A Media Plan For Steven Seagal: Lawman


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A final project for Comm 420: Media Planning

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A Media Plan For Steven Seagal: Lawman

  1. 1. A Media Plan for Steven Seagal: Lawman Jackie Calder Michael Crimmins Rachel Ellis Pat Fyock Kevin JacobsenComm 422: Media Planning 1April 28, 2010
  2. 2. Table of Contents Executive Summary…3 Situation Analysis…4 Communication Strategy…11 Creative Executions…13Media Objectives and Rationales…14 Media Integration Plan…16Media Selection and Flowchart…19 References…23 2
  3. 3. Executive SummaryE3: Entertain, Engage, Experience.Our three-pronged integrated marketing strategyaims to highlight the attributes of Steven Seagal:Lawman, which differentiate the series from othershows in the same genre.Through advertising and non-traditional promotional events, our strategy demonstrates thatLawman more than just entertains, but engages viewers and creates an experience that cannot befound elsewhere.A&E viewers are “The Leanforwards”; those who do not watch television to sit back and relax, butrather seek entertainment that enables them to engage in the shows they watch. Our E3 campaignaims to reach the target audience, retain existing viewers, while increasing ratings and growingviewership. 3
  4. 4. Situation AnalysisCompany and Brand Background A&E, which stands for Arts & Entertainment, is a cable some of the highest rated shows in the channel’s history. In 2009television network that was launched on February 1, 1984. For the A&E merged with the Lifetime channel, making the two brands alarge part of its history, the brand focused on programming that joint venture between The Walt Disney Company, The Hearstincluded biographies, documentaries, and drama series. From 2003 Corporation, and NBC Universal. Today, the most popular programsto 2007 however, A&E began to remove some of its long running on A&E are all reality based, and include the shows Intervention,drama series in favor of reality TV shows such as Dog the Bounty Hoarders, and Steven Seagal: Lawman.Hunter and Criss Angel Mindfreak. Steven Seagal: Lawman is a series that follows the movie In 2008 A&E ushered in a new era, completely redefining star Steven Seagal on his journey through the rough streets ofthe positioning of its brand with a new logo and a new tagline that Jefferson Parish, Louisiana as a deputy sheriff for the local policeread: “Real Life. Real Drama.” The decision to switch primarily to department. According to the show, Seagal has been working as areality programming has been highly successful for A&E, generating police officer unbeknownst to the general public for almost two 4
  5. 5. decades. In an early episode of the show, in one sentence Seagal Lawman, which aired at 10 pm on Thursday’s during thesummed up the reason he is successful as an enforcer of the law: first season, has gone on to become one of A&E’s most successful“When the world is speeding by for others, I see things for what shows. Just days after the second season premiere of Hoarders setthey are” (LA Times, 2009, page 1 para. 2). a new record for premiere ratings for the network, Steven Seagal: Lawman surpassed those ratings with its own premiere. The show Seagal began his police work in Jefferson Parish nearly 20 averaged 3.5 million viewers during the hour show and also boastedyears ago while shooting a movie in the area. The sheriff at the a 2.0 rating in the coveted “adults 18-49” demographic (AOL TV,time, Harry Lee, asked Segal to teach some of his officers a few 2009, para. 2). In this demographic, Lawman yet again set a newmartial arts techniques. The sheriff was so impressed with Seagal’s record for A&E, edging out Hoarders once more.work that he asked the actor to join the force as a cop, marking thebeginning of Seagal’s career as a lawman. Seagal also offers his Off of the success of the first season of Steven Seagal:knowledge as an expert marksman, teaching the art of Zen shooting Lawman, A&E renewed the show for a 16 episode second season.techniques. According to Seagal, "The Zen masters in Zen archery, The first season was filmed during Mardi Gras (AOL TV, 2010, para,they dont pull the arrow. They push the arrow. Its the same with 3). The second season of the series will continue to prove to be athat pistol" (LA Times, 2009, page 3 para. 3). success for A&E. 5
  6. 6. Creative History of the Brand The first season of Lawman premiered on Wednesday, animation from the show with a classic target-practice type of game.December 2nd and proved to be A&E’s most watched original series A&E increases reach to their viewers by online marketing with alaunch for the network at that time. From 10PM to 10:30PM the Facebook page, Twitter, and email updates about the show that arenumber of viewers climbed from 3.4 to 3.6 million. Aside from print sent to viewers per request. On A&E’s website is a group under theand radio ads, Lawman is creatively marketed to the American “Community” tab where members have the ability to postpeople primarily through television and the internet, where one can comments or write blogs about the show and Steven Seagal,find interactive media which allows the viewer to experience the created in September with currently aroung 76 members. A&Eshow through games, a discussion forum and purchasable further boosts awareness of shows similar to Lawman on themerchandise. One can buy the ‘Steven Segal Lawman Limited network by incorporating a suggestion blurb on the site, reading “IfEdition Collector’s Set’ available with 3 Discs (Lawman Season 1 and you like Lawman, you might also like: Gene Simmons’ Family Jewels,Soundtrack, Steven Segal: Sensei martial arts tutorial), and a The First 48, and Crime 360”. Instead of a slogan for the show oncollector’s item “bullet-proof vest.” On the website for Lawman is A&E.com, sounds of helicopters, sirens and dispatchers are loopedthe ‘Firearms Qualifications Test’ game which integrates clips and which aid in capturing the attention of potential viewers. 6
  7. 7. Brand Strengths and WeaknessesStrengths: • Steven Seagal: Lawman was the most-watched original series launch in A&E’s history, with 3.5 million total viewers (2.4 HH rating) and 2.0 million viewers in adults 18-49 and 25-54 • Steven Seagal: Lawman is an established series, while still remaining a moderately recent and fresh series with the potential to attract new viewers • The show boasts celebrity appeal with well-rounded Steven Seagal as the main point of attraction • It is a multi-dimensional program, incorporating more diverse aspects than other shows in the same genre • The existence of a large Steven Seagal fan-baseWeaknesses: • Although a large fan base exists, Steven Seagal is known as an actor and through his movies by mostly older generations • Audiences are less likely to begin watching a show after the first season has already airedBrand Opportunities and ThreatsOpportunities: • With the majority of the A&E viewership being comprised of women, there is opportunity to attract a female audience to Lawman • Appeal to both Seagal’s existing older and younger fan base in order to increase viewershipThreats: • Similar, more established shows of the same genre competing for viewership (COPS, Law and Order, Southland) • Competitors force viewers to make decisions regarding the shows they watch, and how to delegate their television-watching time 7
  8. 8. Target Analysis A&E’s series, Steven Seagal: Lawman, had a total of 3.5 Politically, the target tends to have a “middle of the road”million viewers and 2.0 million viewers in adults ages 18-49 and 25- outlook and tend to be work centered, although fall into the “below54. Through researching the series “COPS”, a comparable television average category” as careful money managers.show on the TRU network, the Lawman target audience can be Furthermore, the target is comprised of adults who are verymore clearly identified. The NCS Spring 2006 and 2007 Surveys from interested in sports; especially the National Football League or NFLthe Simmons database reveal specifics about the audience watching (index 136), anything NASCAR (index 169), and NASCAR racinga similar type of show. (index 173). The target also relies on TV as their main source of The majority of viewers are male, with an index of 114, and entertainment and tend to read ESPN The Magazine (index 146),fall primarily into the age range of 25-54, with an index of 107. Men’s Health (index 150) and Entertainment Weekly (index 113).Although the main demographic is males, women, with an index of Geographically, the focus of the target is on the Midwestern,87, are also considered to be a part of the target market. Southern and Western regions of the country as these regions have In terms of race, with an index of 157, African Americans the highest indexes of 115, 114, and 81.lead compared to Caucasians and those who answered Some OtherRace, whose indexes are 98 and 85, respectively. An index of 111indicates that a majority of the target’s individual employmentincome is between $25,000 and $29,999; the trend indicated aninverse relationship between a high employment income andfrequency of viewing the show. 8
  9. 9. Competitive AnalysisDIRECT COMPETITORS: • Southland (TNT)- Given the same genre and airing on Tuesdays at 10:00 pm, Southland is one of Lawman’s direct competitors. Similar themes and drama are the main TNT, Southland “is a fast-moving drama that will take • competitive points between the two series. According to viewers inside the lives of cops, criminals, victims and COPS (TRU)- This show follows policemen and women their families.” Within the 18-49 demographic, Southland during their patrols, exposing the dramas and conflicts they encounter in their line of work. o Primary Market: 18-49 years old received 1.86 million viewers. o Median age viewer: 46.42 years o Median age viewer: 51.56 years o Viewership: 6.19 million o Total Impressions: 753.89 (000) o Total Impressions: 438.81 (000) o Media dollars spent: 6876.2 (000) • Note: TNT also airs films during other timeslots, potentially retracting viewers from Lawman. • Law and Order (TNT)- Originally airing on NBC in 1990, episodes of Law and Order are now shown on TNT. According to TNT, “Law and Order has become the longest- running drama series in the history of television. This highly • SHOWTIME- A subsidiary of CBS, the network acclaimed, award-winning series received the 1997 Emmy SHOWTIME, as a whole, is a direct competitor of Award for Outstanding Drama Series and is the record Lawman. Programming includes various original series, holder for the most consecutive (nine) nominations in that SHOWTIME movies, and SHOWTIME SPORTS, including category.” boxing, mixed martial arts, “Inside NFL” (airs o Primary Market: 18-49 years old Wednesdays at 9 pm), “Inside NASCAR” (airs o Median age viewer: 54.47 Wednesdays at 10 pm). o Viewership: 10.07 million o Media dollars spent: 30103.8 (000) o Total Impressions: 740.17 (000) 9
  10. 10. INDIRECT COMPETITORS: • Psych (USA)- Airing on Fridays at 10 pm, Psych is a comedy • I Shouldn’t Be Alive- Science of Survival (DISC)- Exploring drama that “mixes comedy with its crime and features a real life situations where humans were put in circumstances somewhat eccentric lead character – Shawn, a police where they could have died, I Shouldn’t Be Alive is an Psychic with absolutely no psychic abilities.” indirect competitor. o Median age viewer: 39.32 years o Median age viewer: 46.22 years o Total Impressions: 409.33 (000) o Total Impressions: 1631.00 (000) o Media dollars spent: 2636 (000) o Media dollars spent: 4362 (000) 10
  11. 11. Communication Strategy Brand Positioning:Marketing and Communications Objectives: To adult viewers ages 25-54 who appreciate action packed, edge-of- • Retain existing viewers and grow new viewership by your-seat entertainment that contains significantly more substance maintaining high levels of excitement and anticipation and authenticity than a simple reality “cop show,” the second surrounding the premiere and entire second season of season of Steven Seagal: Lawman guarantees an engaging Lawman experience that combines celebrity appeal with drama and realism, • Implement integrated marketing and positioning strategies something other shows of the same genre lack. that are directly aimed toward increasing viewership of the Promise: premiere episode Steven Seagal: Lawman promises to provide audiences with more • Differentiate Steven Seagal: Lawman among other reality than basic television entertainment, but rather an emotional, television shows, as one that provides them with more than adrenaline-producing experience that satisfies their need for just entertainment, but an experience excitement in the shows they watch. • Increase household ratings by 2% o Increase of .02 HH rating and +70,000 new viewers o 2.4 HH ratings2.42 HH ratings o 3.5 MM viewers3.57 MM viewers 11
  12. 12. Support:A&E viewers are “The Leanforwards”; those who seek shows that enable them to engage in their viewing experience. They search for showsthat are exciting, intense, and unique. With the diverse background of Steven Seagal, the action packed series of Lawman offers the depth,drama, storyline, and excitement factors that are craved by both the typical A&E viewer and our target.Tone:The tone of all messages in the E3 campaign is engagement, experience, excitement and suspense.Slogan:“Earn your badge Wednesdays at 10” 12
  13. 13. Creative Executions (Print and Outdoor): 13
  14. 14. Reach & FrequencyMedia Objectives and Rationales Objective:Target Audience & Media MixObjective: Beginning in August 2010, one month before the premiere, the goal is to achieve 75% reach (750 GRPs) with an average frequency of 10.The primary target is adults ages 25-54 who seek out exciting, See table for specific data for campaign month goals.engaging entertainment. They are interested in sports, includingprofessional football and NASCAR, rely on TV as their main source of Reach Frequency GRPsentertainment, and have a “middle of the road” political outlook. August 75% 10 750Strategy: September 70% 8 560The media mix incorporates both traditional and non-traditionaladvertising and promotions. The traditional media mix consists of October 60% 6 360public relations, as well as television, print, outdoor, spot and net November 60% 6 360radio, and Internet advertising. Five non-traditional promotions willalso be an integral part of the E3 campaign. Strategy:Our target consumes media in various ways, therefore deeming itnecessary to use an integrated marketing communications plan. In order to create buzz surrounding the premiere, the campaign willTelevision, magazine, and internet will comprise a main portion of begin in August with the highest reach, frequency, and GRPs. Athe media mix, as we have found these channels to be the most continuous advertising schedule for traditional media will bepopular with our target. implemented in August in order to create awareness surrounding the premiere. A pulsing schedule will be executed mid-season, towards the end of September, continuing through November, in order to keep existing and potential viewers reminded with weekly show dates and times and sneak previews of the following week’s episode; leaving the viewers wanting more. This schedule will prevent wear out, preserve budget, and effectively reach our target. 14
  15. 15. Scheduling & Timing Strategy:Objective: The E3 campaign will begin in August with both This is a nationally executed campaign, with spot marketing andtraditional and non-traditional means of advertising and promotion overlays in specific local markets, which have been chosen due toin order to create buzz surrounding the premiere in September. key A&E local markets, as well as other markets with potential forAdvertising and marketing will continue through November. high consumption. Spot TV and Spot radio will be limited to the key local markets, in addition to the sales promotions, which will takeStrategy: place in select cities. All other strategies will be implemented nationally.Beginning August 1st, the campaign will launch full force with thesocial media initiative, Steven Seagal Ultimate Fan Contest, public Grow viewership in key local markets:transportation advertising, as well as the billboard “teaser”advertising in select cities. All traditional media, including television, New York •Los Angeles •Philadelphia •Chicago •Atlanta • Bostonprint, and Internet will be put into action and continue throughNovember. •San Francisco• Dallas-Fort Worth • Detroit • Washington, D.C. •On August 8th, the NASCAR sponsorship plan will commence, Houston •Phoenix • New Orleansstarting with the venue at Watkins Glen International, continuingthrough September 11th at the Richmond International Raceway. E3 Spot Market Emphasis:On September 13th, the Steven Seagal Ultimate Tailgate will takeplace at the Meadowlands Stadium in New York.Geographic ConsiderationsObjective:Implement the E3 campaign nationally and in key local markets inorder to boost awareness and create buzz surrounding the premiereof Lawman. 15
  16. 16. SALES PROMOTION #2: ULTIMATE FAN CONTESTMedia Integration Plan Objective:SALES PROMOTION #1: The objective is to engage viewers; allowing them to actively participate and feel as they are a part of Lawman.SOCIAL MEDIA INITIATIVE Strategy:Objective: Using a variety of integrated social media strategies, the Launching August 1st, The Ultimate Steven Seagal Contest willobjective is to increase awareness of Lawman, as well as grow challenge viewers and fans to prove why they believe they areviewership for the second season premiere episode. Steven Seagal’s Ultimate Fan. The contest will require submissions to be YouTube videos. The first place winner will have their videoStrategy: aired during a middle commercial during the season premiere, as well as win an all expenses paid 2-day trip to New Orleans to meetAdvertising and word of mouth viral marketing will be implemented Steven Seagal and the officers of Jefferson Parish. The second placevia Facebook and Steven Seagal’s Twitter site. We will use the ability winner will have their video aired during the second episode, as wellto directly target our audience demographic as an advantage to as a prize pack consisting of the “Steven Segal Lawman Limitedcreating our Facebook ads and begin running ads on August 1st. Edition Collector’s Set.” The third place winner will also have their video aired during the third episode, as well as a signed StevenUsing a two-way approach, our campaign will use both Pay per Seagal poster.Impressions (CPM) and Pay per Clicks (CPC) advertisements, in orderto increase exposure In an effort to increase viewership, winners will not be informed of their prizes until after each specific episode airs.Homepage ads will consist of a link to the existing Steven Seagal:Lawman on A&E page, allow users to “Like” the page, and viewfriends who have already done the same.The existing Steven Seagal: Lawman page will continue with itsefforts in promoting the season premiere, as well as the series as awhole. 16
  17. 17. SALES PROMOTION #4: NASCAR SPONSORSHIPSSALES PROMOTION #3: STEVEN Objective:SEAGAL: LAWMAN TAILGATE The objective is to build awareness of Lawman through venue advertising at strategically selected NASCAR racesObjective: throughout August and into September.The objective is to increase The goal is to progressively increase reach and awareness leadingawareness, as well as garner interest for Lawman in the NFL viewing up to the season 2 premiere.public, a segment of the population that has been proven to bemore likely to view cop reality dramas. Strategy: We believe that NASCAR fans are representative of theStrategy: “leanforward” audience that actively seeks shows that engross andA tailgate featuring an appearance by Steven Seagal will take place engage. In this way, NASCAR fans are ideal viewers of Lawman andSeptember 13th in New York at the New Meadowlands Stadium. The are different than viewers who prefer programming of a moretailgate will include television screens showing clips of Lawman, as passive nature. NASCAR fans have also previously shown awell free food and non-alcoholic drinks. Seagal will be in propensity to consume reality cop dramas. To execute this strategyattendance to greet and engage with fans in an effort to promote we will begin placing advertisements for Lawman at variousthe show. Advertisements for Lawman will be present throughout NASCAR venues. The advertising will start August 8th at Watkinsthe stadium, as well as during the television broadcast, which will be Glen International, followed by Michigan International Speedwaya national event on ESPN as the first Monday Night game of the NFL (August 15th), Bristol Motor Speedway (August 21st), Atlanta Motorseason. This event will take place just days before the premiere of Speedway (September 1st), and culminating at Richmondseason 2 of Lawman and will serve to reach people who are still International Raceway on September 11th. By advertising atunaware of the show, in addition to remind those who are already consecutive events the awareness for Lawman will have anin the know about the upcoming premiere. opportunity to build progressively towards the premiere. The venue advertising also presents an opportunity to integrate traditional advertising like commercials, as all of these races will be nationally televised on either ESPN or ABC. 17
  18. 18. SALES PROMOTION #5: PUBLIC TRANSPORTATIONADVERTISINGObjective: To increase awareness of thepremiere of second series of Lawmanthrough non-traditional advertising andpublic transportation in select cities (LosAngeles, Chicago, New York City,Washington, D.C.)Strategy:Public transportation, such as subways, taxis, and buses will be usedto advertise the second season premiere of Steven Seagal: Lawmanin hopes of exposing the target to advertising while they are goingabout their daily lives. With the slogan “Earn your badge onWednesdays at 10”, we hope to further promote our message ofengagement and the show as an experience. 18
  19. 19. Media SelectionTraditional MediaNetwork and Spot TV:ABC, NBC, FOX, CBS, local news programmingEstimated Cost: $3,728,000Rationale: • Our target of adults ages 25-54 rely on television as their main source of entertainment • Television provides viewers with visuals, audio and “teaser” previews of LawmanInternet:Targeted Sites- ESPN.com, Facebook, Google Magazines:Sponsorship- ESPN.com, Entertainment Weekly Men’s Fitness, Men’s Health, Entertainment WeeklyEstimated Cost: $2,366,000 Estimated Cost: $1,773,000Rationale: Rationale: • Internet is a growing medium for advertising and marketing communications • The chosen magazines are regularly read by our target • Our target frequently uses the Internet for personal • Creative advertisements will gain impressions through use copy and visuals • Internet has the ability to reach the target at all times throughout the day and night 19
  20. 20. National Newspapers: Non-Traditional MediaLos Angeles Times, New York Times, USA Today, The Boston Promotion #1: Social Media InitiativeGlobe Estimated Cost: $110,000Estimated Cost: $469,000 Rationale: We aim to use an integrated social media strategyRationale: Our target, as well as others, can be reached including advertising and word-of-mouth marketing tothrough these specific national newspapers through copy and effectively promote Lawman to our target.visualsRadio: Promotion #2: Ultimate Fan ContestNet Radio: Evening Drive & Spot Radio: Evening Drive Estimated Cost: $40,000Estimated Cost: $494,000 Rationale: The goal of the contest is to create audience participation and engagement, in addition to rewarding loyalRationale: Evening Drive dayparts will reach the target on fans and viewers.their drive home from work, reminding them that they shouldwatch Lawman. Promotion #3: Steven Seagal: Lawman TailgateOutdoor: Billboards Estimated Cost: $150,000Estimated Cost: $2,895,000 Rationale: By creating an interactive experience, we hope to increase awareness and viewership for Lawman in the NFL viewingRationale: Billboards placed in high traffic areas in New York public. With the Tailgate occurring days before the premiere ofCity, Los Angeles, and Chicago will help to increase buzz season 2, a large amount of buzz will be created surrounding thesurrounding the premiere of second series of Lawman, as well show.as aim to grow viewership. 20
  21. 21. Promotion #4: NASCAR Sponsorships Overall Budget Allocation:Estimated Cost: $500,000 $13,725,000Rationale: The objective is to build awareness of Lawman throughvenue advertising at strategically selected NASCAR races throughout (Nontraditional Advertising andAugust and into September. The aim is to progressively increasereach and awareness leading up to the season 2 premiere and gain Promotions: $1-2 million)viewers within this demographic. (Traditional: $11,725,000)Promotion #5: Public Transportation AdvertisementsEstimated Cost: $200,000Rationale: Expose target to advertising during their daily lifeactivities and further promote the premiere and series ofLawman. 21
  22. 22. Target Demo: All Adults ages 25-54 Medium Aug Sep Oct Nov Total Across Net TV-Prime 40 40 10 10 GRPS 100 $(000) 603.48 603.48 150.87 150.87 COST: 1,509 Net TV-Sports 20 20 10 10 GRPS 60 $(000) 383.76 383.76 191.88 191.88 COST: 1,151 Net Cable-Prime 20 20 10 10 GRPS 60 $(000) 215.46 215.46 107.73 107.73 COST: 646 Natl Syndication 10 10 10 10 GRPS 40 $(000) 105.54 105.54 105.54 105.54 COST: 422 Net Radio-Evening Drive 10 20 10 10 GRPS 50 $(000) 26.61 53.22 26.61 26.61 COST: 133 Magazines-Mens 20 20 10 10 GRPS 60 $(000) 377.28 377.28 188.64 188.64 COST: 1,132 Magazines-General Interest 20 20 10 10 GRPS 60 $(000) 213.60 213.60 106.80 106.80 COST: 641 National Newspapers 10 GRPS 10 $(000) 469.02 COST: 469 Internet-Trgtd Sites 20 10 10 10 GRPS 50 $(000) 473.00 236.50 236.50 236.50 COST: 1,183 Internet-Sponsorship 20 10 10 10 GRPS 50 $(000) 473.00 236.50 236.50 236.50 COST: 1,183 Spot TV-Prime 40 20 10 10 GRPS 80 $(000) 414.24 207.12 103.56 103.56 COST: 828 Spot Cable 20 20 10 10 GRPS 60 $(000) 105.26 105.26 52.63 52.63 COST: 316 Spot Radio-Evening Drive 40 10 10 10 GRPS 70 $(000) 206.16 51.54 51.54 51.54 COST: 361 Outdoor 684 684 684 684 GRPS 2736 $(000) 723.79 723.79 723.79 723.79 COST: 2,895National Only Area GRPS 190 170 90 90 GRPS: 540 $(000) 3,340.8 2,425.3 1,351.1 1,351.1 Cost: 7 Reach 77.0 74.1 54.8 54.8 Avg. Freq. 2.5 2.3 1.6 1.6 Spot Only Area GRPS 785 735 715 715 GRPS: 2950 $(000) 1,449.4 1,087.7 931.5 931.5 Cost: 1865 Reach 89.4 87.3 85.7 85.7 Avg. Freq. 8.8 8.4 8.3 8.3 Spot + National GRPS 975 905 805 805 GRPS: 3490 $(000) 4,790.2 3,513.0 2,282.6 2,282.6 Cost: 11 Reach 94.1 93.5 22 91.2 91.2 Avg. Freq. 10.4 9.7 8.8 8.8
  23. 23. References1. Deeken, Aimee. (19 February 2010). A&E Renews ‘Steven Seagal: Lawman’. Retrieved March 3, 2010 from AOL Television: http://insideaoltv.com2. Carter, Bill. (27 August, 2009). A&E and Lifetime Channels Complete Their Merger. The New York Times. Retrieved March 3, 2010 from www.nytimes.com3. Frankel, Daniel. (4 December 2009). ‘Steven Seagal Lawman’ Sets Ratings Record for A&E. Retrieved March 3, 2010 from AOL Television: http://insideaoltv.com4. Glover, Scott. (2 December 2009). Steven Seagal gets to play cop. Los Angeles Times. Retrieved March 3, 2010 from http://articles.latimes.com5. Steven Seagal Lawman: About The Show (n.d) Retrieved March 3, 2010 from www.aetv.com/steven-seagal-lawman/about6. A&E News (1 May 2008) A&E Network Announces Comprehensive Brand Positioning. Retrieved March 3, 2010 from www.aetv.com/news7. TNT. (2010). (n.d.) Southland. Retrieved April 5, 2010 from www.tnt.tv/series/southland8. TNT. (2010). (n.d.) Law and Order. Retrieved April 5, 2010 from www.tnt.tv/series/lawandorder9. USA. (2010). (n.d.) Psych. Retrieved April 5, 2010 from www.usanetwork.com/series/psych 23