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  1. 1. Total Quality Life Maintenance Associates Pvt. Ltd. • Consultant • Franchiser • Technology Integrator Save Your Health Save Your Wealth Enjoy Total Quality Life
  2. 2. Vision of Climate Smart Tayyeb Food Sustainable Global Business TQLMA develops and acquires Innovative Technologies and expertise via Joint Venture Associations with Universities and Corporations to improve the Quality of Life of Global Communities and Businesses. Mission statement Harness NATURAL resources via Innovative Technologies & Processes to enhance the Quality of Life of TQLMA members via Sustainable Strategies developed through Tayyeb Holistic Technopreneurship Education provided at Global MSB Climate Smart Farm Schools and Halal Food Industrial Park Campuses. 2016-17 Goals Launch Climate Smart Farm Schools and Halal Food Industrial Park Campuses in MSBeU Tayyeb Towns to provide Total Quality Life to 200+ Million Marginalized Families of our World. Transform Canada/USA into Model Climate Smart Countries via MSBeU Farm Schools on Dairy Farms for the World to follow. Re-Engineer Food Supply Chain of Karachi to Finance Tayyeb Halal/Kosher Food Industrial Parks on China Pakistan Economic Corridor. Climate Smart North America to Uplift Middle Class World Executive Summary Total Quality Life Maintenance Associates (TQLMA) started their Entrepreneurship Journey as an incubation company at Institute of Business Management and has progressed to Global Technology Integration Group providing Total Quality Life to Middle Class Families via Current Best Climate Smart Technologies developed through University - Industry Linkages. Honorable MSB (Dr Syedna Mufaddal Saifuddin bin Syedna Burhanuddin - TUS), Honorable Barack Hussein Obama , Honorable Justin Trudeau, Professor Bill Sosinsky , and Sola Roof Guy are the driving force behind MSB Climate Smart Farm School Waste-Wind-Sun powered Communities and Halal Food Industrial Park Campus Towns at Dairy/Cattle Farms, closed Industrial facilities and on available government land of North America to improve the Quality of Life of 200+ Million Marginalized Families of our Wonderful Planet. TQLMA has developed strategic Joint Venture association with Reliable Energy Savings Inc., Energime GREEN Group of Companies , White Tiger Farm, Bio Tunisia Innovation , Pure Water Corporation , Simpex Water Purification Systems , Caley Aerospace Inc. , Texas Dairy and Cattle Farms , Bolan Mining, ABC4ALL Vision for Better Future and Malnutrition Care Foundation to provide Total Quality Life via Climate Smart Tayyeb Education, Organic Food and Sustainable income from Halal/Kosher Food Value Chain to all families of our World. The primary objective of TQLMA is to transform young Middle Class Families into Climate Smart Professionals via EB-2 Exceptional Skill Based Immigration Visa to implement SDGs at MBS Energime University (MSBeU) Climate Smart Towns (CST) and use the profits from Self Sustaining Halal/Kosher Food Industrial Parks to realize CSTs in all developing nations. The MSBeU Climate Smart Professionals will educate 105+ Million families of USA to select High Performance Total Quality Climate Smart President of USA. TQLMA Climate Smart strategy will also enable us to solve the Syria/Yemen Refugee Crisis via duplication of CSTs in Middle East, Turkey and Pakistan. TQLMA will collaborate with Tayyeb (Pure, Ethical, Transparent and Climate Smart) Public and Private Sector Stakeholders to develop High performance Human Asset in North America via Executive MBA/DBA in Tayyeb Technopreneurship to transform cities of our world into LEAN, CLEAN & GREEN via MSB Climate Smart Towns & Halal Food Industrial Parks operated as per Islamic Excellence Model . The CSTs will also enable us to save 7 Million Families of Karachi from Cancer caused by Micro Food Contamination and use the profits to build Climate Smart Towns on the China Pakistan Economic Corridor to provide Housing, Halal Food & Education to all Middle Class and Marginalized Families. MSB Climate Smart Equity Fund will support R&D of Fuel from Air Limited to produce Hydrocarbons from Carbon Dioxide and Water from Air. The MSBeU Tayyeb Towns will be built by Monolithic Building System/Envirock Rapid Building System and powered by Current Best Waste-Wind-Sun Technologies. MSB Climate Smart Farm School and Energime University Project Teams are ready to develop Benchmark Leaders to build MSBeU Climate Smart Cities in all countries of our World to assure Total Quality Healthy Life via Halal Food, Education and World Interfaith Harmony
  3. 3. TQLMA Group Leadership Team Dr Mufaddal Shaikh Akbar Ali Mirza – President & Chief Knowledge Coach Dr Mufaddal is blessed with Academic & Industrial Experience in Chemical Engineering & Food Science. He leads MSB Corporate University Self Sustaining Dairy Village Organic Food Industrial Parks project powered by EMBA/DBA in Technopreneurship with passion to transform Professional Employees into Entrepreneurs. Dr John Keenan – President- Institute of Leadership & Global Education Dr Keenan was an expert in design and development of Leadership and management educational programs. TQLMA plans to continue his work by incorporating ILGE Diploma & Training Program in MSB eUniversity. Eur Ing Bishnujee Singh – Chief Executive Officer – Caley Aerospace Inc. Eur Ing Bishnujee Singh has a Master’s degree in Advanced Engineering from Sheffield Hallam University, England and formal post-graduate training at Boeing. Mr. Singh leads the MSB eUniversity Airline development, operations and maintenance project. Engr. Lloyd Helferty – Director – MSB Climate Smart Energime University Lloyd is blessed with rich experience of Climate Smart Technologies with passion to realize the First Model MSB Energime University powered Climate Smart City in Ontario to provide Total Quality Life to Syrian Refugee Families. Hashim Arastu – President – Reliable Energy Savings, Inc. Hashim Arastu specializes in Optimization of Industrial & Business Processes with expertise & experience in diverse industries such as automotive, metal, plastic, coatings, and textiles. He has expertise in Innovative processing of High Sulfur Oils to Low Sulfur Fuel Oils. Syed Saqib Qidwai – CEO – Quality Engineering Services – TQLMA Dairy Project Leader Saqib is an Applied Chemist with specialization in Food Fragrances and Product Formulations with passion to develop Benchmark Organic Halal Dairy & Meat Value Chain. Ahmed BOUALI – Founder & Director General – Bio Med Tunisia Ahmed specializes in Organic Food & Cosmetic Value Chain with passion to serve families of our World with Halal Food & Beauty Products. He leads MSB eUniversity facilities in Tunisia. William Sosinsky – Chief Executive - Energime University – Professor of Sustainable Technologies William Sosinsky leads Energime University and Group with mission to improve the Quality of Life of Poor & Middle Class Families of our world through Sustainable Technology education and application. William Danshin – Chief Executive – Pure Water Corporation William leads Pure Water Corporation with mission to improve the Quality of Life of Poor & Middle Class Families of our world through Sustainable Water, Energy and Building Technologies. Shafqat Raza – Chartered Accountant - TQLMA HALAL Finance Expert & MSBCTU Faculty Member Shafqat is blessed with Education, practical knowledge and experience to DELIGHT TQLMA Associates with strategies to realize excellent ROI via Innovative Halal Financial Models. Jaco Roux – Chief Executive – EDROUX Corporation South Africa Jaco serves as Director of MSB eGlobal SA with expertise to arrange Equity Finance for MSB Energime Global projects. Dr. Jerryson Gidisu/Dr Ibrahim Taahir – President/CEO – Dr Gidisu/Dr Ibrahim are the creator of Kings & Queens Medical University and Teaching Hospital and leads the Team of High Performance Medical Professionals to realize Benchmark Teaching Hospitals in MSBCU Worldwide Campuses. Dias Grand – Chief Consultant – Grand 9 and serves as TQLMA Associate in Singapore Dias is blessed with the passion to provide Total Quality Service as Financial & Business Development Consultant. He leads the TQLMA Business in Singapore to delight Far East Families and SMEs.