PrismTree - Taking Social Sector To Infinity & Beyond


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PrismTree Vision - Holding social sector always to harness the leading edge of technology and management

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PrismTree - Taking Social Sector To Infinity & Beyond

  1. 1. The Road to PrismTree Founded by Jacob Varghese 17 years of part-time involvement manifesting into a full-time passion Need in social sector for state-of- the-art leadership and management Opportunity to give a technology vision and direction to the Social Sector Relevance of sustainable business models for social sector
  2. 2. PrismTree – Discovering yourself PrismTree – Helping you understand yourself and create based on who you are Re-arranging a complex polyhedron to a tree of prisms Through the Consulting and Foundation arms, dreaming to bring in the best into the Social Sector
  3. 3. PrismTree ConsultingSocial Sector Clients Organizational Efficiency Analysis Roadmap towards efficiency Technology Roadmap for social sector Creation of new social sector organizations Asia/India organization setup for International organizations Management seminars and lectures oriented towards efficiency improvement of the organization
  4. 4. PrismTree ConsultingCorporate Clients Creation of the optimum blueprint for social involvement and CSR Funds usage Brings in a balanced perspective from both – corporate and social sectors. Consulting on creation of a CSR Outsourcing ModelGovernment Clients Technology and Management Integration into the Panchayat / NGO / corporate ecosystem Technology and management blueprint for the Government – NGO InterfaceMore at
  5. 5. PrismTree FoundationWiping the Next Tear,Raising the Quality of Lives
  6. 6. Mission Growth of Social Business and Humanitarian Intervention(SBHI) in India and other developing nations, in partnership withthe poor, marginalized, under-privileged, under-developed and victimized sections of the community
  7. 7. SBHI Social Business  Dr. Yunus  Grameen Model Social ROI  S.M.A.R.T Goals  Dual Axis ROI  B.O.P Approach Humanitarian Intervention
  8. 8. Millennium Development Goals MDG as a boundary framework for PrismTree action
  9. 9. PrismTree Models Angel Investor  Funds  Professional Expertise Overlay projects  Integrated ecosystem Capacity Building
  10. 10. PrismTree Venture Evaluation Process➢ Crisp Business Model➢ Evaluation Criteria – Relevance – Sustainability – Competition – Innovation – Passion – Organization – Finance – Marketing – Execution – Progress Evaluation – Branding
  11. 11. Current Project ProposalsApproved Projects Prabha – Light for the Enterprising Ashiya – For the Life Prisonerss familiesProjects under Review Garment & Embroidery Making Self Sustainable Old Age Home Goat Farming Project Telemedicine for Diabetic Retinopathy Detection
  12. 12. Social Business Models – examples under discussionUnder discussion- DPI India – A vinyl sheet reuse model- i2i Telesolutions – Telemedicine as social business- Rontek AV (an SME) – Audio engineering service technicians, manufacturing- Bamboopecker Lifestyle – Bamboo mats manufacturing and distribution- Alcatel Lucent – Technology Integration with end user devicesOther possibilities- Bata – Shoes for the underprivileged- ITC – Food, nourishment etc.
  13. 13. PrismTree – Road Ahead Near Term  Fund Raising  Project Evaluation & Funding  Social Business setups with corporates Long Term  Social Business Viral Spread  CSR Outsourcing CenterMore at