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The underlying purpose of Rysto is to render the variation of demand of labor manageable in the restaurant and hospitality industry. The Rysto team is committed to creating both internet and mobile platforms that allow restaurant managers and owners to find skilled workers in real time and on a geo-located basis when and where needed. Thereby, we make job-hunting an opportunity rather than a nightmare.

We provide an online management tool that can be used by managers in the restaurant and hospitality industry in order to recruit personell in real-time, socially and on a goelocated basis. We allow them to find the right people at the right moment in the right place. The recruiting process in the restaurant business is a 6 step process and it's long, heavy and not compatible with a dynamic and variable industry. We propose a process that occur in 2 steps and in real time just so managers can deal with the seasonality and peeks of demand in a very short time in order to deliver an impecable service.
Managers, through our online platform, form a circle of workers that represent the temporary pool, which they can tap into whenever there is a variation of demand or a sudden need. Through our web-based service, managers can book the workers for a night, a weekend or for a longer period, because every worker can belong to more than one circle at the time in order to increase his/her opportunity to find a job.
The business model is based on 3 revenue streams: monthly subscription, website integration and targeted advertising.
The first one is also the main one and each managers pay a monthly depending on how big is the circle that he/she created. The more people in the circle, the higher the monthly fee is. Website integration require us to sell the technology, or integrated it in existing HR platforms that companies use nowadays. Finally Targeted advertising is directed towards restaurant managers and will regard everything that surrounds the restaurant and hospitality industry.
The temporary market is extremely huge, and data referring to the US economy shows that 22 million hourly jobs are changed every year in the industry.
There are competitors, but we differentiate from them on the bases of real time recruitment and social processing. Features that no platform has at the moment, since sites like Monster, wyckwire and snagajob are laid out as job boards.
We have had many positive feedback both in Italy and in San Francisco, where the company was born, and now we are ready to test the product on the main stream market. In order to do so, we need working capital to make all this work.

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