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Identity Hub assignment for Master of Communication, Global Communication Industries at RMIT University.

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  1. 1. Identity Hub Jacqueline McCallum (S3185792)
  2. 2. Professional persona I would like the online community to perceive me as two things – a passionate health communications professional and a new mum navigating the journey of parenthood with humour and honesty. While my online identity is a work in progress, I have tried to blend, balance and emphasise these two facets of my identity as best I can, while still engaging with people about other interests like reality TV, theatre and politics. To convey my passion for my career, I have engaged with health professionals by participating in Bupa’s #healthychat on Twitter. I’ve shared links to innovative digital campaigns on LinkedIn and Twitter and uploaded inspiring social media images to Pinterest. As a shameless ‘grammar Nazi’, I’ve also shared images of editing failures on Instagram and Twitter. To project myself as a committed and imperfect new mum, I’ve written a blog post pondering my new identity. I’ve also shared links to articles on parenthood, supported the #babyalecia campaign on Twitter and tweeted about sleep-deprivation and post-baby body image. As a self-confessed ‘oversharent’, I’ve also uploaded numerous images of my baby to Twitter and Instagram.
  3. 3. Professional ID design Positioning statement: Jacqui McCallum is an innovative health communications manager and new mum with a passion for theatre, reality TV and white fluffy dogs. Her unique insights, honesty and humour make her a popular online personality with communication professionals, mums with young children and trash TV addicts. Value proposition: Jacqui McCallum offers unique perspectives on parenthood and the evolving world of communications. Her experience as a writer, corporate communications professional and newspaper columnist has equipped her with a talent for the colourful turn of phrase and her self- deprecating humour is in harmony with the Australian psyche. Brand story: Before becoming a mum in 2013, Jacqui McCallum was a health communications manager and newspaper columnist with perfect hair and manicured nails. These days, thanks to 12 months maternity leave, you’ll find her watching Toddlers and Tiaras in a Target tracksuit while her baby boy sleeps on her spew-stained shoulder…and she wouldn’t change a thing. Her first newspaper column for The Age was about growing up as a spoilt white brat in Apartheid South Africa, after which she wrote opinion pieces on social media, digital television, real estate sharks and beauty pageants. She counts meeting Nelson Mandela as one of the greatest moments of her life (next to getting married, giving birth and being an audience member on Deal Or No Deal ). She is proud mother to Max, 7 months and Wilbur, 2, a gay West Highland White Terrier who she hopes will one day be able to marry his Maltese boyfriend.
  4. 4. Blog posts • Literature and theory: A blog post on the concept of identity after reading Bauman’s Identity in the globalising world /2013/08/08/week-2-musings-the- concept-of-identity/ • Media mapping exercise: an analysis of informal communications in the Yarraville area 2013/08/07/media-mapping-part-1/ 2013/08/18/media-mapping-part-2/
  5. 5. • Interest relevant to my objective: A blog post on Identity and the New Mum 08/25/identity-and-the-new-mum/ Blog posts cont…
  6. 6. Twitter - #gloco13
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  8. 8. My evolving ID Hub…