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Written port mann bridge modification


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Written port mann bridge modification

  1. 1. Port Mann Bridge Modification By Jacob Kwack And Jason Verlarde
  2. 2. ProblemIce falling off the cables on the Port MannBridge has caused a lot of problems, mainly thewindshield shattering event. This also createsthe risk of getting vehicle damage, as well asgetting caught in a traffic during winter.
  3. 3. SolutionThe solution we came up is to take useof the heat tapes. They areapproximately 1 to 2 dollars for severalhundred meters, which is pretty cheapcompared to how much money theypoured into making the new bridge. Electricity passing through the tape will cause it to heat up. Which will then melt the ice that is building up on the cable during the harsh winter conditions.
  4. 4. Economically speaking… The source of electricity will come from the mainland, and will use up more electricity. We want to find a way to make the bridge have its own power sourceTo solve this, we have come up with theidea of using speed bumpers to create theelectricity. By converting the kineticenergy used during breaks, the energy canbe reused for the purposes of heating upthe tapes.Fact: with 580 cars passing one bumper can power up a 150 square foot billboard forthe entire day.
  5. 5. The BridgeThe Speed Bumpers can beimplemented in thebeginning and the end ofthe bridge, and since thebump is not that great itwill be ok after putting upa warning sign.
  6. 6. BenefitsBefore: Tolls: $3 per crossing, overdue charges pay interest of 19% annually. Twice everyday? Means $6, Per Month(approx. 30 days): $180, Every Year? Approx. $2160After: Tolls: $1 per crossing Per Month(approx. 30 days): $60 Every Year? Approx. $720 Saves $1440!The energy created through thebumpers will then be sold out to thecommunity. Which will create moneythat can be used during winter to heatup the cables to prevent ice falls. Thiswould mean the people will be makingthe energy that would be used to heatthe cable, so the price for crossing thebridge can be cut down.
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