Jaki Hale: Creative Portfolio


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Hi, view my portfolio and enjoy! Like what you see? Check out more about me at my website www.heresjaki.com!

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Jaki Hale: Creative Portfolio

  1. 1. AdvertisingI designed this ad with aclean layout and a whitebackground to give theeye-catching visual cen-ter stage. I also felt thatthis modern style providedan appropriate voice for amodern cleaning item. WhileI wanted to draw the viewerto the tag line at the bottomof the page I did not wantthe words to shout becausethey said it all, even with awhisper.Gold Addy and JudgesChoice, 2011
  2. 2. AdvertisingThese ads were created to position JCP directlyagainst other department stores and were used inthe first phase of the JCP campaign.Ads like these were designed to break away fromthe traditional department store advertisement feel.White space gives the ads a lofty, light element andbreaks through the clutter. The signature, for theWhat You Want tag line, adds an artistic edge thatpositioned JCP as a brand with class.
  3. 3. AdvertisingAds like these were designed for the second phase of theJCP campaign. This part of the campaign was meant tocontinue to break through the clutter and grow frequencyto gain clients.
  4. 4. Digital
  5. 5. Advertising I chose to use black and white in this campaign to give emphasis to the unusual aspects of the, otherwise usual, portraits. I also chose fonts and colors with attitude to ap- peal to the young adult and match the interest- ing sense of humor the campaign embodies. Bronze Addy, 2011 There is a bettersolution
  6. 6. Digital
  7. 7. Advertising I used bent visuals in this campaign to catch the attention of the youngathlete. Bright and bold colors also add to the personality of this campaign while also showcasing the idea of standing out with compleetly customizeable shoes.BRE AKFrom The Herd The Pack
  8. 8. Advertising Beautiful, bold images point to the bent headlines in these ads. The crisp contrast in the photos creates ayour dog clean, fresh feeling to compliment the brand identity and drive the message home. For a youthful wash Ponce de Leon didnt find it but your clothes have For a youthful wash
  9. 9. Advertising hoesT e e swill seher vN ke it amuptown I wanted to create a feeling of discomfort in this ad to produce a complimentary voice for the headline. I achieved this eerie feeling by putting emphasis and weight on the top of the page and cocking the headline on the battered background.
  10. 10. Posters Af ter Dark ic Dis tict At the Park Histor 7:30 p.m. wn Zeena r 15 @ e Octobe tate Avenu 652 S o 60 istict . oric D Downt .m wn Zeena Hist @ 12:00 p er 22 venue Novemb tate A S 60652 o DowntThese posters were to promote community activities inDowntown Zeena, a historic district. I experimented withusing many font faces and bright colors to give a funkyflare to a modern look that was inspiring enough to makeheads turn and ears listen.
  11. 11. AdvertisingThis ad was designed topose a question with abent image and infer aclever answer with theheadline.I used contrast to drawthe eye first to the cone,allowing curiosity todraw the eye over tothe clever headline.Silver Addy, 2011