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Audience Research


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Published in: Education
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Audience Research

  1. 1. FANS OF KENDRICK LAMAR Demographics and Psychographics
  2. 2. Basic Demographics (Kendrick Lamar)
  3. 3. Basic Demographics (Drake) I have added this because Drake is a similar artist.
  4. 4. Basic Demographics (Kanye West) I have added this because Kanye West is a similar artist.
  5. 5. ◦ From the demographic research I have found that my target audience is Males aged 18-24 from C2DE social grade. ◦ While this information is useful it is limited. ◦ I have made a list of question to ask a focus group who fit this demographic. ◦ What do you value/appreciate the most in a music video? ◦ What celebrities to you identify with/aspire toward? ◦ What would you like to see in a music video the most? ◦ I will post the answers to these questions seperatley.