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Understanding innovation


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Understanding innovation

  1. 1. Understanding Innovation 公司By Jacqueline YANG 徽标
  2. 2. Outline of session 11. What does Innovation mean?2. Innovative practices in education3. ICT in educational innovation
  3. 3. Innovation? What does innovation mean? Share your opinions on your initial understanding of innovationTopic:how do you understand “innovation”?(5 mins)
  4. 4. Innovation=invention
  5. 5. Innovation=invention Innovation refers to the use of a new idea or method, whereas invention refers more directly to the creation of the idea or method itself.
  6. 6. One of the greatest innovators: Steven Jobs (5 mins) Links of discussion on his achievements: 0/innovation.html 0/what-if-steve-jobs-ran-your-school.html
  7. 7. What does Innovation mean?Is innovation so hard that only geniuses likeSteven Jobs can make it happen?(5 mins)
  8. 8. Is innovation so hard ? Back in the 1950s, a guy approached one of the large toothpaste manufacturers and said that he had an innovation which would cost them almost nothing to implement, but would yield an immediate 40% increase in business. He offered to sell them the exclusive rights to the idea for $100,000. This was a huge sum at the time, but, given the high volume of toothpaste sales, it would be recouped rapidly. However, the executives of the company were greedy and would not spend such money if it could be avoided. They thanked the guy and said they would get back to him.
  9. 9. Is innovation so hard ?A big meeting of the company’s marketingand technical staff was called and theywere tasked with proposing ideas forincreasing business by 40% for little cost.Two weeks later and no useful ideas hademerged. So, they called back the guy andsaid he had got a deal. After the legalniceties were completed and the moneyhanded over, he gave them a brownenvelope containing a small slip of paper.On this slip were the words: “Make the holebigger.”
  10. 10. What does innovation mean?Link of Online game: Try to work out the strategy innovatively ! Stop here for 5 mins
  11. 11. Tips to the game1.The key to success is thedog and the farmer.2. It is not necessary for two people/animals tosit in the small two-seater boat, sometimes,there could only be one person sitting in theboat . Try to find the solution for 10 mins. If you could not find the answer, please check it on the next page.
  12. 12. One of the possible solutions F,Do,S,Da,R1,R2,H1,H2 S,Da,R1,R2,H1,H2 F, Do Farmer: F F,S,Da,R1,R2,H1,H2 Do S,Da,R2,H1,H2 F,R1,Do Son: S F, Do, S,Da,R2,H1,H2 R1 Daughter: Da F, Do, S,H1,H2 R1, R2, Da Da, F, Do, S,H1,H2 R1, R2 Dog: Do F,Do,H1,H2 Da,S,R1,R2 Rabbit: R F, Do, S,H1,H2 R1,R2,Da H1,H2,S F,Do,R1,R2,Da Hamster: H Da, H1,H2,S F,Do,R1,R2 H1, H2 Da, S, F,Do,R1,R2 S, H1, H2 Da, F,Do,R1,R2 H2 S, H1, Da, F,Do,R1,R2 H2, Do, F S, H1, Da, R1,R2 Do F,H2, S, H1, Da, R1,R2 F, Do H2, S, H1, Da, R1,R2 F, Do, H2, S, H1, Da, R1,R2
  13. 13. What does innovation mean? Summary Write down what your have learnt from our discussion on innovation and define “innovation” in your own words on the google doc.
  14. 14. What does Innovation mean?Others’ definition of innovation: The introduction of something new/a new idea, method or device(Merriam Webster) “The creation of better or more effective products, processes, services, technologie s, or ideas that are accepted by markets, governments, and society.” (wiki) Reference:
  15. 15. Innovative practices in business
  16. 16. Where is the destination of educational innovation?  Knowledge  Skills  Attitude
  17. 17. Innovative practices in educationWatch the following video and answer thequestions below on your google doc.(10 mins) Is it innovative practice in education? Where is the destination (expected learning outcome) of the course? Does it make sense to get the destination with introduction and application of i-pad in music course? What benefit does it bring to the participants? Are there some limitations or negative influence?
  18. 18. Innovative practices in educationYou may also have a look at the comments madeby students having taken the module.
  19. 19. Innovative practices in education Assessment People Operational Continuous Processes innovation loop Strategic Processes Tactical ProcessesLink:
  20. 20. ICT in educational innovation Technology has become an indispensable part in education. It is a trend that content Knowledge(CK), pedagogi cal knowledge(PK) and technological knowledge (TK) are combined to TPACK.
  21. 21. ICT in educational innovationDisruptive technologySustaining technologyTransformative technology
  22. 22. Disruptive technologyA technology that helps create a new marketand value network, and eventually goes onto disrupt an existing market and valuenetwork (over a few years or decades),displacing an earlier technology there.Reference:Christensen, Clayton M. (1997), The innovator„s dilemma: when new technologies causegreat firms to fail, Boston, Massachusetts, USA: Harvard Business School Press
  23. 23. Sustaining technology A sustaining technology does not create new markets or value networks but rather only evolves existing ones with better value.Reference:Christensen, Clayton M. (1997), The innovator„s dilemma: when new technologies causegreat firms to fail, Boston, Massachusetts, USA: Harvard Business School Press
  24. 24. How do the technologies change the way of teaching and learning?Share your opinions on google doc(5mins): Give some examples of disruptive technology and sustaining technology used in education. How do the technologies listed change the way of teaching and learning in your organization? What are the advantages and limitations of the application of these technologies?
  25. 25. Transformative TechnologyTransformative technology repositioning theteacher and changing her role?
  26. 26. ICT in Educational InnovationYou may read the free version online:
  27. 27. Case studies of IPPUT
  28. 28. HomeworkChoose an example from the case studies of IPPUT andshare your opinions on:1.Is it an innovative practice?2. What is the role of technology in the case?3.Is the technology leveraging changes?Sustaining or disruptive?Give an example of innovative practice in education in yourorganization and explain:1.why you consider it innovative2.its impact on education