United States Country Studies Unit


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A printable copy of the entire blog found at http://usacountrystudy.blogspot.com/ for TEFL students

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United States Country Studies Unit

  1. 1. SCHOOL OF BEREZANKAUnited States Country Studies Course 10th Form Sarah McDonough Summer 2012
  2. 2. Goal: Students will learn about the major components of American culture while also practicing andhoning their English proficiency.Overall Map: Date/Day Theme Focus Vocabulary Engagement Activity1—May 28 Introductions Vacation, break, classroom teacher, on-duty Favourites Education student, exercise book, daybook, test, exam Flipbook2—May 29 People/Family Adjectives: young, old, tall, short, big, little, happy, Family Tree mad, sad, active, energetic, optimistic, pessimistic, serious Verbs: to be, to have Professions: banker, teacher, dancer, cook, baker, musician, businessman, doctor, nurse, athlete3—May 30 American History Revolution, war, slavery, independence, freedom, Timeline liberty, friendship, Civil War, Civil Rights4—May 31 Places of Transportation: plane, taxi, metro, car, bus, airport, American Interest/Travel train, station, ticket, bicycle, driver Symbols book5—June 1 Weather and Weather: Cold, hot, rainy, snowy, cloudy, windy, Maps of Landforms sunny USA/Ukraine Landforms: Swamp, forest, plains, desert, beach, mountain, lakes, river6—June 5 Sports and Baseball, basketball, football and soccer, origami, 4-Corners Activity Hobbies sewing, stamp collecting, video games7—June 6 Holidays Verbs: decorate, paint, sing, gather, cook, make, Sentences/Art give and receive projects Focus: Halloween, Thanksgiving, Easter, Christmas, Women’s Day, Victory Day8—June 7 Community: Library, school, bank, shop, police station, fire Maps (“If I were People and Places station, pizzeria, bakery, market, health club Queen”)9—June 8 Controllna Robota Review all materials Gallery Walk
  3. 3. Day #1: Introductions and American Education Time Activities Materials needed:Hour #1: Salt dough0—15 Students make a salt sculpture that represents them (1 part salt, 1 part15—30 Students copy the Ukrainian tradition, filling in blanks water, 2 parts flour) about themselves.30—45 Model introduction Students then translate and present an introduction in English (in Ukrainian)Hour #2: Brainstorm as many English words as possible for the Paper following categories: food, colors, drink, seasons, animals0—15 Markers and school subjects.15—30 Distribute materials for students to complete the “My Chalk, chalkboard Favorites” flipbook.30—45 Glue Students finish and present the books to the class.Hour #3: Education0—15 Introduce education vocabulary. vocabulary15—30 Practice with matching activity.30—45 Discuss differences between American and Ukrainian education; create chart on the board.Hour #4:0—15 Compare and contrast education in America and Ukraine.15—30 What are the strengths of Ukrainian education? American?30—45 Practice dialogues, introductions, and favorites.Translating Introduction Making salt dough sculptures
  4. 4. Day #2: American People: Character and Attitudes, Diversity Time Activities Materials needed:Hour #1: Adjective words Review: introductions, favorites, education vocabulary0—15 Adjective flashcards15—30 Present adjectives; conjugate ‘to be’ Model sentence30—45 “He/She is _____.” Practice adjectives using full sentences and flashcardsHour #2: “Character or Review adjectives (character or appearance sorting0—15 Appearance?” game activity)15—30 Adjectives Profession words http://www.slideshare.net/jacobina142/adjectives-30—45 Profession flashcards 14449095 Brainstorm common jobs in Ukraine? In USA? Introduce profession words. Practice profession words using flashcards (in full sentences). http://www.slideshare.net/jacobina142/profession- 14684092Hour #3: Profession and location0—15 Review new words; conjugate ‘to have’ matching game15—30 Distribute paper and instruct students how to create a Example family tree family tree diagram.30—45 Paper Explain and present the example family tree.Hour #4: Example summary: “I0—15 Students complete their family trees using model. have a ______. He/she is15—30 Presentations of family trees ___ years old. He/she is30—45 Nationalities and diversity of population in the USA. a/an ______. He/she is (Match the flags with their countries and nationalities) ___________.” Nationality flashcards Creating Family Trees
  5. 5. Day #3: American History Time Activities Materials needed: Hour #1: Previous days’ Review and recite introductions 0—15 vocabulary and 15—30 Review professions with matching game flashcards/games 30—45 Retell about families, friends, teachers, pets using adjectives and verbs ‘to be’ and ‘to have’ Hour #2: Board Game: Let’s Divide students into teams; use this time to play the board 0—15 Talk game “Let’s Talk” during which students will review their 15—30 recent vocabulary, as well as other important English Game pieces words and concepts. 30—45 Die Hour #3: Distribute paper; have students copy model timeline and American History new vocabulary from the board. 0—15 Presentation Present PowerPoint entitled “American History, a brief 15—30 introduction.” Timeline model American History 30—45 Paper http://www.slideshare.net/jacobina142/american- historya-brief-overview-14684032 Hour #4: Event cards 0—15 Collect completed timelines for portfolio; review by having Quotes students put the events in order. 15—30 Distribute quotes to pairs of students; have them 30—45 translate. Present quotes and their translations.Lets Talk Board Game Reviewing vocabulary
  6. 6. Day #4: Transportation and Places of Interest in the USA Time Activities Materials needed:Hour #1: Russian language videos Review vocabulary using matching game0—15 on San Francisco, Los15—30 Introduce transportation words; practice Angeles, and Florida30—45 Transportation words Watch 10—15 minutes of video about Los AngelesHour #2: Pamphlet In pairs, have the students translate the pamphlet on0—15 USA Map the USA and places of interest15—30 Locate the places of interest on the US map30—45 Watch 10—15 minutes of video about FloridaHour #3: PowerPoint Presentation about places of interest in USA0—15 presentation on places Places of Interest in USA15—30 http://www.slideshare.net/jacobina142/places-of- of interest interest-in-the-usa-1468430630—45 Cards Using the cards, locate the places on the map Watch 10—15 minutes of video on San FranciscoHour #4: Paper0—15 Distribute materials for foldable book; demonstrate Glue assembly15—30 Markers Review “Symbols of America” (Day 3 Presentation)30—45 Have students draw and translate symbols of America Day #3 Presentation into their foldable books.Students watch a video about Florida Transportation Vocabulary
  7. 7. Day #5: Nature and Weather Regions in the USA Time Activities Materials needed: Hour #1: Previous day’s Review vocabulary and introductions 0—15 flashcards, maps, Review transportation and symbols 15—30 Finish symbols flipbook presentations 30—45 Review US Map Hour #2: Weather in Ukraine Introduce weather vocabulary; have students practice first 0—15 PPT on a map of Ukraine. 15—30 http://www.slideshare.net/jacobina142/weather-in- Weather vocabulary ukraine 30—45 Papers with map Presentation on weather in Ukraine. Students write full sentences = “In _______(city), the outlines weather is _________(weather word).” Hour #3: Introduce landform vocabulary; have students practice on Landform a map of the United States. 0—15 vocabulary Review weather, now in the United States. 15—30 Students write full sentences = “In the _______(direction), Papers with map 30—45 there are ________ (landforms) and the weather is outlines _________(weather word).” Students respond—Where would you live? Why? Hour #4: Places of interest 0—15 Finally, use the large US map to present places of interest. presentation PPT Students will write sentences where they are located. 15—30 Places of interest Students must finish all maps, with landforms and weather 30—45 sentences. cards for map. Students will present their maps to the whole group.Landforms and Weather Making maps
  8. 8. Day #6: Sports and Hobbies in America Time Activities Materials needed:Hour #1: Board game Use the “Let’s Talk” board game to review all concepts0—15 discussed to this point and refresh the students’ memories15—30 from the weekend. (Add weather, landform, and places of interest vocabulary)30—45Hour #2: Paper and markers Students each receive a paper, fold into 4 boxes. Write0—15 Sports Presentation name in center.15—30 In box #1, students write “Sports I Like” and in #2 “Sports I don’t like”. Fill in during presentation.30—45 Sports presentation; practice full sentences “I like ____, but I don’t like_____.” http://www.slideshare.net/jacobina142/sports-and- leisure-activitiesHour #3: Paper0—15 Students retrieve paper they folded into 4 boxes. Hobbies In box #3, students write “Hobbies I Like” and in #415—30 Presentation “Hobbies I don’t like”. Fill in during presentation.30—45 Sports presentation; practice full sentences “I like ____, but I don’t like_____.” http://www.slideshare.net/jacobina142/hobbies- 14527937Hour #4: Colored Paper0—15 Application: begin by saying “My hobby is origami.” Instruct the students on how to make a box and a bird.15—30 Quiz them; have them make the box again without any30—45 assistance. Student Work: Origami
  9. 9. Day #7: American Celebrations and Holidays Time Activities Materials needed:Hour #1: Resources from Review landform words; have students locate on US map.0—15 the previous15—30 Review weather words; have students locate on US map. days30—45 Review sports and hobbies presentations; have students give introductions.Hour #2: Holiday Introduce Holiday vocabulary—have students translate0—15 vocabulary15—30 Have students organize holidays into those celebrated by Americans, Americans, Ukrainians, or both.30—45 both, Review dates when these holidays are celebrated (on/in) Ukrainians… Dates of holidaysHour #3: Introduce verbs (how do we celebrate); practice by having Celebration0—15 students match and translate. words15—30 Students must write 5 sentences for portfolio: “Who, how, for Paper for30—45 what, in/on when.” For example: Ukrainians have parades for sentences th Victory Day on May 9 . Cards: Who, how, what, whenHour #4: Cups (plastic)0—15 Students write and then discuss: “My favorite holiday is Paper, markers,15—30 _____________ because ____________.” scissors and30—45 Students will make a traditional Thanksgiving children’s craft: glue Candy Turkey (if time allows: origami Easter rabbit) Some candy Writing comparison sentences Holidays in Ukraine and in America
  10. 10. Day #8: American Community: Places, People, Food and Traditions Time Activities Materials needed:Hour Questions from Review: All students will give their introductions; then, using the#1: board game questions from the board game “Let’s Talk,” students will be0—15 called upon to answer questions and have discussion. Holiday Review about holidays; organize into American and Ukrainian;15—30 vocabularies match celebration words; quiz—origami rabbit.30—45 Paper for rabbitsHour Community What is community? Show “Community: Part 1 Places”#2: presentation presentation.0—15 Display map for students; instruct them to create their own towns (part 1) using the new focus vocabulary.15—30 Paper and Students must present their towns to the class—“My town has….”30—45 http://www.slideshare.net/jacobina142/community-part-1places markersHour What is community? Show “Community: Part 2 People” Community presentation.#3: presentation On small sheets of paper, write “Ukrainian Food,” “Ukrainian0—15 Celebrities,” and “Ukrainian Cities.” Pass them in a circle and have (part 2) students brainstorm; discuss.15—30 Now do the same for American cities, food, singers and actors.30—45 Discuss. Compare how much students know about American Paper and culture. http://www.slideshare.net/jacobina142/community-part-2- markers peopleHour Teach students how to make an origami booklet. Paper and http://www.activityvillage.co.uk/origami_booklet_instructions.pdf#4: markers Title the book “American Culture.” Students will write the0—15 following sentences: 1. My favourite American actor is ______.15—30 2. My favourite American actress is _________.30—45 3. My favourite American food is ___________. 4. My favourite American city is ____________. 5. My favourite American singer (male) is ________. 6. My favourite American (female) is ________. American Community and Culture Day
  11. 11. Day #9: Controllna Robota and Recognition Ceremony Time Activities Materials needed:Hour #1: Set up 8 stations and label them; use the previous day’s All of the previous materials for a controllna robota gallery walk:0—15 days’ materials 1. Education15—30 2. Adjectives Station markers 3. Professions30—45 4. Places of Interest 5. Weather and Landforms 6. Transportation 7. Holidays 8. Nationalities Students will copy the preceding list on a sheet of paper and receive a sticker for each station completed. When all are completed, they have finished their tests!Hour #2: Pre-prepared Each student will take a question and answer it in a0—15 questions complete sentence. Repeat process until the period is15—30 over.30—45Hour #3: Recognition0—15 Distribute to each student his/her bookmark and certificates or personally, individually, describe their unique15—30 bookmarks characteristics and thank them for their work.30—45 Party supplies (juice, cookies, candy) Recognition and Appreciation Party
  12. 12. Student PortfoliosStudent Portfolios contain: 1. “Favourites” flipbook—Day 1 2. Family Tree—Day 2 3. American History timeline and vocabulary—Day 3 4. American Symbols flipbook—Day 4 5. USA map of nature and landforms—Day 5 6. Sport and Hobbies 4-Corners activity 7. Origami projects—Day 6 8. Holidays in Ukraine and America sentences—Day 7 9. Easter Rabbit (origami)—Day 7 10. Community map—Day 8 11. “American Culture” booklet—Day 8 12. Controllna Robota Results—Day 9
  13. 13. Resources and Focus VocabularyDay 5: Weather and Landforms Landforms Weather
  14. 14. Resources and Focus Vocabulary Day 7: Holidays
  15. 15. Resources for America’s Places of Interest Our English Library Other Resource Examples Professions Matching Review GameLets Talk Board Game
  16. 16. More Student Examples Day 1: Self Sculptures Day 6: Sports and Hobbies 4-CornersDay 1: Favourites Flipbook
  17. 17. More Student Examples Day 5: Maps and Places of Interest Day 8 American Culture BookletThanksgivingTurkeys Day 8 Community Map
  18. 18. Controllna Robota Day 9 Education Station Holidays Station Adjectives Station Places of Interest Station Weather and Landforms StationTransportation Station