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Tahoe's 8 World Gateway Proposal


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This is the PPT version of the booklet, explaining the value of Lake Tahoe hosting 8 interlinked GeoCenters that host visitors to geotourism adventures from wherever they are in the basin - ensuring Tahoe' brand associates with 4-seasons of stewardship activities that preserve lake clarity and long term prosperity. Happy and willing to present on how to achieve this. Jacquie 775 298-2333

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Tahoe's 8 World Gateway Proposal

  1. 1. “The health of the land and the health of the people are tied together, and what happens to the land also happens to the people. When the land suffers so too are the people.” A. B. W. Wallace, former chairman of the Washoe Tribe
  2. 2. According to TERC and the TRPA; restoration, EIP and mitigation measures will not be effective, successful or sustainable without visitor and resident education and participation.