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Ethics and values in social work research 11 21-14


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Ethics and values in social work research 11 21-14

  1. 1. Ethics and Values in Social Work Research Jacqueline Corcoran, Ph.D. Research in Clinical Social Work Practice School of Social Work, VCU
  2. 2. Background • The federal government mandates policies and procedures related to research through the U.S. Department of Health and Human Resources, Office for Human Research Protections – Establishment of IRB’s at universities and other organizations • National Association of Social Workers Code of Ethics – , ethical standard 5.01 under “Social Workers’ Ethical Responsibilities to the Social Work Profession • rights is for potential study participants to decide freely and without consequence to become involved with the study and to be so informed of this right.
  3. 3. Ethics and values section of project • Many student projects are based on data already collected. • No informed consent • Discuss how you will protect identity of participants no matter the project
  4. 4. Discuss Risks • What are the risks to participants? • Commonly, that they may become emotionally distressed due to participation • Include names and other resources in case this should happen • What steps will you take to reduce risks?
  5. 5. Discuss Benefits • What are the potential benefits to participants, the agency, and the field? • Can’t make statements that it will benefit the field if no IRB process
  6. 6. Informed Consent • Instructor name (Dr. Jacqueline Corcoran) and contact information (school address, 703.405.3254, • Explain that this research is part of a graduate research requirement in Research in Clinical Social Work Practice, School of Social Work, VCU
  7. 7. Children • Can’t give consent, only assent • Parents need to give consent • Especially for student projects, can do “opt out” option for parents. This also takes care of not having to keep documents with their names on them.
  8. 8. The process of doing Informed Consent • Where and when will consent be completed? • How have you attended to the special needs of clients? • Language • literacy • Mobility
  9. 9. IRB Exempt Expedited Full Review
  10. 10. Details • Instructor is the PI • Conflict of interest form • Can’t change anything from the protocol outlined • Social/Behavioral • No multiple sites • No research coordinator