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2013 Japan and Taiwan study abroad orientation


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Published in: Education
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2013 Japan and Taiwan study abroad orientation

  1. 1. Our Journey
  2. 2. Tonight’s Program Introduction and trip highlight Guest speakers Feature presentation Q&A
  3. 3. 5/11-5/22
  4. 4. Why Taiwan?A friendly place to know and understand China
  5. 5. Highlights Taipei: business visits, university visit, lectures, tours Taichung: business visits and university visit
  6. 6. Taiwan trip highlights Will use MRT + HSR + walking a lot Will visit three universities Will visit multiple firms: Giant, KPMG, ASUS, etc. Weekend excursions Will interact with local students
  7. 7. In JAPAN
  8. 8. Japan trip highlights Will use public transportation a lot (bus, train, Shinkansen, subway, and your feet) Will visit 4 cities: Tokyo, Hiroshima, Osaka/Kobe, and Nagoya Will several lectures from local entrepreneurs, family owned businesses, and others Will visit 3 firms: Mazda Automobiles, Yamaha Musical Instruments, and Okinaya Japanese Sweet Shop Will have 2 field trips to Hiroshima and Kamakura, visiting a number of cultural and historical sites
  9. 9. Tentative Itinerary in Japan  Day 1 (5/23): Arrive in Tokyo from Taipei  Day 2 (5/24): Visit Dow Corning, Attend Grand Sumo Tournament  Day 3 (5/25): Visit Kamakura  Day 4 (5/26): Travel to Gifu, Visit Okinaya, Learn about running a Family- owned business in Japan  Day 5 (5/27): Day-trip to Hamamtsu to visit Yamaha Musical Instrument Factory, Exchange with Nagoya University students  Day 6 (5/28): Travel to Hiroshima, Visit Peace Memorial Museum, Lecture from A-Bomb Survivor  Day 7 (5/29): Visit Mazda Factory, Visit Miyajima  Day 8 (5/30): Travel to Kobe, Meet with Japanese pro golfers and local entrepreneur, Travel to Tokyo  Day 9 (5/31): Free day in Tokyo  Day 10: (6/1): Program concludes, students are dismissed in Tokyo.
  10. 10. Movie time! A little background:  Taiwan was under Japanese rule from 1895 – 1945  Older generations speak Japanese and Taiwanese, but not Mandarin (became official language after 1949)  Southern Taiwan is famous for its sunshine and beautiful beaches