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  1. 1. HOW CAN NEW LITERACIES BE INTEGRATED INTO HIGH SCHOOL ENGLISH?Gerber H. & Price G. (2011). Twenty-First-Century Adolescents,Writing, and New Media: Meeting the Challenge with GameControllers and Laptops. English Journal, 101(2), 68-73.Over 90% of students participate in some form of electronic media,social network, and gamingBlogs, Facebook, You Tube can enhance learningUse of social networks, blogs, and gaming can help inspire studentswriting and allow them to write for a wide range of audiences andpurposesAllows meaningful experiences and positive real world connectionsbuilt upon their knowledge of gaming , social networks, and media A. Jaconski
  2. 2. Many of today’s video games have “walk-through” manuals whichreference background information such as characters, settings,plot, etc. Students can create own “walk-through” for their favorite games which would be posted online  Research setting, characters, countries, cultures, etc.  Write in depth descriptions of characters, scenes, and strategies to win the game  Other students and peers can respond to their writing Suggested Games:  Uncharted Series  Lego Series  Prince of Persia  Rise of Nations  Civilization  NCAA Football A. Jaconski  Tiger Woods Golf
  3. 3. Web logs or blogs offer opportunities for discussions,debates, and dialogue as well as respond to others. Video games allow opportunities for students to discuss controversial issues, morals, and ethics  Consider a Character’s point of view  Create character profiles which allow social networking  Research issues, societies, politics, economic issues  Write and respond to others on a variety of subjects Suggested Games:  Bioshock Series  Call of Duty  Halo  Resistance Fall of Man A. Jaconski
  4. 4. You Tube, machinima video entertainment networks forgamers, and video allow students to express their creativity Students can create videos based on scenes, storylines , gameplay, magazines, and/or books related to games  Write novels, poetry, music, short stories, plays, and other creative pieces  Extend stories, create new characters, new story lines, and settings  Use visual rhetoric, visual enhancements, screen captures, and/or video recorders to connect writing  Create overlays using video editing products Suggested Games: World of Warcraft Conquer Online Call of Duty Series A. Jaconski