per Sales CapacityNo. Per Year Qty. Revenue Utilization Per Year 1 Fluted base candle 25,000 50 12,50,000 20% 2 Polyurethane tea- 25,000 50 12,50,000 20% light candle 3 Tray candle 44,000 20 8,80,000 50% Total 33,80,000 90%2.3 Raw MaterialsS. Item Total Requirements Total SourcesNo. annual Quantity Value (Rs) 1 Wax 15,600 90 14,04,000 Candlewic, Mumbia. 2 Colour block 1,872 40 74,880 Candlewic, Mumbia. 3 Wick 1,560 20 31,200 Candlewic, Mumbia. 4 Scents and 1,872 125 2,34,000 Candlewic, fragrance Mumbia. 5 Sustainer base 93,600 0.45 42,120 Candlewic, Mumbia. 6 votive glass 25,000 18 4,50,000 candle holder Total 22,36,2002.4 Utilities
  9. 9. CANDLE BUSINESS B-PLANS. Particulars Annual Rs/Unit Total Annual RemarksNo. Requirements Expenses (Rs) 1 Electricity 1,200 4.40 5,280 KEB 2 Water 100 35 3,500 KWB Total 8,7802.5 Man PowerS. Particulars No. Total Wages & RemarksNo. Salaries (Rs per year) 1 Skilled employees 1 1,20,000 2 Semi-skilled 5 4,20,000 employees 3 Unskilled employees 4 1,92,000 Total 7,32,0004. Cost of the Project4.1 Fixed CapitalS. Item Value (Rs)No. 1 Machinery/Equipment 9,70,000 2 Building 25,00,000 Total 32,70,0004.2 Working CapitalS. Item Duration Quantity ValueNo. 1 Raw materials stock 1 month 1,50,000 2 Finished goods stock 1 month 2,80,800 3 One month 1 month 8,780+7,32,000= Production expenses 7,40,780 (Utilities + Wages +
  10. 10. CANDLE BUSINESS B-PLAN Salaries) Total 11,71,5804.3 Total Cost of ProjectS. Particulars Value (Rs)No. 1 Fixed capital 32,70,000 (Total of item No. 4.1) 2 Working Capital 11,71,580 (Total of item No. 4.2) 3 Preliminary and pre-operative expenses 50,000 Total 46,91,5804.4 Means of FinanceS. Particular Value (Rs) RemarksNo. 1 1st partner own contribution 23,00,000 2 2nd partner own contribution 24,00,0004.5 Project Profitability AnalysisS. Description Value (Rs)No. 1 Sales Revenue 33,80,000 2 Manufacturing expenses 25,26,980 (2.3+2.4+2.5) 3 Selling & Distribution expenses 50,000 4 Administrative expenses 10,000
  11. 11. CANDLE BUSINESS B-PLAN 5 Interest - 6 Depreciation 40,000 7 Gross profit [1-(2+3+4+5+6)] 7,53,020 8 Income tax (30%) 2,25,906 9 Net profit (7-8) 5,27,114 1. SUPPLEMENTRY DETAILS5.1 Do You Own House/Property etc.: YES5.2 Own Insurance Policy: YES5.3 Any Interest in Other Firms: NO5.4 You Belong to SC/ST/OBC/General: General5.5 Present Monthly Income (Rs): NO6.0 References:S. Names Address OccupationNo. 1 Manager Home CenterAuh Asst. Manager 2 Property documents - -Date:Place: Signature.