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Tahoe Expo 2012 report


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The power of collaboration and TriNomics to demonstrate Lake Tahoe's future prosperity

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Tahoe Expo 2012 report

  1. 1. 2012TahoeExpo Report“This was our first visit to Lake Tahoe, and we were glad we experienced it the"right" way. The tour opened our eyes to birds we never encountered before andbear tracks we would never have spotted on our own, and it made us aware ofthe nature and importance of conservation efforts. We live too far away to comeevery year, but if we ever get near Lake Tahoe again, well certainly look for moreactivities/exhibitions etc. by Sustainable Lake Tahoe. We wish you well for TahoeExpo 2013!” Jens and Jenny Happe, New Westminster, B.C.Additional Expo participant feedback from survey: RE: Green Home – Growing Dome GREEN “About Scott Terrels green home, it gives us all an incentive to reduce our foot print and he offered to help answer any questions along the way. The growing dome was awesome, great that it provides food for Project Mana, and I am encouraged to have my own dome.” RE: Fly Fishing “We learned about the catch and release program in the Tahoe Basin. Also the fundamentals of fly fishing. I had a fly rod and reel and now my wife is hooked.”Participant Feedback highlights from 2012 Expo: 1) Adventures 90% found the Tracks informative, 66% thought fun 33% exciting and 33% a bargain! 2) Lunch! People really enjoyed and appreciated a lunch that was organic, healthy, local and tasty. (but maybe include a few extra gluten-free meals) 3) Guides! Adventure track guides were on many peoples "Expo favorites" list. 4) Adventure Track Themes/Variety! Wildlife viewing and Green Home Growing Dome - esp. popular.  Most People generally didnt come to Tahoe specifically for the Expo.  Age ranged from 19-68 years.  All respondents are planning to attend Expo 2013 if the conditions are right.  Most popular ideas for 2013 Adventure Tracks: River Rafting, Top to Tunnel, Medicine Plant Crawl.  Request for more "green" technology’ homes to inspire more carbon reduction.Suggestions to improve for Expo 2013: 1) Create more Expo awareness: Most people found out about the Expo coincidentally (Oakland newspaper, word-of-mouth, on the web while looking for a weekend activity) 2) Promoting STs mission. People werent sure how the adventure tracks were relevant to STs mission. 3) Better scout and rate the hikes. Some felt bear and river hike too strenuous to be a "moderate" hike. 4) Add in more aspects of wildlife. Sustainable Tahoe PO 3206 Incline Village NV 89450 775 846-1715
  2. 2. 2012TahoeExpo Report63 NGO’s, Agencies and Business (plus 45 volunteers) collaborated to host, support and sponsor a 150-milegeotourism showcase (from South Lake to Pyramid Lake), demonstrating a prosperity model for the entireTahoe/Reno (non-profit NGO’s) 1. Bear League .com (business) 2. Explore Tahoe 3. Growing Dome 1. Adrift Tahoe 4. Maritime Museum 2. Barton Health 5. Mustang Preservation League 3. Bike the West 6. Nation Conservancy 4. Crystal Range Assoc 7. No Bear Hunt 5. Embassy Suites 8. Paiute Tribe 6. Envirorents 9. Parasol Foundation 7. Eventbrite 10. Shakespeare 8. Farmers Insurance 11. Sugar Pine Foundation 9. Fly Fishing S Lake Tahoe 12. Tahoe Env. Resource Ctr 10. Full Moon Cafe 13. Tahoe Inst. Natural Science 11. Grass Roots 14. Tahoe Resource Cnsv Dist 12. Guitarfish 15. Undersea Voyager Project 13. JMA Properties 14. Horizon (Agencies/Edu) 15. In Your Face Printing 1. CA Parks 16. Kahle Productions 2. CA Tahoe Conservation 17. Kayak Tahoe 3. City South Lake Tahoe 18. Obexers Marina 4. NV Parks 19. Obexers Market 5. Tahoe City Marina 20. Olympic Bike Shop 6. Tahoe Regional Cnsv Dist 21. PDQ Market 7. Tahoe Regional Plan Agency 22. Pet Projekt 8. Tahoe Transportation District 23. Recreational Equipment 9. Truckee Pubic School 24. Redwood Printing 10. UC Davis 25. Reno Limo 11. United States Forest Service 26. Sanctuary 12. Tahoe City Public Utility Dist. 27. Sand Harbor Sports 28. Solar times 29. Sonny Boys Tours 30. South Tahoe SUP 31. Svadhyaya Yoga 32. Tahoe City Kayak 33. Tahoe Paddle and Oar 34. Tahoe Quarterly 35. US Bank Sustainable Tahoe PO 3206 Incline Village NV 89450 775 846-1715
  3. 3. 2012TahoeExpo Report“Adventure Track“ example of TriNomic TM collaboration: 2012 ‘Marsh to Meadow’ geotourism Adventure Track Each agency, organization and business contributed to this geotourism Adventure Track. The guided Track increased visitors connection and understanding of the critical stewardship work being done by local orgs and agencies + local business who lead by example, all while reducing their carbon impact !1) .Org: Tahoe Conservation Resource District guides the kayakers into upper Truckee River2) .Org: Tahoe Conservancy provides access to rim of marsh3) .Gov: USFS provided access and guides to a meadow restoration4) .Com: Kayak Tahoe provided equipment (kayaks)5) .Com: Reno Tahoe Limo provided transit (shuttle - reducing VMT’s )6) .Com: Grassroots provided local organic lunch (used local produce and compostable wrapping) / agencies allow access to sensitive areas if guided by .orgstewards to ensure protections, while .com businesses provideequipment (shuttles, kayaks, lunch, etc). This buildsstewardship while giving visitors more reasons to:  Stay longer  Return sooner  Migrate stories that increase demand for the area The Expo demonstrates a TriNomic TM model (diagram to right) of collaboration to create, motivate and ensure: 21st century tourism menu where restoration efforts are successful and sustainable. Sustainable Tahoe PO 3206 Incline Village NV 89450 775 846-1715