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StartupChicks_Buyer Persona Presenation


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Presentation given at the StartupChicks accelerator program marketing + technology day.

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StartupChicks_Buyer Persona Presenation

  1. 1. Why You Need to DevelopBuyer Personas
  2. 2. ©2013 iFusion Marketing LLCHow do I gettraffic to mysite?My MVP is live.How do I getthe word out?Facebook,Tumblr orTwitter?What do Iblogabout?Do I needa mobileapp?How do I getmorecustomers?
  3. 3. Buyer PersonasRoles, Goals CompetitionBarriers Online behaviorImplications Industry IssuesConstraints CustomersWin ThemesWhere product capabilities andaudience needs intersectPositioning PillarsWhat would a product capability thatmet a certain need differentiate yourcompany?Mission, Values, Tag-lineBig Idea/Positioning Statement• MarketingChannels• MarketingProgramsKey Words/PhrasesMessagingMarketingprogram levelSalespresentationsSales collateralWhite papersScripts• Blog• EditorialThemes• Web Pages• LandingPages• MicrositesMessage Architecture©2013 iFusion Marketing LLC
  4. 4. Buyer PersonaResult ofqualitative andexperientialanalysis1Tells you why andhow yourrepresentativecustomer buysyour product2Extension ofcustomerdiscovery3©2013 iFusion Marketing LLC
  5. 5. Buyer PersonaDemographics: characteristics of a group ofpeople such as gender, race, income, etc.Geography: The geographical location of a group ofpeople.Psychographics: Personality traits, lifestyles,values, interests, attitudes, motivations, etc.Behavioral: Usage rate, usage pattern.Socialgraphics: online behavior, tech aptitudeand relationships©2013 iFusion Marketing LLC
  6. 6. A REAL WORLD EXAMPLE©2013 iFusion Marketing LLC
  7. 7. ©2013 iFusion Marketing LLCDesign, Engineer + Produce Ultra-Light,Ultra-Thin + Flexible Large Format LEDDisplays
  8. 8. MotivationsMotivations Retailers ArchitecturalFirmsAV integrators/consultantsEnhances brand image XEnhances consumer experience XAdditional merchandising opportunity;increase salesXEnvironmental benefit X XExpand creative possibilities X XMeets clients’ technical specifications X XMeets clients’ budget XAble to achieve favorable margin XProvider is credible X X X
  9. 9. Deidre, Merchandising VPDeidre is 32 years old, ambitious andenergetic. In her role as the vice president ofmerchandising at a women’s apparel brand withretail stores across the country, she isresponsible for merchandising and signage inthe company’s stores.As a rising star in her company, she is alwayslooking for new ways to engage customers andincrease YoY store sales.Recently, her team has stepped up collaboration with the ecommerceteam as part of the company’s omnichannel strategy. Deidre ishighly social media savvy and her Android device is her lifeline toher office and her family and friends.Deidre is a fashionista and enjoys shopping with her friends onweekends. She is an ardent baker and the Food Network is herfavorite channel….©2013 iFusion Marketing LLC
  10. 10. David, AV ConsultantDavid is 40 years old and is a lead consultant atnational integration and consulting firm with a Inc.500 and Fortune 1000 client base. He is an avidtech and gadget geek in his personal life but iscautious and conservative when evaluating newtechnologies to recommend his clients.His priorities are to design solutions that are surethings and that are on budget. His successful trackrecord has him on the partner track at the firm.David is a father of three young children and is an avid game hunterand Star Trek fan. He is a member of the NRA and subscribes toWired magazine. David is active on industry forums but does notparticipate in Linkedin groups from lack of time. He is a regularspeaker at industry conferences.©2013 iFusion Marketing LLC
  11. 11. Quick Translation:Brand EssencePillarPillarPillarPillarKeyMessagesInnovationPerformanceServiceQualityImmersive VisualExperiences©2013 iFusion Marketing LLC
  12. 12. ©2013 iFusion Marketing LLCFlexible doesn’t just describe the waywe work, it’s in our product’s DNA.Your Brand Displayed Brilliantly.Anywhere.
  13. 13. ANOTHER EXAMPLE©2013 iFusion Marketing LLC
  14. 14. Company makesthumbstick extenders forXBOX and PS3controllers.
  15. 15. Jon, hardcore gamerJon is 22 years old, single and plays FPSgames for an average of 15 hours a week. Heexclusively plays FPS games on the Xbox andregularly competes against others acrossthe globe. Jon is competitive and enjoys thechallenge of competing and beating hisopponents online.He follows the pro-gaming lifestyle and circuitand aspires to it.©2013 iFusion Marketing LLCHis hobbies are skate-boarding and competing in BMX bike races.He also creates in-game tutorials for his favorite titles and poststhem on YouTube and where he has a sizeable following.Jon currently works at a car rental company and is in theirmanagement trainee program.
  16. 16. Chris, avid gamerChris is 33 years old, engaged and holds abachelors degree from UNC, Chapel Hill. Heplayed FPS games extensively in college butwith a career as an network manager at aregional hospital system, his schedule doesn’tpermit him to play as frequently.He averages 4-5 hours of game play per weekand enjoys playing against his friends online oragainst the game itself. Gaming makes himfeel youthful and carefree.©2013 iFusion Marketing LLCHe has no problem purchasing accessories that would help himimprove his game. And when the latest version of his favorite gamesare released, Chris pre-orders it online and spends the firstweekend of its release playing the game.Chris also enjoys the in-game videos and tutorials on YouTubeand engages in that channel but does not produce content.anyhimself.
  17. 17. ©2013 iFusion Marketing LLCCommunity of 200,000+ fans who create, exchange and share contentabout KontrolFreek’s brand, across forums and social networks.Responsible for400 percentgrowth 2010 to2011
  18. 18. PERSONAS – HANDS ON©2013 iFusion Marketing LLC
  19. 19. Components in a Persona1. Name and Title – include job history, role [influencer, decision-maker, specifier, check-writer, etc.]2. Demographics/Geo - age, gender, location3. Psychographics – family life, likes and dislikes, location inadoption curve (i.e. innovator, early adopter, early majority,late majority as it pertains to a comparable product). Hobbies,media consumption - what type, how often? Favorite shows,magazines, industry figures, assn. Barriers to adopting yourproduct? Motivations for buying your product.4. Socialgraphics – What do they do online, how often?Who/what do that trust online?5. Favorite websites.6. Goals when working with a vendor/brand? Price, service,speed?7. Want and need statements as they pertain to your product.©2013 iFusion Marketing LLC
  20. 20. Questions?Jacqui Chew@jacquichew | @LAUNCHAID©2013 iFusion Marketing LLC