Conceptualized updated wsot pitch slideshow


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Updated version from Cameron's Original, which can be found here:

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Conceptualized updated wsot pitch slideshow

  1. 1. the world series of trading a social trading app built for traders and analysts
  2. 2. team O Cameron Eskandari O Mikhail Delos Trinos O BA from ASU O BA from ASU O Offer of employment at JP Morgan-NY O 5 years trading exp. O Jacob Irwin O Sergiy Nesterenko O CS Student at UC O CS Student at UC Berkeley Berkeley O Notable? O 5 years trading and app developmentO Support: Nima Bagherian (UCB Finance) and Ismail Badrawl (UCB Finance)
  3. 3. missionO Add a new dimension to online trading: live broadcastingO Bring hidden gems to the surface: individual tradersO The game of trading: socializeO Offer a new user experience to traders: real-time stats and analytics
  4. 4. problemO There is a large group of small-time traders with high ROI going unnoticedO Nowhere to ‘show-off’ or earn bragging rights in the marketplace for those without real assets (in real money)O Effective trading heuristics go unnoticed
  5. 5. solutionO Platform allowing traders to stream their activityO Capture trading decisions while running real-time analyticsO User-friendly visualization of results and rankings (against peers)
  6. 6. marketO Fidelity 47% O ETrade 6% 295K 19.1M DART accounts 174K 5.1M DART accountsO Charles Schwab 27% O Scottrade 2% 337K 7.7M DART accounts 58K 1.7M DART accountsO TD Ameritrade 11% 267K 6.3M DART = Daily Average Revenue DART accounts Transactions Sources: Marketshare % and # of Brokerage Accounts and Number Determinations
  7. 7. business modelO B2C O Community Provider O Feature-rich environment for traders to come together (with other traders & brokerages) O Service Provider O Feature-rich environment for traders and brokerages O Direct O Real-time analysis of top trading techniques Subscription O Trading-friendly UI s (Streaming, P2P, Analytics) O Indirect AdvertisingO B2B Lead gen. O Provide brokerages with access to top Affiliates traders results and contact information
  8. 8. proprietary tech/expertiseO Early users (day traders) on standby to use platformO Partnership with UC Berkeley Finance AssociationO Experience: 15+ years tradingO Knowledge of marketing & sales in finance circles
  9. 9. competitionO Top Competitors O O StockTwits O FINIF: Financial Informatics O WallStreetSurvivorO Why they are not winners O Lacking participation from top brokerages O Yet to develop a model that combines the services traders demand
  10. 10. marketing planO Direct – Articles, channel links, and capabilities/features posted on existing finance news platformsO Viral/Referral – Word of mouth via traders’ reference to trade-results originating from our appO Contests – Trading contests held on university campuses in collaboration with business/finance associations
  11. 11. financials
  12. 12. the world series of trading a social trading app built for traders and analystscontact us: