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Midgar details

  1. 1. Midgar Records - MDG001 Wata Igarashi - Junctions Short Concept Label Born in April 2014, Midgar Records is a Berlin based label that aims to bring innovative features into modern techno, and to deliver a new and meaningful sound loaded with positive energy. Leaving the trends behind, Midgar has a wide range of interests spanning from Deep Techno to Ambient and Downtempo. A sound that tells stories as people dance. Artist’s Biography WataruIgarashi(akaWata),amulti-talentedcomposer,arranger,guitarist,DJandrecordingartist,spenthischildhoodabsorbingtheculturaleclecticismof Tokyo, London, and Madrid. At fifteen, he began his music career in Madrid as a punk-guitarist for a skate-rock band called F.O.D., playing at skate championships and live-houses and getting featured in Spanish skate magazines. After his return to Tokyo, he shifted his musical focus to less conven- tion-following free-improvisation and jazz, and formed an experimental instrumental band called Indigo Cage Airlines. From 2003 to 2008, Wata made valuable contributions to SYN Entertainment, a Tokyo-based music production company co-owned by Nick Wood, and Simon Le Bon of Duran Duran. Attainingtheroleofmusicaldirectorthere,hecomposedandwrotescoresfornumeroussuccessfulTVcommercialcampaigns,commissionedbycorpora- tions like Toyota and Sony. While working at Syn, Wata started to produce artists including Silvio Anastacio, a Brazilian singer songwriter, and experienced a recording session in New York with special guest artists like Grammy-nominated singer Bebel Gilberto and legendary jazz saxophonist Ronnie Cuber. Ever since, he has been recording regularly with national and international singers and musicians, in studios in Tokyo or remotely via internet. Wata is currently a freelance composer, making music for TV commercials, TV programs, websites, events (such as Art Aquarium, Tokyo Motor Shows), and music artists. He has also been producing sound designs for the latest mobile units, and digital cameras. Recent facts Wata has been producing deep techno/electronic music since many years. He has released a few 12" & digital EPs on labels such as Gynoid Audio, Counter Pulse, Sienna Obscure and Hypo=Espresso. In June 2013, came out his latest release on the british label Mariana Wax as a split EP with the label owner Tr nch (aka Dave Twomey) and Mike Parker. His latest release on wax has been a remix for SERi’s track on ACID WORX record label. As a DJ/liveact, Wata has been performing in clubs in Tokyo including Eleven, Unit, Module, Solfa, and Dommune. Info Release Artist Wata Igarashi Title Ep Junctions Tracklist A1 Junctions A2 Flare B1 The Summon B2 Hitodama Catalogue Nr. MDG001 Distribution Kristina Records Release date 25th June 2014 Mastering by Ken Karter at The Code Studio in Berlin Description of the EP Diverse and elaborated ep, composed by four tracks which well explore the rears of deep techno. Junctions is a restless concatenations of halfway beats, which lays on background made of pulsating noises, while Flare is a slow and acidic march. Vibes drastically changes on the B-side. Killer basslines and powerful drums are building up the structure of the clearly dancefloor oriented The Summon, whilst for the last and most alienating track Hitodama, the Artist was able to draw a resonant shape of the nocturnal Blue Fires, floating inhabitants ofcemeteriesandforestsintheancientFolklore,whichseemslikegatheringinordertodanceuntillthemorninglights.Afirstreleasethat fully represents Identity and Concept behind the newborn Berlin-based Midgar Records. All rights reserved © 2014, Midgar Records www.midgar-records.com