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  1. 1. What can I help you with? | |
  2. 2. Introduction to ignite  The ignite programme provides you with the tools, skills & knowledge, to enable you to work with the customers that you want to, make more profitable sales and deliver great value. Where your people are motivated and inspired to communicate your key messages. Customer Order creation Coaching &Where are we Brand refresh relationship Tactical planning process training management | |
  3. 3. ignite Customer Order Tactical Coaching & Where are we Brand refresh relationship Creation planning training management SWOT Upgrade New business System selection Ideal marketing mix 121 coaching Coaching & Training Brand refresh CRM Order CreationWhere are we Tactical planning PEST Re new opportunity profile System review Campaign planning Workshops 5 FORCES Sales toolkit Process walk through Implementation Direct mail / email Competition • Proposal Lean it up Hand holding Social Media • Presentation Lead generation plan • Website Getting the most from Telemarketing Brand messages Visual order your system PR management Motivating users PR Reporting | |
  4. 4. Review Before you embark on any project you should start with a review. How else can you determine where you are going or what you need? Who are Where are Where are How do we How will we? we? we going? get there? we know? Vision SWOT Markets People KPI Where are we going Who are we Where are we How to get there How will we know Purpose PEST New business Customers Evaluation Values 5 FORCES opportunity profile Finding Control Culture Competition Market penetration Attracting Brand Market development Keeping New product development Diversification | |
  5. 5. Develop Communicating who you are Building your sales toolkit Creating robust processes underpinned by the right technology Choosing the right partners How do we How can we What How do we express show that be more systems can who we are we can effective support us Process Technology Sales tool kit Communication Language Online New business CRM Brand Proposal opportunity E-marketing profile Collateral Social Media Lead generation Presentation Lead conversion Case studies Order creation PR | |
  6. 6. Partners Brand refresh – Creating Media PR – MandM Communications Telemarketing – Pete Sturgess Consultancy Web Development – Core / 3rd Stage Business Mastermind Groups – The Growth Circle Marketing and PR Training – MandM Communications | |
  7. 7. Grow People are your most valuable resource. Developing your people does not just improve their personal effectiveness – it can improve the performance of your organisation as a whole. How can What gets What skills Who are you you be more you going do you need effective Communication Engagement Listening Communications MPI-Test Coaching People Training Language Motivation Goals Assertiveness Behaviour Performance Action plans Coaching Passion Support | |
  8. 8. Frequently asked questions Do we have to take all 3 areas of the programme?  Review can be taken in isolation as you can use this information to build a change programme yourselves  Develop works in partnership with review  Grow can be undertaken in isolation How long does review take?  Typically 3-4 weeks, however if you are committed and have the time then we can shorten the process to 2-3 weeks How long is the programme?  3 months (or longer) depending upon what is uncovered and what you need to do We want to employ a marketing assistant how can you help  I can help you to choose the right person and then support them in their first few months in whatever way we deem is the right way What happens after 3 months  The Ignite programme is designed to teach you how to fish, so that you can take control of your sales and marketing, however you can continue the programme as long as is necessary, the objective is to get you into a position where you are in control | |
  9. 9. What else? | |
  10. 10. Team building and effective communicationsthrough journaling and creative writing A journaling and creative writing workshop will:-  Enhance your workforce’s ability to deal with change and uncertainty  Provide life-long tools which will enable well-being, improve performance and productivity  Build teams and improve communications  Reduce resources lost to absence, stress and staff turnover Benefits:-  Breaks down barriers With absenteeism and stress-  Builds relationships related illness at record highs,  Improves communication the health and morale boosting  Raises awareness of self and others value of fun, creativity and self awareness at work shouldn’t  Improves morale be underestimated.  Reduces job stress  Increases creativity | |
  11. 11. Accende accende is a coaching, training and leadership consultancy that works with businesses, education & training providers, and public sector organisations to develop their people via MPI@Work development programmes. www.accende.co.uk Now recruiting associates | |
  12. 12. MPI@Work The meta-cognitive pattern indicator (MPI) is a diagnostic instrument for assessing how individuals think and learn.  We all run patterns in the way we think and behave; we have become so used to thinking and behaving in particular ways that we don’t usually think about them consciously. Being able to ‘think about our thinking’ means we can assess how our patterns of thinking influence our behaviour. | |
  13. 13. Why Me? Motivation, inspiration, energy, enthusiasm, reliability, focus, drive, spirit, desire to do a great job for you, with you! | |
  14. 14. What can I bring to your organisation? A practical approach, as one who has always got her ‘hands dirty’, not only can I offer advice/strategy, I can actually do it Playing Devil’s Advocate to ensure that all options have been considered Someone else to bounce ideas off / sounding board On-going support. I am available at almost any time (though I do need to sleep sometimes) Experience with a wide range of businesses and types of people  Trainer for over 30 years  Sales and marketing for over 20 years  Coaching for over 5 years Passion. I always endeavour to over deliver and have great pride in my work Fun. If you cant enjoy yourself - whats the point? | |
  15. 15. www.jacquimalpass.comjacqui@jacquimalpass.com07862 260095