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Resume & Application Review Process


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How to identify "Red Flags" during the employment screening process.

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Resume & Application Review Process

  1. 1. Résumé andApplication Review How to identify “Red Flags” during the screening process.
  2. 2. What is a “Red Flag”? A sign of warning or problem. Indicates trouble or “danger” ahead. Provokes an irritated response.
  3. 3. Method of Submission What is the source of the résumé or application?  Personal email account  Current employer’s email account  Facsimile (Fax)  Inquire about computer skills Application completed off-site? Must complete and submit an employment application in addition to their résumé
  4. 4. Initial Review Process For “weeding out” unqualified candidates Job Description  Allows you to focus on minimum qualifications and experience  Choose 3-5 key words from the job description Questions to ask yourself during the review  Does the candidate have:  History of advancement & more responsibility in each subsequent position?  Industry experience?  Experience working at a company of similar size?  If this person applied directly for the position, would it be a significant drop in responsibility / salary?  Is the person overqualified? If so, are they willing to accept a much lower salary?
  5. 5. Employment Gaps Unexplained / Multiple Gaps in Employment  By choice  By circumstances beyond their control Date Ranges  Year  Month / Year  Month / Date / Year
  6. 6. Lack of Longevity Review duration of each position held.  Less than a year  Temporary job?  Reason for leaving
  7. 7. Career Plateau or “Gone Backwards” Decreasing job responsibilities Types of employers Job titles Were shifts in career path “on purpose” or a choice?
  8. 8. Education Omitted?  May not meet the minimum qualifications in regards to education. Didn’t finish degree?  May have trouble finishing what they start  Ask what stood in their way of completing
  9. 9. Attention to Detail / Mistakes Spelling, Grammar, Punctuation, Sentence Construction, Tense Inconsistencies, and Typos  Reflect carelessness  Indicator of the quality of work you can expect  May not proofread work on-the-job Too much / too little information  Get to the point!  No blanks on applications  Résumés shouldn’t read like a book
  10. 10. Reasons for LeavingResponse Question(s) to AskWork Ran Out Was this a temporary job? Did the job start as a temp job?Laid Off What reason were you given for the layoff? How much notice were you given prior to your last day?Moved Where did you move from / to? Did you resign from this position with adequate notice? If so, how much notice did you give?Fired What was the reason for being fired? Did you agree / disagree with the reason given?Terminated Why were you terminated? Did you agree / disagree with the reason you were given?Quit What lead to your decision to quit the job? When you quit, did you have another job to move into?Retired Why are you re-entering the workforce after retirement?Medical Reasons Can you perform the essential functions of the job you are being considered for?
  11. 11. Multiple Moves to Different States Ask what prompted moves  Relocation due to employment  “Running” from the law
  12. 12. Inappropriate Information(Information that May Not be Considered) Picture (headshot) Race / color Sex / gender National origin Age (date of birth) Political affiliations Religious affiliations / beliefs Family status (married, etc.) Health history / conditions Sexual orientation
  13. 13. Screening Idea  Grid of Minimum Qualifications Applicant Name Licensures Highest Level of Years of Related Computer # of Jobs Held in Education Experience Experience Past 5 YearsJohn Doe RN, BSN BS in Nursing 5 Full-Time Microsoft Word & 2 3 Part-Time ExcelSally Sue NONE High School 1 Full Time Microsoft Outlook 1Mary Ellen PENDING High School NONE Microsoft Word 0 BSN Pending
  14. 14. Tips and Other Considerations Formatting issues Conduct telephone interview as part of pre- screening process. Trust your instincts!