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5 reasons-why-facebook-is-important-to-small-business


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5 reasons-why-facebook-is-important-to-small-business

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  2. 2. Social media marketing is all the rage, but will your business improve byhaving a Facebook page? Is it worth the already limited time and resourcesyou have? We think so. Here’s why.First, of the top social network platforms like Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+ and Foursquare, Facebook is by far themost popular based on sheer number of users. According to its recent SEC filing, Facebook is now a social medianetwork boasting more than 900 million monthly active users, 526 million of whom visit the site daily. Pretty impressiveaudience – not to mention, a really active one – don’t you think? So, by numbers alone, it’s hard not to give Facebooka try.Let’s look past all the nonsensical status updates that drive us crazy. You know, the ones that announce, “I’m finally offwork! Now off to the grocery store, then the gym, dinner and bed.” Instead, focus on the people behind the updates.On Facebook, you will find a community of existing and potential customers and clients, up close and personal. Thesepeople are an important source for growing your business and probably the best advocates – as long as you stay intouch and keep them happy. After all, happy customers and clients equal referrals to new happy customers and clients,right?Not convinced yet? Here are five more reasons why your small business shouldbe on Facebook.1 Build loyalty and deepen relationships Facebook is a personalized platform where people share their likes, interests and activities, and having a business Facebook page lets you interact with prospects and customers by sharing news, photos and videos. When someone decides to visit you on Facebook and “like” your page or comment on a post, they are showingthat they want a relationship with your company. These are the people who could potentially create great word-of-mouth referrals to their friends. With all this personalinformation exchanged regarding likes and interests, youcan create exclusive, personalized marketing campaigns(like promotions, deals and events) to groups of peoplebased on specific interests that are relevant to yourbusiness.For instance: A patron eating at a restaurant loves hermeal. She posts to Facebook about how great it is andthat message is exposed to her 200 friends via the newsfeed. That’s potentially 200 people that the restaurant canget in front of with no marketing dollars spent. follow us 1
  3. 3. 5 reasons why facebook is important to small business2 Generate awareness and increase word of mouth While you’re making new connections and deepening existing relationships on Facebook, you are also automatically generating awareness for your business free of charge. How? Every user’s action is recorded on Facebook and has a possibility of being published to the news feed for the world to see. So anytimepeople “like” your page and/or any of your posts, this action could get published to hundreds, if not thousands, of theirfriends. So go out there and promote your great content, new product/service launches, special offers and events.Every post is an opportunity to get in front of tons of new eyeballs.For instance: That same patron posted to her 200 friends, andof those people who saw it live commented on the post: “Great Great place! I lovedplace!,” “I loved it too!” It just happens that collectively all of it too!those people had 5,000 friends who could be exposed to theircomments and possibly generate even more buzz, and still nomarketing dollars spent. 57% female/ 43% male 250 million 425 million users by mobile gender photos are Average of 20 Facebook uploaded daily Facebook minutes timeaverages 2.7 billion users spent on “likes” every day Facebook per visit Facebook Facts: From “10 Things You Need To Know About Facebook Right Now” compiled by AllFacebook, The Unofficial Facebook Blog3 Increase traffic and sales Facebook allows people to share products and services they like and have purchased (such as yours) with all their Facebook friends. This is a strong driver of traffic to your Facebook page. You can also drive more traffic to your website with Facebook-friendly applications, such as Foursquare, that allow people to share whenthey physically visit your store (known as “checking in”), as well as share when they make purchases online or “like”special offers or deals you are promoting. There is no better product or service endorsement than the proof that yourfriends have actually bought it, used it or liked it.For instance: That same patron “checks in” using an app likeFoursquare. It gets posted to Facebook and all of her friendsnow know where she is and what she might be eating. follow us 2
  4. 4. 5 reasons why facebook is important to small business4 Gather valuable marketing information Facebook lets you learn how customers interact with your page and posts thanks to Facebook Insights. This handy free analytics package, built into the Facebook admin interface, allows you to dig deeper into your Facebook fan base, like a demographic breakdown of the types of people who like your business and whatthey are specifically interested in. You can also gather the results of survey questions, photo and video posts, andother data to understand more about the content your Facebook followers enjoy so you can create more of what works.For instance: The restaurant owner sees that when they postthe menu for BBQ Wednesdays they get a ton of Facebooklikes and mentions compared to other types of content. Theyalso know, thanks to Facebook Insights, that most of theirPage “likers” are men who are over 45 years old. Since they’re Facebook Insights Helps Youappealing to an older crowd, they tailor their BBQ price points Determine Your Facebook Audienceupwards and include a drink with the meal to increase theperceived value of the dish. 88% believe 19% use Facebook, exposure is the 15% LinkedIn, 4% Twitter and 15% “other,” while biggest benefit 53% of 47% report not using 78% of small businesses social media for business executives business purposes are using social media surveyed say at all social media is critical for success Small Business Social Networking Stats: From “99 New Social Media Stats for 2012” compiled by The Social Skinny and “ Small Business and Social Media” by CreditDonkey5 Develop new products and ideas Since your customers can be your greatest advocates, why not use them to generate new ideas? Most everyone has an opinion they would like to share with companies they do business with (whether you want to hear it or not). Facebook is perfect for this. You can ask questions, post “R&D” photos and solicit feedback,or do a quick survey. Not only will you find some great new ideas, you also get another opportunity to show yourcustomers that you value what they have to say and have their best interests in mind.For instance: The restaurant owner thinks that I love brunch!Sunday brunch is a complete waste of time and BRUNCH! YES!money, but his employees feel differently. He asksthe question on Facebook and gets an overwhelming Yes please!response that the customers want brunch! He decidesto offer brunch the following month and get the word Should we start serving weekend brunch?out using a Facebook Event to all of his fans.Have we convinced you that Facebook is no fad? Great! For more Facebook ideas andtips, check out the VerticalResponse Marketing Blog. follow us 3