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Multiple Intelligences Lesson Plan


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Published in: Education, Technology
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Multiple Intelligences Lesson Plan

  1. 1. Multiple Intelligences Lesson Plan<br />Topic: Items of Clothing<br />Level: Intermediate<br />Objective: Students will use vocabulary related with clothing ítems, colors, prices, fabrics and their fashion preferences.<br />Students talk about the kinds of clothes they generally wear in the winter or summer season. (linguistic)<br />Students make their own personal budget to decide what you could by on their own shopping trip. (Logical-Mathematical)<br />Students talk about the money they saved on their last shopping, compare the pricesof different stores on similar clothes. (Logical-Mathematical)<br />Students organize a fashion show, get dressed and present different outfits (Bodily-Kinesthetic)<br />Music is played in the background while students describe what each model is wearing. (Musical)<br />Students (models) pose and pictures are taken to put them on the bulletin board. (Spatial)<br />Students get together to express what the best model/outfit was. (Interpersonal)<br />Students read about a famous clothes designer (Carolina Herrera) and the way she built her fashion empire and make a summary (Intrapersonal)<br />Students write a list of tips to reuse their clothes and to keep them clean so that they reduce the quantity of detergent going to the water and save water. They share their opinions with their partners.<br />