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Countable uncountable-nouns


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Countable uncountable-nouns

  1. 1. Countable nouns Three pears Two pears
  2. 2. SINGULAR: an + noun PLURAL: noun + -s COUNTABLE NOUNS applesAn apple
  3. 3. SINGULAR: a + noun PLURAL: noun + -s COUNTABLE NOUNS Two flowersa flower
  4. 4. Uncountable nouns Elements that can not be counted
  5. 5. I like to eat mangoes . countable Uncountable
  6. 6. I love to eat honey . countable Uncountable ?
  7. 7. Singular countable nouns Uncountable There is a pear . There is an orange There are some pears. I have some oranges. There is some honey. There is some salt. Plural countable nouns
  8. 8. There is _____ pen in the school bag.a 7-3 Let’s Practice singular countable noun A
  9. 9. There is _____ orange on the 7-3 Let’s Practice uncountable noun An
  10. 10. I`d like _____milk in the morning.some uncountable noun Some
  11. 11. Some: Affirmative sentences: There is some water Any: Negative and Interrogative sentences: Is there any water? No, there isn’t. There isn’t any water
  12. 12. I need _____ help.some some any
  13. 13. There aren’t _____ animals in the farm. any some any