Integrated Marketing for Start-ups and Small Businesses


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Presented at the Social Media Integration Conference at Kennesaw State University in Kennesaw, GA - Sept 2011

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  • Ask audience to participate.
  • IMC is most commonly associated with the use of multiple marketing tactics to achieve a marketing objective.
  • And to be effective marketers have to 1 Set goals based on the businesses USP 2. Develop a consistent and coherent brand image, key messages that will Permeate the communications strategy for owned media such as corp website, newsletter, linkedin profile etc. 3. And develop creative and campaigns containing these messages that will be the focus of paid media (ads, DM) and earned media garnered through PR, reviews.So the effect can be likend to this….
  • Where all tactics have consistent messaging and the everyone in this case has matching outfits. So we’re done right?What are we forgetting?
  • We’re forgetting the most important thing for marketers, Our customers Before deciding on which tactics,Before developing our messaging We need to understand our customers, how they perceive our competition and how we can position our value proposition to them.
  • Persona developmentThere are 5 aspects in any persona Physical characteristicsWhere they can be foundTheir attitudes, perceptions and valuesHow they interact with your product IRL + online…e.giPad is very awkward on your lap or w/out a cover that props it up on the table. So commercials show them in these scenarios. e.g. Sharpie – celebrity only. Not artists and hobbyists.Their online behavior. Who are they influenced by? Which sites do they trust? In relation to your product /service. Develop personas – composites of your buyer segments. b2b has user personas and buyer personasB2c has user personas
  • Now ready to create campaigns, monitor + measure and optimize
  • Ask audience to participate.
  • Personalized postcards w/ pURLs are sent out to customersCustomers receive postcard – some respond to the pURL, some don’tpURL captures all response actions and updates customer data listBased on response actions captured, a personalized email is triggered and sent to those who did not respond. Email invites them to the same pURL.
  • Postcard/email are highly personalized to each customerSpeaks to the customer as an individual & offers appeals to their personal needsInvitation to visit pURL to redeem coupons for free oil change and other discountsA reminder email (same offer and graphics) is scheduled to go out to those who don’t respond in 3 days
  • Customers who respond arrive at their personalized landing site (pURL)Customers are asked to confirm / update their personal dataAn personalized audio clip (announcing their name) provides instructionsCustomers then enter code (found on the email or postcard) to redeem coupons
  • Customers are provided with a list of coupons for a free oil change a various discountsEach offer is designed to capture more data about the customer. Based on their selection:Find out the state of condition the car is in (e.g. mileage)Day of time they prefer to schedule serviceDo they own more than one Nissan carEtc…
  • Editorial themes + calendarFed through channels Chris Brogan calls outposts + I call virtual water coolers. CEO is a nationally renown speaker and makes appearances at conferences
  • Integrated Marketing for Start-ups and Small Businesses

    1. 1. Integrated Marketingfor Startups + Micro-Businesses #SMIATLIM<br />Integrated Marketing for Start-Ups and Micro-Businesses<br />by Jacqui Chew<br />@jacquichew/ @iFusionMktg<br /><br />
    2. 2. ©2011 iFusion Marketing LLC<br />Concepts & Constructs<br />Case Studies<br />Questions<br />
    3. 3. When it all started…<br />©2011 iFusion Marketing LLC<br />
    4. 4. Better Brand Recognition<br />Photo credit:<br />
    5. 5. ©2011 iFusion Marketing LLC<br />Better Brand Recognition<br />Photo credit:<br />
    6. 6. ©2011 iFusion Marketing LLC<br />Better Brand <br />Credibility<br />
    7. 7. ©2011 iFusion Marketing LLC<br />Better Profitability<br />
    8. 8. ©2011 iFusion Marketing LLC<br />More Competitive<br />
    9. 9. What is Integrated Marketing?<br />©2011 iFusion Marketing LLC<br />
    10. 10. Marketing Tactics<br />
    11. 11. Common Practice<br />Creative <br />Planning <br />3<br />Brand Identity/<br />Message Dev<br />2<br />Marketing Tactics<br />Goal Setting <br />based on<br /> Unique Value <br />Proposition<br />1<br />Communication<br /> Planning<br />2<br />Media<br /> Planning<br />3<br />
    12. 12. ©2008 iFusion Marketing LLC<br />Or is it?<br />Consistent branding and messaging across tactics. Or is there more to it?<br />
    13. 13. IMC = Customer-Centric Marketing<br />Creative <br />Planning <br />Competitors<br />Brand Identity/<br />Message Dev<br />Marketing Tactics<br />Customers<br />Goal Setting <br />based on<br /> Unique Value <br />Proposition<br />Communication<br /> Planning<br />Company<br />Media<br /> Planning<br />
    14. 14. Start with Developing Personas<br />©2008 iFusion Marketing LLC<br />
    15. 15. Encourage the Right User Behavior<br />©2011 iFusion Marketing LLC<br />iPad ads focus on content consumption and very rarely show users typing. <br />Reason: typing is awkward and uncomfortable; a design flaw<br />
    16. 16. Encourage the Right User Behavior<br />©2011 iFusion Marketing LLC<br />Lamborghini Gallardo<br />Base Price: $201,000<br />
    17. 17. Match Persona to Channels<br />©2011 iFusion Marketing LLC<br />Advertising<br /><ul><li>OOH
    18. 18. Online</li></ul>Marie Claire<br />Glamour<br />Promotions<br /><ul><li>Facebook
    19. 19. Brand </li></ul>partnerships<br />Michelle B.<br /><ul><li>Single, 28 year-old paralegal in Minneapolis
    20. 20. Annual income: $49,000
    21. 21. Spends ~ $5,000/year on clothes
    22. 22. Fashion current
    23. 23. Prefers variety over quality
    24. 24. Enjoys bargain shopping with friends
    25. 25. Go-to fashion advisor
    26. 26. Price points: $25 - $75/piece
    27. 27. Active Facebook user; inclined to be vocal about customer service
    28. 28. Very tech savvy; watches no TV</li></ul>PR<br /><ul><li>Similar </li></ul>media list<br /><ul><li>Product </li></ul>reviews<br />Social<br /><ul><li>Blogger </li></ul>Outreach<br /><ul><li>Co-creation</li></ul> via <br /><ul><li>Facebook</li></ul>Mobile<br /><ul><li>Flash sales</li></li></ul><li>Match Persona to Channels<br />©2011 iFusion Marketing LLC<br />Advertising<br /><ul><li>OOH
    29. 29. Print</li></ul>Elle<br />Simple<br />(QR Code)<br />Promotions<br /><ul><li>Partner </li></ul>w/ magazines<br /><ul><li>Brand </li></ul>partnerships<br />Janet M.<br /><ul><li>42 year-old tax consultant in New York City
    30. 30. Mom w/ 2 kids
    31. 31. Annual income: $125,000
    32. 32. Spends ~ $7,000/year on clothes
    33. 33. Likes to be fashion current
    34. 34. Prefers quality over quantity
    35. 35. Buys a few pieces each season to update wardrobe
    36. 36. Price points: $50 - $100 per piece
    37. 37. Uses Facebook to connect with family
    38. 38. Watches certain TV dramas
    39. 39. Moderately tech savvy</li></ul>PR<br /><ul><li>Similar </li></ul>media list<br /><ul><li>Product </li></ul>reviews<br />Social<br /><ul><li>Facebook</li></ul> offers <br />Mobile<br /><ul><li>Mobile</li></ul> coupons<br /><ul><li>QR code-centric</li></ul> contests<br /> in OOH<br />
    40. 40. ©2011 iFusion Marketing LLC<br />Customer-Centric IMC Virtuous Cycle<br />Ongoing Monitoring<br />Ongoing Monitoring<br />
    41. 41. Case Studies<br />©2011 iFusion Marketing LLC<br />
    42. 42. Case Study #1Direct Response w/ purl<br />©2011 iFusion Marketing LLC<br />
    43. 43. Case Study: Nissan Dealership<br /><ul><li>Target Audience: 4850 customers (not visited dealership for > 24 months)
    44. 44. Objective: motivate customers to schedule service appointment
    45. 45. Offer: free oil change/discounted rates</li></ul>©2011 iFusion Marketing LLC<br />
    46. 46. Campaign Elements<br />©2011 iFusion Marketing LLC<br />1<br />4<br />Customers<br />3<br />2<br />
    47. 47. The Postcard<br />©2011 iFusion Marketing LLC<br />
    48. 48. The pURL<br />©2011 iFusion Marketing LLC<br />
    49. 49. The Offer<br />©2011 iFusion Marketing LLC<br />
    50. 50. The Results<br /><ul><li>Sent:
    51. 51. 4850 (postcards)
    52. 52. 3089 (emails)
    53. 53. Visited pURL: 161
    54. 54. Appointments made: 61 (first 2 weeks)
    55. 55. 35.6% of those who visited pURL scheduled an appointment
    56. 56. Total revenue generated from parts/labor sales:
    57. 57. If last visit > 9 months - $27,878 (655% ROI)
    58. 58. If last visit >12 months - $19,882 (467% ROI)</li></ul>Total ROI > 485%<br />©2011 iFusion Marketing LLC<br />
    59. 59. Best Practices<br />Plan who, what channels, which offers + how to capture response<br />Relevant Message/Offer<br />Test different offers<br />Follow up reminder emails sent to non-responders 3 days after postcard drop<br />Track and Reporting response actions<br />Enhancements?<br />
    60. 60. Add-Ons<br />Satisfaction survey sent after service visit<br />All who completed pURL but didn’t schedule visited should be invited via email to join social community, newsletter list etc. <br />All who completed pURL should be entered to a nurture campaign<br />What else?<br />
    61. 61. Case study #2integrated digital<br />©2011 iFusion Marketing LLC<br />
    62. 62. ©2011 iFusion Marketing LLC<br /><ul><li>Target Audience: males 18 – 32 (hardcore – avid gamers w/ 10 – 25 hrs/wk); competitive, internet savvy and top 15% are content creators
    63. 63. Objective: increase traffic and sales conversions
    64. 64. Strategy: draft off game publishers’ media spend and utilize contest and promotions to build community + database</li></li></ul><li>The 6-Month Game Plan<br />©2011 iFusion Marketing LLC<br />
    65. 65. Results <br />©2011 iFusion Marketing LLC<br />
    66. 66. Case study #3B2B Content Marketing<br />©2011 iFusion Marketing LLC<br />
    67. 67. ©2011 iFusion Marketing LLC<br /><ul><li>Target Audience: supply chain executives, plant managers
    68. 68. Objective: </li></ul>Drive traffic, engagement and conversions<br /><ul><li>Strategy:content marketing</li></li></ul><li>Content Marketing <br />©2011 iFusion Marketing LLC<br />1<br />engagement<br />content assets<br />influencers<br />channels<br />i<br />2<br />engagement<br />end users<br />economic buyers<br />online<br />offline<br />3<br />speaking engagements<br />
    69. 69. Results<br />
    70. 70. Connect with me:<br />@jacquichew @iFusionMktg<br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br />©2010 iFusion Marketing LLC<br />