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The Future of Adaptive Case Management by ActionBase


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The Future of Adaptive Case Management by ActionBase

  1. 1. The Future of Adaptive Case Management Jacob Ukelson, CTO of ActionBase
  2. 2. The Future of Adaptive Case Management As enterprises become more successful in managing their structured, routine processes through BPM tools and methodologies, the need to also manage unstructured, ad-hoc knowledge worker processes is even more apparent. • Adaptive case management tools are emerging as complements to business process management and as a human-centric combination of process and collaboration. • These solutions address the issue of: – how to structure knowledge-worker processes to make them manageable, but not strangle them, thereby increasing productivity.
  3. 3. What is Knowledge Work? • Knowledge work: The group of tasks done by people whose jobs consist primarily of interactions with other employees, customers and suppliers; complex decision-making based on knowledge and judgment. – In today's modern workplace, most workers (at least for part of their jobs) are involved in knowledge work. • Knowledge work tools: – e-mail and an office productivity suite (e.g., Microsoft) – web collaboration – social technologies such as wikis and blogs.
  4. 4. Future of ACM for Knowledge Workers • ACM is still an emerging discipline, but it is currently the best bet for process-aware tools to enhance knowledge worker productivity. • Over time, these capabilities may be rolled into BPM suites, ECM suites or even e-mail. • To alleviate the obstacles to knowledge worker productivity, the coming generations of ACM tools will need to focus on three areas: – user experience – simplified models – process analysis and mining
  5. 5. Future of ACM for Knowledge Workers (Cont’d) User Experience -- For knowledge workers to adopt ACM, these tools must reflect the way people work today. – E-mail and Microsoft Office are the tools knowledge workers use most often. ACM needs to be just as simple and intuitive. – ACM tools must adopt a motto of radical simplicity for user experience design. – If ACM is to supplant e-mail and documents (or augment them) and be a key driver of knowledge- worker productivity, it will need to go beyond ease-of- use to joy-of-use.
  6. 6. Future of ACM for Knowledge Workers (Cont’d) Simplified Models -- Standard modeling language and techniques are just too structured and complex for knowledge-worker processes. – There is a greater emphasis on process visibility and monitoring of emergent processes, rather than upfront modeling and a rigid predefined structure. – Models as we know them in BPM won't exist in ACM, which will replace models with checklists, guidelines, guardrails and best practices. – Radical simplicity must be employed. Checklists and process visibility will take the place of BPMN (or other more complex modeling techniques) for ACM.
  7. 7. Future of ACM for Knowledge Workers (Cont’d) Process Analysis and Mining -- The use of ACM creates a system of record, linking knowledge- worker processes with the documents and other artifacts used in those processes. – The system of record is a goldmine of knowledge regarding the way an organization actually works, providing companies with insight (which is currently missing) about how knowledge work gets done. – ACM needs to analyze and mine that data to create and manage best practices for knowledge work, enabling the knowledge workers themselves to make their work more efficient.
  8. 8. The Future of Adaptive Case Management Conclusion The future of ACM: – Enhancing knowledge-worker productivity by helping knowledge workers manage the unpredictable, ad-hoc processes they engage in everyday. – By focusing on radical simplicity, joy-of-use and emergent process insight, ACM will enable the next leap in knowledge-worker productivity. For more information please go to: