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  1. 1. Backstory “Our team works with small to medium size b customers. It is our job to help them optimiz So I really use my brain. I have to review a lo customers to make good recommendations. different kinds of companies with different n challenge. I also love the fact that NetSuite d Engaging customers with the story behind the story your job. They really promote entrepreneursh opportunity, you’re encouraged to grab it. Th out in your career roadmap.” Vincent Villamil, Account Managemen Love your job Makati City, Republic of the Philippine “My job is to make sure our customers are happy and that their needs are being met. I like that I’m an important part of their business. I’ve worked lea & in San Mateo and now I work from a home office in Pittsburgh. NetSuite gives you the flexibility to do your job the way you want. And they give you the resources to be successful. The training is excellent and the management is awesome. There’s always an open door at NetSuite and, when I have questions, the answers are at my fingertips. I’m learning something new every day. I love that. ” Shannyn Jones, Client Management Representative, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, U.S.A dare t
  2. 2. 80 1985 1980 1985 19 Celebrating a mile Backstory will help you tell the story behind the story. 955 1919651995 2000
  3. 3. 990 1995 20990 1995 20estone? Searching for new ways to engage your customers and increase their connection to your brand? You’re probably thinking digital is the way to go. We think not. We believe that the only way to a customer’s heart is through great stories – beautiful, evocative, printed stories. Yes, we said printed! That’s why we started Backstory, an innovative 5 1970 197 partnership between two award-winning communications professionals who have been developing branded content and high-quality publishing projects for more than 20 years. Our goal is to help organizations celebrate milestones – anniversaries, mergers, changes in leadership, rebranding – in a way that helps them build an emotional connection with their customers. Are you ready to tell your backstory?
  4. 4. Our BackstoryWithin months of being introduced by a mutual friend,Elyssa Schmid and Jacqueline Foley found themselves livingside by side in the same Toronto neighbourhood.They quickly discovered a shared passion for great storytelling.One a writer and the other a graphic designer, they saw theopportunity to use storytelling for organizations celebratinga milestone — an anniversary, a leadership change ora rebrand. So, they decided to come together and createcustom publications that would help clients engage theircustomers and build better brand loyalty.And Backstory was born.Some of the brands we’ve worked on
  5. 5. A graduate of the University of the Arts London, Elyssa has worked as an Art Director and Brand Communications Designer in Canada and the UK since 1996. The reach of her experience includes developing online and offline brand collateral and designing custom literature for corporate and not-for-profit clients in fields including natural resources, tourism, health, beauty and education. An award-winning designer, Elyssa wrote her thesis on the interplay between text and image in the narrative. She is a member of the Registered Graphic Designers of Ontario and the International Society of Typographic Designers, UK. Elyssa schmidJacQUEliNE FOlEyJacqueline’s first job out of university was asa marketing assistant for a national clothingretailer. It was there she wrote her first advertisingcopy and discovered the power of words. Thenext eight years were spent marketing some ofCanada’s most respected brands including,The Body Shop, Home Depot and ManulifeFinancial. In 1996, Jacqueline launched her ownstorytelling consultancy – Stories That Stick –where she helps clients use storytelling to buildbrand engagement through brochures, annualreports, custom magazines, websites and employeecommunications. Also a published author,Jacqueline’s stories have appeared in CanadianLiving, Best Health and Homemaker’s magazines,as well as on a variety of online women’s portals. CO M M U N I T Y S E RV I C E S
  6. 6. Our ExpertiseWe bring a unique blend of marketing know-how and greatstorytelling to every project. Through our careers, we havewritten and designed a number of highly engaging and visuallycompelling brochures, annual reports, catalogues, and custommagazines and books. Here are some of our favourites.Custom exhibition catalogue for the paintings of two fine artists
  7. 7. Signature book commissioned by The Resort of Whistler in time for the 2010 Olympic GamesProgramme for the annual Heart Truth Fashion Show, Toronto mORE »
  8. 8. Annual report for QLT Inc., a company dedicated to developing innovative therapies for the eye Visionary Maisie Lo pursues her vision of a city where new immigrants thrive. It took five years before Maisie Lo felt she could call Canada home. Having immigrated from Hong Kong with her husband and daughter 21 years ago, Maisie knows what it’s like to feel like a stranger in her own city. “When I moved here with my family, the culture shock was huge,” says Maisie, who is now the Director of Immigrant Services at WoodGreen. “The simplest things like knowing where to get my hair cut or how to communicate with my daughter’s daycare teachers were major hurdles – let alone having to establish a whole new career. I think that’s what has made me so committed to helping new immigrants settle in Toronto.” Also on the Board of the Ontario Council for Agencies Serving Immigrants, Maisie is insightful about the needs of new immigrants with foreign credentials, and is the driving force behind WoodGreen’s Employment Bridging Program. One of the most comprehensive services of its kind in Ontario, the program helps new immigrants who come to Canada as trained professionals find work in their related fields. Offering a continuum of services for professionals in IT, engineering, health care and finance/accounting, WoodGreen supports more than 200 new immigrants a year to transition into a career that matches their experience and training. WoodGreen starts by assessing each individual’s specific needs, and then creates a customized plan for each client. Usually that plan starts with helping the professionals get the appropriate accreditation they need to start working in Canada and connecting them with supplementary training where necessary. A variety of ESL classes – customized to the specific professions – are also made available so job candidates can upgrade their language and cultural skills. When they’re ready, WoodGreen supports each candidate’s job search process including helping them to build a network, write an effective resume and learn interview skills. Job candidates are also given a unique opportunity to connect with mentors who have experience working in the same field. These mentors provide great insight into how to be successful. As well, the program actively identifies potential employers, connects participants to them, and provides follow-up support after newcomers are successfully hired. “We help newcomers build a successful life for themselves and their families,” says Maisie. “Supporting them to find jobs in their chosen profession is an important part of helping them integrate into their new life in Canada.” The federal and provincial governments agree. Citizenship and Immigration Canada and the Ministry of Citizenship and Immigration Ontario increased financial support to expand WoodGreen’s programming, thereby serving more new immigrants in Toronto. “If we’re going to invite trained professionals to come live in Canada so they can contribute to our society and economy, we need to support them,” says Maisie. “The people we see are so motivated to get a job and to make a new life here. It’s our responsibility to help them achieve success.” Maisie Lo – Directo Manager of Employ r, Immigrant Services, David of Settlement ment Suppor Cross – Services, Corina ts, Shaida Addetia – Manager Language Service Chow – Manage s r of English Photo: Little India – Gerrard Street East, TorontoAnnual Report celebrating WoodGreen’s leadership role in Toronto’s social services sector
  9. 9. » Commemorative book celebrating the build and completion of the Golden Ears Bridge in B.C. mOREB U I L D I N G A L E G AC Y THE GOLDEN EARS BRIDGE | 2006–2009 nc. Canada)I (B U I L D I N G A L E G AC Y T H E G O L D E N E A R S B R I D G E | 2 0 0 6 – 2 0 0 9
  10. 10. Custom publication commissioned by The Canadian Cosmetics,Toiletry and Fragrance Association to promote a program for women with cancerLorem ipsum brief description here for this Woodgreen piece — JacquelineWhen should you call us?Whether you are celebrating an anniversary, a merger,a leadership change or a banner year, we will help you tell your storyin a way that intrigues, entertains and delights your key stakeholders.The result: a memorable impact and a lasting legacy.
  11. 11. What people are saying about us Uses her passion for storytelling to bridge client needs and audience wants. Unique style and imaginative execution…a trusted partner who helps me maximize opportunities for building our brand. Great at developing company stories that weave seamlessly through integrated marketing campaigns.The whimsical creativity of a star designer and the sharp vision of a brand manager. has the ability to capture an organization’s identity in a compelling visual language and bring it to life. Backstory cONTacT Jacqueline Foley T. 416 578 8470 Elyssa Schmid T. 416 526 1552 E.