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Semiotic Analysis of Vampire Diaries


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Semiotic Analysis of Vampire Diaries

  1. 1. A Semiotic Analysis of… By: Jacki Cone-Auslender
  2. 2. When The Vampire Diaries first came on the scene in 2009 there was initially a lot of scrutiny stating that it was simply Twilight in a television series.... Is The Vampire Diaries merely Twilight in disguise? Let’s figure this all out…
  3. 3. Jacki’s Twilight Spark Notes:•Shy, clumsy girl loves •Attractive Vampire lovesVampire. girl more than anything.•Also loves Werewolf •Hates who he is…a•But, loves Vampire more. monster•Wants to become a •Doesn’t want girl toVampire. become a Vampire. •Werewolf loves girl. •Werewolf LOATHES Vampire. •Werewolf doesn’t want girl to become a Vampire.
  4. 4. Elena Gilbert Bella Swan Stefan Edward Cullen Salvatore Damon Jacob Black Salvatore
  5. 5. Spotlight on… Elena Gilbert (Signifier) Cheerleader Popular Unselfish Doppelganger Desire to Stay Human Family Oriented Selfless Protective Completely TornHuman Slightly Torn DeterminedDesire to Become a Vampire Only Child Socially Awkward Spotlight on…Clumsy Bella Swan (Signifier)
  6. 6. Spotlight on… Stefan Salvatore (Signifier) GOOD Attractive Pure of Heart Vampire Hidden Dark Side Only Eats Animals Family Issues In Love ProtectiveAttractive Only Eats Animals In LoveHates who he is (Vampire) Family Oriented Pure of Heart GOOD Spotlight on… Edward Cullen (Signifier)
  7. 7. Spotlight on… Damon Salvatore (Signifier) Dark Attractive Impulsive Vampire Loose Cannon Killer Protective Family Issues In Love Odd one outAttractive In Love WEREWOLFHatred of Vampires Loyal Pure of Heart GOOD Spotlight on…Odd one out Jacob Black (Signifier)
  8. 8. Therefore…Elena Gilbert Bella Swan Stefan Edward Cullen Salvatore (Close but not quite!) Damon Jacob Black Salvatore
  9. 9. Semiotic Concept:Metaphor
  10. 10. Semiotic Concept:Paradigmatic Analysis - Oppositions Humanity VS Loss of Humanity Natural VS Supernatural Loyalty VS Forced Following Good VS Evil
  11. 11. Semiotic Concept:Icons Picture of Katherine that Stefan holds on to remind him of the pain she inflicted upon him and Damon.Journals of Jonathon Gilbertreveal truths from the pastand also predict what isdoomed to be repeated inthe future.
  12. 12. Semiotic Concept:Symbols Elena’s Necklace: symbolic of her power over vampires. She can not be compelled by a vampire while wearing her Vervaine filled necklace. Vampire Ring: symbolic of vampire’s enslavement to the sun. Without it they will burn in the sun. White Oak Tree: symbolic of the end of the entire vampire species.
  13. 13. Semiotic Concept:Intertextuality Twilight: In the third episode of The Vampire Diaries Damon lies in Caroline’s bed reading Twilight (perfect for this analysis!) He makes a comment about Edward being “whipped” which is ironic because the character of Edward and Damon’s brother Stefan are both vampires who are “whipped” by a human.
  14. 14. Semiotic Concept: Codes KILL OR BE KILLED In order to save the ones you love sometimes innocent people must die.Family doesn’t always mean you share DNA BLOOD IS THICKER THAN WATERAll is fair in love and war…
  15. 15. Witches Love triangle with Hybrids Vampires vampire and werewolf Love Triangle Ghosts Werewolves Vampires sparkle in Doppelganger Human girl in love with a vampire the sunNo desire to Attractive Cast Evil Vampires Wants to become abecome a vampire Something “special” vampire Brother love triangle about female lead Vampires burn in sun Theme: epic love Themes: family & humanity
  16. 16. At first glance, and during thefirst 10-15 minutes of the firstepisode of The VampireDiaries, yes, the two seemsimilar. But as you can seemerely from the characteroutlines. The main charactersare far from similar and theplot lines go in oppositedirections almost immediately.The Vampire Diaries is a moreraw portrayal of a vampire lovestory whereas Twilight is muchmore a glamorized portrayal.Of a somewhat seeminglysimilar story.
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