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Westhill healthcare consulting


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Westhill healthcare consulting

  1. 1. Westhill Healthcare Consulting is one of the internet's oldest sites that offer consumer information on reasonably priced health and medical coverage since it was published during early 90's. It is the most-trusted independent site, respect and loyalty was earned trough the years of hard work. All the information on this site is projected to the general consumer audience. Westhill Healthcare Consulting is not selling insurance and is not an insurance agency Your concern is our business, as service to our visitors, we provide health insurance quotes from carefully chosen partners who are in the business of selling health insurance, and who meet Westhill Healthcare Consulting strict standards. It is the referrals that pay us and in turn this is what we use to pay the cost of publishing this site.
  2. 2. Westhill Healthcare Consulting has a complete editorial freedom over the content on its pages since it was published. Some information we provide such as view expressed are our editors' and this are not to be shared by other sites we link to or partner with. On behalf universal health insurance access, advocacy efforts are issue-specific. Also, they are not supposed to be considered an endorsement of any particular elected official, political party or ideology. We are doing our best to serve you better, your comments will be much appreciated. Check for more info: