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Prentice6 ppt ch10

  1. 1. Chapter 10: Becoming A Wise Consumer McGraw-Hill/Irwin © 2012 McGraw-Hill Companies. All Rights Reserved.
  2. 2. 10-2 Are you a wise consumer of fitness products? • Consumption of fitness related products has exploded in the US • Being an educated consumer: – Learn the facts – Shop around – Practicing consumerism
  3. 3. 10-3 What do you need to consider when buying fitness equipment? • Wide range of equipment is available with prices ranging from $5 - $60,000 • Physiologic results are not dependent on how much money the individual spends
  4. 4. 10-4 Free Weights vs. Machine Weights • Numerous options from various companies • Free weights: – Less expensive option • Machines: – Relatively safe – Expensive Figure 10-1
  5. 5. 10-5 Stationary Exercise Bikes • Cost will vary based on stability and involvement of computer-based system • Types – Single action – Dual action – Sitting position • Standing, seated, recumbent Figure 10-2
  6. 6. 10-6 Treadmills • Belt stretched between two rollers – Manual – less expensive – Motor driven – more expensive • Speed and incline changing abilities • AC or DC driven motors – AC driven treadmills operate at full speed all the time and can be dangerous when starting – DC models can be run at different speeds
  7. 7. 10-7 Stair Climbers • Levers attached to resistance device • Resistance can be provided by: – Flywheel – Hydraulic piston – Drive train – Wind resistance • Models: – Stairs are linked – Dual action (arms and legs) – Series of stairs – Computer/programming involvement Figure 10-2C
  8. 8. 10-8 Ski Machines • Offers aerobic benefits of cross-country skiing • Dependent vs. independent “skis” • Resistance: – Electromagnetic flywheel – Belt/pulley system with flywheel • Monitor for HR, resistance, speed, calories
  9. 9. 10-9 Elliptical Exerciser • Non-impact, elliptical shaped stride machine • Requires standing and striding forward or backward • Designed to change incline angle of ramp • Cost may range from $200- $3500 Figure 10-2E
  10. 10. 10-10 Rowing Machines • Designed to mimic actions of rowing a boat or sculling • Sliding seat with moveable handles to generate a rowing motion • Generates force with legs and upper body • Home and fitness club models are available
  11. 11. 10-11 Passive Exercise Devices and Techniques • Passive motion machines: – Designed to allow the individual to sit while the machine moves the body part – Claimed to aid in endurance – Benefits: Possibly relaxation • Motor-driven exercise bikes: – May have some value in increasing circulation – Not effective in elevating heart rate • Vibrating belts and rolling machines: – Falsely claim to help tone muscle and improve posture
  12. 12. 10-12 • Massage: – Can be therapeutic – Used to stimulate circulation, aid in relaxation, and loosening muscles • Rubberized or inflatable suits – Pressure is said to break down fat tissue – Weight loss from a rubber suit will be due to water loss not fat • Electrical stimulating devices: – Utilize low amperage current of sufficient intensity to cause involuntary muscle contractions
  13. 13. 10-13 Spas, Steam Bath, Saunas • Widespread use in health and fitness industry • Therapeutic benefits of hot tubs/whirlpools – Relaxation – Will not result in weight loss due to fat losses • Re-hydration is critical following use due to loss of water – Must be cautious due to full body immersion • Temperature should not be above 100o F
  14. 14. 10-14 • Precautions for spas, saunas, or steam baths: – Avoid use if pregnant or have skin infections – Do not use any of these without cooling down after exercise – Wash off all oils or lotions before use – Never drink alcohol before use – If you feel faint, get out immediately – Always have someone with you when using any of these
  15. 15. 10-15 Tanning Beds • Beds/booths with an array of long tubes that produce ultraviolet light • Prolonged exposure to UV light can: – Predispose an individual to skin cancer – Result in premature skin aging • Must use extreme caution from either sunlight or artificial sources
  16. 16. 10-16 How should you choose appropriate clothing and shoes for exercise? • Clothing for exercise in hot, humid conditions: – Should allow for maximal dissipation of heat through sweat evaporation – Minimize heat gain from the environment – If sweat remains on the skin, heat loss will not occur
  17. 17. 10-17 • Clothing for exercising in cold weather: – Goal is to produce semi-tropical environment to prevent chilling – Should not restrict motion or limit heat exchange – Should be lightweight clothing that can be layered, allowing for changing temperatures – May need additional clothing during warm-up – Hat and gloves are also useful in maintaining heat
  18. 18. 10-18 Shoe Selection • Toe box: – Come in varying widths – Be aware of friction or pressure • Sole: – Should absorb shock and be durable – Should provide good traction • Heel counters: – Prevents medial and lateral roll of foot • Arch support: – Durable but soft and supportive to foot Figure 10-5
  19. 19. 10-19 What do you look for when shopping for a health club? • Easy to get caught up in the health club industry hype • Should offer good instruction in an aesthetically pleasing environment • You do not need to join a health club/gym or hire a personal fitness trainer to achieve fitness goals – May not be affordable for most college students
  20. 20. 10-20 • Before choosing a health club, look at the: – Type of facility – Location – Equipment available – Programs offered – Hours of operation – Qualifications of personnel – Types of membership contracts – Trial period • Always use common sense
  21. 21. 10-21 Running, Biking, Walking, Triathlon Clubs • Clubs, both locally & nationally, bring people together with similar fitness and activity interests • Benefits: – Social environment of like-minded individuals – Easier to train in a group, meaning increased motivation – Good information sources for equipment, training techniques, training routes and locations
  22. 22. 10-22 What to look for in fitness magazines, books, DVDs, and websites? • Must be aware of misinformation • Sources of info can be overwhelming – Many excellent resources, however, are available • To make wise choices you must be informed
  23. 23. 10-23 The Bottom Line for the Consumer • Responsibility lies with the individual • Must make commitment to your fitness program • Be cautious, ask questions, be well- informed • Make decisions based on facts and goals, rather than marketing • If joining a club or purchasing equipment motivates you then so be it • Don’t neglect the principles