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Success stories lla 2012


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Slide Presentation from Success Stories from when collaboration occurs in your library. Presented at Louisiana Library Association March 2012

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Success stories lla 2012

  1. 1. Success Storiesfrom when Collaborating Occurs in YourLibrary
  2. 2. Project Web• Think of a project, event, or task you worked on in the past or are currently working on.• Who do you need to collaborate with to get the project completed and what is their role.• Use the graphic organizer below to demonstrate the collaboration.
  3. 3. Success from Collaboration• Why this presentation?• Often when collaboration is written or spoken about in libraries it involves units outside the library• This is to remind everyone that great things can be accomplished by working within the library regardless of many other obstacles
  4. 4. Definition• working together• the act of helping an enemycollaboration. (2004). In Dictionary of Politics and Government. Retrieved from
  5. 5. A quick history• Post Katrina, the original library structure has been uninhabitable• Since Katrina the library and it’s staff have occupied: o 1 trailer o 1 trailer and a ¼ of a trailer o 3 trailers o 1 room and a closet o 1 room and a closet and a semi-permanent home
  6. 6. Changes post Katrina• There were retirements• There were budget cuts• There was new staff• Trailer or not we had big plans• We knew what we needed to do• We just needed to make it happen
  7. 7. Always the optimists• Understaffed• Day to day library operations are tiring and time consuming• We had 3 trailers, finally some space• We still had big ideas and plans• We had great intentions THEN
  8. 8. We are not feeling so well• For several months there were health complaints• Eventually there was testing• MOLD• All the trailers except 1 needed remediation
  9. 9. Homeless• The Director, the System Administrator and the Public Services staff were homeless• Where could we go?• Our only option: 1 room and a closet
  10. 10. One room and a closet• The Director, the Systems Administrator and the Public Services staff moved in with Tech Services• We all shared 1 room and a closet• We brought our Reserve Collection with us and that was it• We had very limited space for students• Most of us worked at lab tables BUT we finally had the staff in the same place and the time to communicate with one another
  11. 11. Separated by a Wall• Being a cataloger and a computer person we kind of spoke the same language• Somehow in a conversation we discussed how bad the user data was in Workflows and how we used to do user loads when we had a friend in IT• And then…
  12. 12. User Load Magic• Together we looked at the LOUIS documentation on how to do a user load• Parts of it was gibberish to each of us• Collectively we were able to make sense of it• We did a test load and then a real load• It was…
  13. 13. A Joyful Occasion
  14. 14. Continued Success• We realized there were many more things we could change for the better• A listserv discussion on Shibboleth passwords, EZproxy…..
  15. 15. Crawl, Walk, Run….!• 4 Database logins existed based on the provider• A monthly brochure was emailed to faculty, staff and students with access information• A student intranet was created to provide anytime, anywhere access to logon information• With the implementation of EZproxy, a single logon was created!
  16. 16. Power of the Web• Collaboration promoted the design and development of a Library website• Collaboration led to an understanding of the goals and objectives of the library• The new site provided both information and interactivity
  17. 17. User Friendly Interactivity Ask a Librarian Document Delivery
  18. 18. User Friendly InteractivitySelf-paced Web Tutorials Library Collaboration Site
  19. 19. User Friendly InteractivityStudy-room reservations Library Intranet
  20. 20. User Friendly Interactivity Incident Tracking Library Forum
  21. 21. LLA Conference Collaboration• Webex made it possible to collaborate on this presentation with sound, video and document sharing
  22. 22. Collaboration tools• Since everything is always changing• Don’t forget these tools: o Google Docs o Free trial uses of software such as webex o Meebo/Instant Message software o Your colleagues
  23. 23. Lets hear from you• Does anyone want to share your project web?• Questions?
  24. 24. Contact us: Rosalind T. ChesterWeb Manager / Multimedia Specialist School of Liberal Arts Tulane University 102 Newcomb Hall New Orleans, LA 70118 504.862.3044 Laurie Gaillard Catalog Librarian Southern University at New Orleans 6400 Press Drive New Orleans, LA 70126 504-286-5364 Jacquie Keleher Reference LibrarianSouthern University at New Orleans 6400 Press Drive New Orleans, LA 70126 504-286-5365